non-invasive what did I do
I know I will get asked this question how old are you I am 37 years old I was
born in 1982 so this is what I’m going to be doing this month so here it is you
guys this month we are going to be trying a massive lineup of the deciem
company umbrella of products we’ve got stuff from NIOD a lot of ordinary and
from Hylamide so here we go I’m going to go through everything I’m gonna use this
month and I have some before and afters you can see in my before I got a little
crazy and of course picked my nose to bleeding and then I was like oh I need
to take before pictures and then I found out I’m gonna be on TV this week so
fantastic Kim! anyways I’m sure by the end of this month my face will be healed
on the nose and hopefully my skin will look brighter, more youthful, more supple
because we’re gonna do this whole lineup so let’s go through it. Deciem is a
company that started in about 2013 they’re from Canada and they make a
bunch of different lines of products they have about 10 brands under their
umbrella of products they have this belief that they want to make products
less vague more accessible and just like cut through a lot of branding and
gimmicks that tend to happen they have a quote on their site which I love it says
“the ordinary is born to disallow commodity to be disguised as ingenuity”
meaning that if you think about something like glycolic acid it’s just a
commodity it’s an ingredient that people buy and sell to incorporate into
products right it’s not some revolutionary new product but people
especially brands will take it and put it into new things they want to sell and
they’ll mask it like somehow its revolutionary or ingenious it’s not it’s
just like colic acid and glycolic acid is doing what it’s meant to do the or
and SEM and all their brands are kind of of this feeling that you guys should
know this you shouldn’t be like paying more than you need to I will say this
about their site I’ve struggled with it it is a wealth of knowledge but I think
it can be very overwhelming because you go there and although I love the science
that they give you it also becomes overwhelming because you’re like what do
I do ok these things sound great so I’m just
gonna buy them all and that’s kind of what happened to me right I bought a
bunch of stuff last January I was super excited it’s such good price point it
arrived and I’m like what am I supposed to do I didn’t take the time to go
through the site I was super busy I think a lot of us are and I just did not
organize myself and they do actually have some regimens like if you go under
if you go to destiny I’m calm and then you click on the ordinary for instance
they do have some regimens that you can purchase so that might be a great way to
start I didn’t do that I just got online and bought a bunch of
stuff it wasn’t until this summer actually that I pulled out my box
finally opened it up pulled out my eh-eh-eh-eh heal solution that red peel
I used that and I thought it was great and then decía my guess saw that video
they reached out and said hey we’d like to send you some more products and I’m
like ok now I just want to ensure to you guys this video is not sponsored by them
but they did send me these first four products that is what I’ve kind of like
included and it motivated me honestly to be like yeah I’m gonna get my stuff out
because I need to do this I need to test this and share with people what is
working what’s not how I decided to craft this there could have been better
things that I put into my lineup but basically they sent me these four
products and then I went through my big box of stuff and kind of just arranged
it and I was like alright this is what I’m gonna do let’s go through this and I
will tell you what each thing should do for me this month so first off I’m going
to be using this cleanser it’s the squalling cleanser by the ordinary this
konjac sponge in the place it is not from the ordinary
it is from beauty pie but you know I love them and they are also a good deal
kind of like the ordinary they just like take out a lot of the marketing gimmick
so I’ll be using this sponge with this cleanser together I think they’re really
going to help exfoliate my skin and get it nice and clean I normally do a double
cleanse but with this cleanser it might be a one-and-done kind of situation
we’ll see it’s supposed to create like an oil as you’re cleansing your face and
what an oil does of course as we move from double cleansing is it will help
lift up make SPF and other like oil type ingredients that might be on your skin
and get locked into your pores and because oil likes oil they bond together
and then this great cleanser just washes off they offer this in two sizes so this
is the 150 milliliter bottle and this is $19.99 and the 50 milliliter is only
seven dollars and ninety cents so you could always try it next is the ordinary
salicylic acid 2% mask this is for blemish prone skin I don’t necessarily
think of myself as having a ton of blemishes anymore
although I did tear apart my nose I think it’ll be great
I’m gonna use it two times a week so this isn’t like everyday use but it has
salicylic acid in it and I actually used it over the weekend and I was really
impressed with how much tingly sensation I get my skin is accustomed to a lot of
