Hey it’s Fei! one of my most current favourite face cushion for acne-prone skin So first, I have the option of exfoliating and cleansing my skin. I like to do this with the wish formula bubble peeling pad with the newly repackaged version. It comes in separate pieces. This way the product is more sanitary and
more fresh when ready to use. Thank you so much. This puff contains both an exfoliating side with a more gridded texture and a softer cushion side to relax yo face. I use this to remove like the dead skin cells that might patch around my textured skin. As you can tell my Indentations Don’t Play This Way When Applying face Cushion You ain’t gotta Worry about patchiness or your face Makeup Doesn’t Get caught Looking Cakey af After so i flip it over and slowly Massage my face with the softer side keep in Mind there is Natural AHA and Fermentis Sources That Contains Vitamin C for Brightening effects You’re welcome Once i’m done with that i Just rinse it off but i want to mention quickly that you can use the cocoon soap mask iF you want to in place of a Peeling Pad i’ll Say iF you’ve Already Exfoliated Well Then Just Use a Gentle soap For the face and lather it on i’ve demonstrated This bar Soap From a previous video so check That out if you want to see the effects but to brief you this soap Is really Good At Tightening Pores The Silk cocoon has proteins that Will stick to the debris inside your pores and rinse off when you wash your face it’s Known as the Ten Second Solution Because You literally Wash your face with this in the morning for ten seconds and you’re Good Highly Recommend for lazy People Aka me Next That Would be extra and use the zombie mask by skin 104 yes i Just went there this is brand new on the Market okay so this includes the mask powder and the Activator Which is in essence and a Brush. first you want to mix this by pouring in the Activator is Just a Liquid into the powder and then You mix it’s gonna look like a Weird Overdo Jello But You don’t want To eat Because you might die at first but keep mixing and You’ll get a Liquid paste notice i first Applied it Evenly starting From The Center of My Face outward Then i’ll Go in with more product and cover My face Randomly Please Avoid your Eyes and your mouth so this is new on the Market but it is Known to help Anti Wrinkles By lifting Your face and What i love is that It Contains not Only 9 Natural Ingredients like Egg Whites Peptides and Centella But Aloe vera i freakin love aloe vera aloe vera is like a mom okay it’s loving and it Just Huddles Your Skin While trying to heal you Amen After 15 Minutes my Skin Was Reborn into a zombie face as you can see it dries on Quite Tightly and It Does Lift Your Skin so be sure to not disturb your skin like me and Just rinse it off as Soon As soon as water hits your face You will notice how firm your skin is it Just Bounces and the most Contained Way It felt so Nice and i Just noticed how tight My pores were and Just so resilient This mask is Really Fun and i Just felt Like My Chin Liked a Sharper and My structure Was A++ even though I had Myself a Midnight snack last night Maybe That’s Just me okay moving on Here’s The Magic This is theTroiareuke a plus cushion and i’m telling You i’ve Seen This go around on YouTube but i was never Intrigued Because I felt Skeptical But Man Okay you’ll see so this cushion Is made for acne and sensitive Skin and i’ve Heard that it’s a Step Up from the h+ Cushion The a+ is known to give you a Better oriole control Which i’m all about that life because i have oily? Skin so Just With One Puff i was curious to see if They’ll cover Half My face and as You can Tell It did i Was shook Now Lately i’ve Been striving for a more Natural finish so i’ll admit with Just One Puff you do still have Minor Blemishes Peeking Through especially if They’re Darker Marks but I’m in love with that It looks so real And Just The Natural to the point where you can Still pull it off and not be self-conscious but if you want more coverage It Is Buildable so go in with one more Layer and you’re good to go girl however like i said i’m Appreciating my Skin a Lot more so i went with One Puff on each side and look how radiant and glowing my Skin Looks with That being Said this cushion is Known for 99% Skin care and 1% Makeup Troiareuke made it so that This cushion is focused on Skin care and to me that Is so important also a Good ingredient to look for for acne Skin enlarged Pores Is niacinamide and This Cushion Uses niacinamide Extract so like Take my Money i will point out That Me being Oily i did have to touch Up during the day Which is Just Expected for Any Cushion on my Skin But Regardless I’M obsessed with the turnout and i can truly Say That This is my favorite cushion Right Now that is it for my video i hope It was helpful and you Learned something New today if you Have questions Comment Down Below and i’ll be sure to answer them as much as i could as Usual i’ll be linking these products down Below don’t Forget To like This video for more Skin care Makeup videos for acne prone skin Until Next time i’m sending love bye !

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