The unexpected secret to glowing skin! A gram flour facial mask

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Welcome to my channel Today I am showing you
gram flour facial mask This mask create your skin
so glowing and youthful To prepare this facial mask
you will need 2 tsp gram flour ½ tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp olive oil 2 tsp water Gram flour is a big storehouse
of skin beautifying qualities. Gram flour is naturally higher in
protein, vitamins and minerals Which is very important
for your healthy glowing skin. Turmeric powder removes acne, black spots, sun tan. Olive oil moisturized the skin, improve skin heal. Overall you will get clear and beautiful skin. Now take a bowl
and Mix them all ingredients well. Clean your face well. Now apply mask on your skin. Massage for few minutes. Now wait 15 minutes. Now clean your face by water. If you like my video please
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