acids and I think it’s really desensitized and so I didn’t think 2%
would feel like anything and believe me it’s not like some massive burning or
anything but I did feel a little tingle so it has Amazonian clay in it and
vegetable charcoal and so it’s just going to help with impurities and it’s
supposed to improve and brighten and help like smooth out the texture of your
skin okay so this is the one product that I have from the hilum I’d line and
it’s the sub-q mist multi depth tawny treatment for water density so this guy
is supposed to help soothe and calm your skin of redness and irritation and among
other things in it it has these marine acids in them that apparently are able
to hold more water retain more water in your skin than even hyaluronic acid
which I found really interesting because I had never really heard of anything
that held more water into your skin than hyaluronic acid so this is supposed to
soothe calm and really keep your skin hydrated okay so this is the next thing
in my lineup it’s from niya stands for non-invasive
options with dermal science I believe and this copper immuno isolates arm is
so interesting because it comes in like two bottles like one and then there’s
like another one and you combine them together and you shake them up and a
chemical reaction happens when you do this and so I believe it has 2% of ghk
and then you shake it with this other bottle which then apparently causes the
ghk to bond with some copper peptides and so then you get ghk – see you and
it’s super stable it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it’s apparently
incredible for your skin this is the most expensive thing in this lineup
the nyob lineup is the most expensive subcategory of desam and this bad boy is
60 bucks and I’m gonna read to you about it because I can’t remember at all it
makes sense to me in my brain kind of so basically what is ghk – see you because
that was my question so GH k – see you has a variety of roles
in the human body including promoting activation of wound healing attracting
immune cells having anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects stimulating
collagen locater comes a big one so IKOS me know glycan synthesis in skin
fiberglass and promoting blood vessel growth fantastic so basically everything
that we do when we micro needle all that collagen induction therapy that we’re
trying to get done getting that skin to just like throw and boost and
reformulate itself so that our complexions are smoother this guy is
supposed to help support so I was even thinking about micro needling with him
because I think it would be awesome so I might even do like a mini micro needling
session just with him so far basically I’m going to wash my face I’m gonna be
using this mask two times a week so he’s not always going to be there and then
I’m going to be spritzing my face with this toner and then I’m gonna be patting
in this serum I wanted you to be able to see this serum I was not anticipating it
being below like this it’s kind of awesome okay so
you understand right by this point or maybe you don’t because this is your
first time looking at skincare lineups but honestly this is what you just have
to keep in mind when you’re setting up a lineup you have to go with things that
are water-based to oil-based because obviously if you put on something that’s
oil then the water type of ingredients and products won’t be able to penetrate
because that becomes a barrier so that was what I did when thinking of setting
this up so I’ve got my cleanser I’ve got my toner this is a water-based serum so
that’s gonna go on first plus it’s like for me the thing I want in my skin doing
whatever it’s supposed to be doing as fast as possible so I put this on first
and then the next water-soluble thing I have is this anti oxidant resveratrol 3%
Berlocq acid 3% and this guy is really impressive because most brands will make
products with these two type of antioxidants like resveratrol and ferric
acid but they’ll only do like 1% of resveratrol or 0.5% Fairly acid and this
is 3% of both of them these are really strong antioxidants that really help
fight against anti-aging skin pollution all those things are constantly hitting
your face you put this on and it just helped build up that barrier so he’s
really great and he only cost 7 dollars and 90 cents next up is my retinol 1% in
squalene now I typically use another retin-a cream during you know my nightly
routine but this month I’m not gonna use that I’m just going to use this one
percent retinol we’ll see if if my skin is fine if it does anything different it
comes in squalene the ordinary has some different levels of retinol they have a
point two percent a point five percent and a 1% they also have gran active
retinol which is actually not retinol it’s a retinoid I guess that’s trying to
be like retinol but it’s supposed to be less irritating to the skin on the
ordinary site they actually recommend using the grand actives ones versus this
one because they feel like traditional retinols are really irritating to the
skin I haven’t had a lot of irritation with retinol but that doesn’t mean that
I shouldn’t try the ground active types and see if it could be better for
