Thigh kam karne ki exercise कमर से नीचे का मोटापा कम कैसे करे Hips weight loss tips in hindi

Namaskar Friends Today we will discuss about how to reduce hips, thighs, buttocks and leg fat There are very simple yoga aasan or exercise you have to do it only in lay down position There is no need to go gym or studio etc you can do at your home These exercises can do even at your bed These are so simple and so much effective to reduce weight People those have fat on thigh, hips, or buttocks have to face challenges while wearing dresses like jeans etc some people have normal abdominal weight but leg, buttock are overweight First yogaaasan is called “Halaasana” palms will be downward to earth foot claws will be stretched outwards. Right leg will first go up later will go down take inhale, straight left leg will go up and then down with exhale People those don’t have heart or High B.P or back pain problem can do with both leg move upward direction with inhale breath and go down with exhale Both legs will be straight foot’s claws will also be straight in start do slowly you have to do it 3 sets of 10 then slowly increase then 3 set of 20….3 set of 30………3 set of 50….and increase in period of time if you do in this way then definitely your weight will reduce Second is circular aasan Straight leg, palm downward to earth Take inhale and move the leg in circular way….while leg go down, exhale the breath. Clock wise and anti clock wise rounds must be same When you will do it, immediately you will get to know that it’s impacting on thigh, hips & buttocks Now do the same with another leg Leg will go up in circular way with breath in and then leg will go down with breath out if you do yogaasana with breathing technique then you will get more and quick results these are so simple there is no complexity if you are not suffering with high B.P, Heart, Back pain problem then do with both legs both the method will be same try to make as much as possible bigger circle with legs in this way legs must be straight once you will do it then you will feel efforts on your thigh, hips &buttocks It’s also helpful to reduce belly fat (i.e. stomach fat) Now the third one is Cycling Aasana move your legs as you do cycling with both legs start with slow it’s called Cycling Aasana i.e. cycling be remember, you should do it in right way legs must straight once go down, see here don’t do in this way(i.e. small cycling) then weight will not reduce try to stretch the leg as much as possible and then try to touch knee to chest now do it in anti clock wise Clock wise and anti clock wise rounds must be equal people those are suffering with High B.P, Heart, Back pain problem can do with both legs but the method will be same touch both knee to chest, then straight legs then straight and again touch the chest do it with 100% correct then you will get good result very soon in starting, you might face some challenges but it’s okay. if method is correct then result will definitely good now in this way, you can do 10-20-30-40-50 rounds of each yogaaasana (as per your body capacity) start with slow and increase it during the period of time after a good practice, you can do it fast as well as increase number of round (as per your body) to get more benefits Home remedies to reduce weight take hot water throughout the day, take ashwagandha’s leaf can take cow urine to reduce weight fast don’t eat high calories food like pizza, burger, sweets, bhatura, naan, kulcha, paratha, take only light food once you reduce the weight then comment below and share with all if you like, then please click on LIKE button please also watch our other weight loss videos (check in our playlist) namaste

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