They call me the ugly scar faced weirdo because I’m different from others

hi guys so welcome to my channel you all
know me as Mpho the person behind rare disease awareness foundation so
there’s a day I’m finally what they say I’m finally coming out to you and tell
you the problems I faced in the past most of you follow me on twitter if you
follow me on Twitter you know what we going on in my life also on Facebook is
software and Oh a lot of formula to do know what’s happening to me and all the
problems I did to my life so yeah thanks for watching the video hope you
subscribe thanks for watching so basically if you don’t know I have
Ehlers Danlos syndrome a rare connective tissue disorder EDS is a genetic thing
so I was born with it my parents all I would say that but we don’t be me my
penance so EDS is there a reason why I’m looking like this EDS is the main reason
why I’m called a scar-faced loser I know it’s not nice but I have a way of dealing with it
that’s why I’m a very positive person live with I live like the new day from
them for me they’re the king of elam negative I don’t have and myself
deceiving myself but you end up killing myself and you want to die I do I’m
going to start but I don’t have not a person that question things about dying that’s why I’m a positive person I’m always thinking positive so the
reason why I made this video is because I’ve been having really painful
headaches hurt a lot and the usual getting to
media were becoming a really bad problem because they were affecting my
I messed my vision you’re gonna find this funny I actually couldn’t see on
this I yeah my god I I was actually flying for about
72 hours that’s like three days I couldn’t see at this I I didn’t go to
school the weird thing that happened to me I didn’t go to doctor I didn’t know I
didn’t go to doctor it was a stupid thing
I just wanted Twitter and three dead too what about all of that about ETS who in
my life but mostly I don’t make idiot its life love is hard were meant to have
challenges that we should overcome yeah that leads me to my second chapter on
Facebook I put a diffuser said pain in the end pain easier to make you stronger
and not burning people hate me cuz I’m asleep I’m different I live different
from other people I’ve learned to accept myself for being a medication that would
cry about the use when I increase myself about three different I split awareness
for beautiful because I know I’m different there’s nothing I can do to
change the fact that I’m so the only thing I should do to make my life better
or make things better for myself for Who I am
maybe most of you guys feel like that put that you know why so deafening
across from you guys just remaining apart is that to a lot guys according to
food 3:10 and I was whining about it I became a man and suck it up pretty much
my mother’s suck it up all the pain and continue there isn’t why I’m strong is because I
know I have to suck it up if I don’t suck it up
what am I going to do you come seeing having a headache but he hold a whining
I know I do one because it’s true he just was moving in my life I’m not gonna
lie about that idiot LS down to him you’re ruining that make
me the make me sad I didn’t make this channel so thank you Oh to make people
feel said about themselves I didn’t make this channel because I wanted people to
think that I didn’t make this channel because I wanted to one all the about be
heavy no I didn’t make this channel cause of death and made the channel
because I wanted him here him the fact that I have in years and the fact that I
love having years to get away but yeah I do love any year the thing that makes me
different from all the way I’m unique PDF is amazing
Who I am not to say that I people should be happy with me yes no one should be
happier to have idiot who would be happy about dad not to be offensive he s is
like a curse you’re expected to doing the things you love like for the fourth
course thing the most before I was diagnosed and before EDS have faded part
in my life affecting me so if you didn’t know I have vascular idiots
firstly he is the idiot in the most dangerous type yet the most candy type
of idiot that’s why I’m subconscious most people the best idea
oh yes I’m going to die then let’s do all that there’s nothing you could do
about that you just have to learn to accept it and know to encase it and know
to love yourself for that because if you don’t love yourself again who is going
to love you I know most of you pray that super so your your your like your
support well if you follow that if you for that
pursue you will run my Buddha my parents do give me support
but other than social media and my actually there’s not a lot of support
that time actually get you getting at all because my love for said when I hope
the over the effect that grew up for many people didn’t want and we didn’t
money and many people see you don’t want me and still don’t expect me I don’t
know what I did to them Oh what I’m going to do to them but I don’t know why
cause many people distance themselves from was like I had some I was some kind
of alien old good long long I was like cracking a thing that eats people I was
like a month of it like I was a monster and that made a part in the chapter of
my life in which I was kind of a loner I was a role bless myself dad but I worry
just sit oh yeah it hold doing nothing but kind you bad for myself and just
made me have a lot of anger toward myself and towards others and it was
nice for me and and also my family because I showed that
I and I helped a lot of people new poses has a lot of people my friends my family
and this was challenging for me because another other and accepting myself I had
to overcome the challenge of not being accepted by Arabs the effect that I was
being treated by most people and that was nice
beyond Amara I’m 16 years old still young
I know why many people would hate me for dunya
I don’t know what I did to you people but if I were I offended you I were to
say I’m sorry because I don’t choose to be like this I never wanted to be like
this I don’t want to be like this but all I can do is accept the fact that I’m
like this and I’m going to like this and I should be strong and positive and love
myself unconditionally how confident of that I can do it so if
you enjoyed the stream leave a like on the video I don’t I know most of you
won’t even like cause thing about anything but you just took
me to always be confident in myself and confident in others so PDS I love myself
unconditionally and have hope that I’m going to survive this like all the
people that they have hope that they will survive cancer and they’re all
survived cancer so thank you for all the support you’ve given to me this far and
we love you all and I’d love to thank you for the 1000 subscribers so yeah
after too long yes Oh get meseta has finally reached a
thousand subscribers so this is a since yeah thank you
from the depth of my heart to all of you I know most of you people don’t enjoy
the container make so just to explain the fact that PDS is affecting me a lot
I’m going to do an MRI scan as I’m scared don’t know what
but don’t know what we’re going to get when I get there I’m going to play that
they don’t tell me bad news like have like anything any any infection in my
brain I have to whistle me or something like that because and an infection will
really cost me cuz there’s about and and I have to go to school and continue live
so thanks a lot to everybody for to me one
mistake on your on social media paint yourself
people like Julie idiots were there Thanks people like not for the support
you you showed me this there’s a lot of people who show support to me bollocks
bad help cast with him on oh there are a lot of people positive words that
motivate me I’m not them I love myself Who I am I thought I’ve
been getting from this channel really goes a long way is the reason why I have
so much confidence that you know it has to do such a thing as a last we thank
that thing I want to do if people try to help me and most Kevin the whole Yahoo
Twitter few bad for me thanks for you people are fucking all my knees on the
stage people watching this week I might have a single pleasure some watching my
stream but it means a lot it’s like things given he loves to thank
everybody that being there for me I’m really close to ending my scream and

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