me basically if you are going to try different things you just don’t want to
be mixing too many retinols on top of each other and this retinol is only six
dollars and 70 cents and in case you are not familiar with retinol it’s just
great at helping turn over skin cells so that you have less fine lines your skin
tone looks more even retinols if that’s not in your lineup it should be it’s the
most effective anti-aging serum that you can put on your face okay next I have
this ordinary caffeine solution it’s 5% and it has EGCG in it and basically it’s
a deep puffing solution for around your eyes I guess if you get puffy other
places you could use it there too but it’s effective because what caffeine
does is it helps restrict blood vessels it’s an anti-inflammatory and by that if
you get super puffy here it will help correct that you can use it AM and PM
I’ve just been taking a little drop on my finger and just patting it underneath
my eyes okay now onto vitamin C so this 30% vitamin C that I have from the
ordinay is suspended in silicone which makes it super smooth to put on I was
really excited when I tried it the other night for the first time so I was like
wow this goes on really smooth and I think previous versions they had had a
vitamin C in their lineup had been more gritty and people had complained about
them but this formulation I think is really great so this is what I’m using
all of these things were water-based I put this guy here because he has silicon
and silicon can help prevent some things from going in so that’s the reason he is
after my water-based products and he’s only six dollars and 80 cents in case
you guys aren’t familiar with vitamin C it’s an antioxidant it helps brighten
the skin and this one is super stable because it’s Ella sorbic acid mixed with
silicon it has no water in it and so it means the longevity of this and the
efficacy will be great and really impact your skin I’ve cleansed then all my
active and now I want to just like put a barrier on to just like lock it all in
right I just want to put something that’s super luxurious something that’s
gonna pack it all in and just keep it from evaporating away well that’s what
an oil is or some kind of humectant type of cream the first one I have is the
and honestly the B oil also has rosehip oil in it so you don’t necessarily need
the rose but I had it so I’m just like I’m going to use it so this B aisle is
really impressive it has microalgae products in it that
really help with just calming your skin helping fight against free radicals and
it has like a long laundry list of other amazing oils in it including rose so
that’s the reason I was like oh if you’re just going to choose one you
should do this one and it has a color to it it’s kind of a greenish yellow color
and the bee oil is nine dollars and 20 cents okay here’s the 100% organic
cold-pressed rose oil rose oil has a lot of linoleic acid and pro vitamin A
properties in it and so it’s really great at fighting photo aging in the
skin so helping you resist Sun coming into your skin just causing you to look
older it’s really a beautiful oil I’ve been putting it on at night on top of my
B oil and this is what it looks like it’s just yellow so that’s a great
option but I think the B oil might be a better option if you’re only gonna do
one the Rose oil is nine dollars and 80 cents so this is a really good deal for
a whole thing of this and keep in mind that if you are looking for a rose oil
and this one isn’t the one you’re gonna pick just try to find one that is cold
crust because if any heat is added to an oil like this it really ruins the
properties of the linoleic acid and the pro vitamin A you don’t want to buy
something that’s basically been cooked and it’s like eating like really
overcooked vegetables you’re really not getting any nutrition from it make sure
to find things that are cold-pressed okay on top of my whole like lineup of
skincare this month I also have some makeup products from those I’m actually
wearing these things right now and people ask me all the time about like my
makeup and what I’m wearing and this is a new thing for me today like I haven’t
worn their foundations arms before yet so far I think it’s a good color match
for me I think it looks ok first off I put on the high adherence silicone
primer and they even say like even if you’re not going to put on makeup this
is a great way to end your lineup now one thing that I did not include in this
lineup is an SPF you need to be putting on an SPF
after anything I mean even if you’re just washing your face you have to put
on an SPF so after you’ve done all this just use whatever your SPF is like make
sure it’s 30 or greater I mean 40 or 50 is ideal but just get some SPF on like
there’s no reason and doing all this effort to take care of your skin if
you’re not gonna wear SPF okay so not to try to make this video so laborious but
just to try to give you some insight and information what I’m wearing today is
the silicon primer from the ordinary and this is only four dollars and ninety
cents then I top that off with the ordinary colors serum foundation
lightweight serum formula this foundation is only six dollars and
seventy cents and I’m wearing it in the color 1.1 P I know very interesting so
this is what I’m going to be doing this month and at the end of this month
they’ll check in see if my skin is improved and give you my thoughts on all
of these products and which ones I think are working really good I just want to
be as real and give you as much insight into things as possible so that’s how
we’re gonna do this and I’ll be back in a month to tell you what I think all
right you guys it’s been a month since I’ve been testing kind of my ordinary
lineup that I set up for myself they sent me some products and I had some
already that I had purchased and so I kind of just created a lineup for the
month of September and used it for the entire month and I’ve drug it around the
world with me not even kidding I’ve taken it to LA with me two times San
Francisco and to Argentina for a week so I was very committed I used it every day
night and morning morning and night and here are kind of my results and thoughts
on it plus we’re going to put it all on so I’ll show you what I was doing and
then we’ll finish with their primer and their foundation that I also tested all
right so my face is already cleaned I did it with the squalene cleanser okay
what I’m gonna tell you about the cleanser is I was hopeful about it
because it kind of claimed like it replaces a double cleanse it is like a
cream and you rub it in and as you’re rubbing it in with water and I was also
using this to kind of help exfoliate a little bit it does and all of a sudden
you feel it start to slip more like it’s an oil so it’s kind of interesting and
I’ve never used a product like it with that said though it does not 100% in one
pass cleanse my face I was either using it two times if that was all I had or I
was also including another cleanser just to make sure that I got makeup and dirt
and stuff off my face because it was not doing it on its own so that is something
to keep in mind if you’re looking at it and you see the claim about it replacing
a double cleanse at least it didn’t in my case I probably won’t buy it and I
probably won’t use it again only because I don’t have time to not trust a product
getting everything off with that makes sense then I have a video on this one
alone but it’s the salicylic acid 2% mask and it’s the one that has the
charcoal in it I’ll link somewhere over here to that video I actually really
like this mask the acid in it you can feel it but not in a bad way just in a
nice like active way so I enjoyed using that and I probably use that like five
times this month and although I never touched on this guy the
aah a 30% BH a ordinary peel solution I actually used them twice this month so I
had it and I liked that acid solution as well so I used that so basically what I
was doing is like the days that I would use those masks or those acids I would
wash my face first right then I would put them on for 10 minutes and then I
would cleanse my face so basically that’s not the point we’re at right now
so the next step is that sub-q mist i hilum i’d and this was the one that’s
supposed to be more effective in holding water than hyaluronic acid for me I
don’t know if it actually holds any more moisture or any noticeable more moisture
for me the thing that I like about it is that it comes in a spray bottle and what
I’ve been doing recently since June when I started traveling at UM for the summer
is I’ve been putting all of my toners and essences in spray bottles it just
makes it so much quicker you grab it you spray it fan it then you go on to the
next one and it’s a reasonable price point and so if you’re interested in I
don’t think it’s a bad but I don’t think it’s like my favorite
toner they don’t know if I noticed anything special about it one of the
things that I was really excited was from diode and that was the copper amino
isolate serum to one today we’ll kind of almost be my last dose of this cuz look
at it it’s like nearly empty so I’ve just been taking it putting a little bit
in my palms and then potting it on my face I actually think that this stuff
being used in this way is almost like a waste I think that you should preserve
this for micro-needling and I have a new bottle coming and so if you even just
have a roller and you roll before putting this on I can’t even get more of
it off I think that that is a better use of this product because this product is
effective at helping boost collagen and those and like spur on growth factors in
your skin but if it’s just sitting on the top of your skin it’s really not
doing that so I think if you’re able to micro needle and pack this on in fact I
mix this in to my Botox facial stamp and I think that that was probably the best
way I used it this month okay this is a product that really stood
out to me which is the resveratrol three percent fear like acid three percent
this product stood out to me not because I noticed any difference from it but
more so because when I put it on it feels warm like there is a warm
sensation about it but not in like a bad way just in like a kind of warm way if
that makes sense oh yeah I just like put it everywhere
take it behind my neck and then I get it on my decolletage and honestly I’m I’m a
little bit more thorough when I’m not wearing clothes but for these purposes
trying to stay modest the next thing that I have is the caffeine solution I
was putting this under my eyes and I was just taking a little drop and then just
putting it under my eyes like this they don’t know how I feel about this product
in my opinion this didn’t really do anything noticeable for me and so I
don’t know about it I don’t I just didn’t notice anything so for me that’s
kind of like I would never buy that again so the next thing that I put on is
there retinol 1% in squalene I just take the dropper and I’ll just take my
handy fan just try to get that absorbed in before we move on so far none of
these products affected me negatively it’s not like I had any adverse effects
from them it’s just I don’t know so far if they made any big difference for me
okay after that’s absorbed in then I pick up the vitamin C that I have I was
really impressed by this vitamin C I felt like I couldn’t really feel it
working maybe it’s a bad thing I don’t know but this vitamin C suspension 30%
in silicon I number one love its texture because it does it does have a little
brininess to it but it’s also really smooth coats in the silicon I just take
a dab like this and I’ll rub it all around my face but it will tingle so
yeah it has like a little bit of grit to it I don’t in my opinion not like that
and it’s not like it dries with like a powder or essence you know I mean
because it’s gritty so I’m like oh is it gonna dry like white and powdery no it
doesn’t just kind of sets into the skin now I’m feeling a little bit of tingle
okay but I will say that if you’re a very sensitive D vitamin C maybe this
isn’t good for you because I’m not very sensitive and I can feel a tingle from
this which for me makes me excited but if you don’t like that kind of effect
then this probably isn’t your product either now I ended my line up with two
oils and I was going to layer them but after the first few nights I just
realized it was too much and so I just started alternating so one night I would
use the bee oil and then the next night I would use rosehip oil and right now
I’m gonna use rose hip oil for the day so you could also do it like one for the
night one for the day I’m going to put rose oil on today and if you don’t feel
like your skin can take and oil during the day you don’t have to do that either
like I just like trying to seal in my products with an oil that was just my
choice not a necessity but the one thing that you do need to do is you need to
top with stuff like that’s PS so that was my line up for nighttime
and then the next step would be for like day so now I’m getting ready for the day
and I’m gonna pull over my bucket of makeup stuff I also have the high
adherent silicone primer and they say that you can use this also just as a
topping cream I’m doing both I use it as my topper and I also use it as the
primer what I’ll tell you about this silicone primer is if you’re used to
using makeup primers this is probably not going to meet your needs because I
feel like it doesn’t do what like normal makeup primers do this one is pretty
loose you know like how a primer a lot of times you’ll be able to like smash it
into your pores and it like creates like almost like a very hockey surface this
primer doesn’t do that so if that’s what you’re looking for you probably don’t
like this primer the next thing is is because I need SPF my favorite SPF right
now it has been that dr. jart Tiger grass color correcting treatment from I
mean I picked this up Polly at Sephora but it’s on Amazon – it’s the Sica pair
SPF correcting cream it’s green it has SPF in it and I just feel like it’s
great because this one helps minimize my ability to get flushed and red as I have
it always rosy tints under my skin and it’s helping correct why are my hands so
sweaty so the ordinary makes the sturm foundation and this one’s pretty good
because it’s lightweight so I’m just going to shake it up it’s like a liquid
and here it squeeze it on my hand take my Beauty sponge I’m just gonna put it
on my face okay and I do think that you can build this one up if you want a
thicker coverage that was three pumps for me and I think that was enough and
now I’m just going to put some powder on top of it to set it now we’ll just throw
on a little bit of blush and highlight I have a Natasha – Nonna duo mini palette
I just kind of like rub my brush around both of them eyebrows I’m gonna just
stick to the kind of gold on there’s like a red sheen to that alright
so you didn’t come here for the makeup it came here for skin care and concept
and review makeup is done and so if you’re interested in even
trying there some foundations I think that they’re good and you can see a
close-up of it on my skin but so far the thoughts on the things that I tried this
month and what I would rebuy and what I wouldn’t I don’t want to be like
horrible I would rebuy this one the copper amino
isolate I would obviously rebuy this peel solution because I think it is a
great option for just watching the skin there’s no peeling about it it should be
called the etching solution in my opinion I would also buy the salicylic
acid 2% charcoal mask and I would buy the resveratrol serum again I would also
buy the vitamin C again I would not buy the retinol I don’t think that it was
effective for me I would not buy the sub-q mist and I would not buy their
caffeine and I know a lot of people love their be oil and the rosehip oil and I
do think that they’re good prices this is the thing I think a lot of times when
it comes to certain products as far as like beauty products they need to be
effective but they also need to be enjoyable to use and I didn’t love using
those oils I just have other face oils that I look more forward to using maybe
I enjoy their scent more maybe I enjoy their bottle more I mean I know those
things are vanity concepts and not efficacy concepts but because I didn’t
notice a huge change factor in my skin from using them it’s hard for me to sit
there and be like oh I would rather use them then something else that’s kind of
doing the same thing but it’s more enjoyable to use if that makes sense
but I felt like these five products were the most effective those will go into my
little pile of things that I think are worth it
granted I know what you guys are gonna say you’re gonna say 30 days isn’t long
enough or you’re gonna say oh but you did other things to your skin during
that month yes it’s true I do not live in a vacuum I’m not a permit I drink
water and eat food as well I get 8 is asleep which also helps my skin
there’s a million other factors that go into skin care besides just the products
I’m using and yes I only use these for 30 days not for three months and not for
six months 30 days gave me a good understanding of what they’re about and
how they reacted on my skin and hopefully I can pass that knowledge on
to you look all of our skins are different certain things in here you
might love that I’m just like but that’s the reason we’ve just got always try
stuff and if any way I can aid you in explaining or just being your guinea pig
then that’s what I’m here for but in no way shape or form am i a
professional or in any way should my opinion be used to be authoritative this
is 100% my own experience and I never want to be negative about anything I
think that our experiences aren’t meant to be negative or positive they’re just
meant to be 100% authentic and genuine and that’s what I always hope to bring
to you here I love the ordinary I love people who
work there they’re super kind to me and generous and there’s nothing that I
think is negative about the products they offer I just think that certain
ones aren’t right for me but they could be 100% right for you and they have
awesome price points and so I think right there there are definitely a
company that you should look at so thank you so much for watching me I hope this
was helpful and as usual if you didn’t already like my video subscribe to my
channel if you’re interested because here I do things like this all the time
plus more adventuresome skincare stuff and sometimes there’s giveaways
especially in my private Facebook group that you’re always welcome to join if
you’re a kind positive person and what else oh I have a website now that I’ve
been adding to and I’m on Instagram so if you’re not already on there with me
that’s an option anyways you guys thank you so much and I’ll see you soon this
is for blemish blemish and now my hands are all sweaty and
greasy I need some Botox in my hands and nioh it stands for non invasive non baby I’m not burning around looking for
nobody else I’ve got one thing on my mind I already hear their bells
everything about you call it doesn’t me I got some oh yeah baby I’m not burning for nobody else
I’ve got one thing on my mind I’ve already hit up bells

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  • OMG I did the exact same thing when I purchased Ordinary products last Jan and found myself asking why I purchased so much when you just cant use them at the same time. The thing I dont like is they have one cleanser and its more of a makeup remover however the squalane cleanser is great and you must use it as directed during application. I just dont understand why they have not developed more cleansers and ive noticed this with other skincare lines lately . Great product line and prices.

  • The Hylamide really doesnt do much for the size of the pore but balancing does occur. THE CAFFEINE SERUM DID NOTHING FOR DARK CIRCLES

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  • The Resveratrol/Ferulic is so oily to me, that I can’t use it during the day like I had intended. So, instead, I use it at night in place of an oil. It works well for me that way.
    I’m also not a fan of the 30% Vitamin C, only because it’s so silicone-heavy, so anything I put on after it (like SPF) pills horribly. Which is sad, because I love that it’s 30%! I’m using it as a spot treatment so I can use it up.
    I do really like the 1% Retinol in Squalane, 10% Niacinimide, 10% Lactic Acid, & Alpha Lipoic Acid (which is super strong!).
    And are you using retinol during the day??? 🤔

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  • I can tell the difference in your skin! 100% agree with your picks. The cleanser made my skin feel great in the mornings. However, I found it was not enough to remove my sunscreen at night. I love their 100% plant-derived Hemi-squalane but the sensorial experience is better with my
    Sunday Riley Juno Oil. I use the squalane in the morning but leave the Juno for my nighttime routine. 🙂

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