The Man With “Two Noses” | Dr. Pimple Popper

Well, hello! – How are you?
– How are you? How you been?
Nice to see you again. Nice to see you! You dress up pretty nice. Thank you. The last time I
saw you, you were taking me somewhere in a car. That was such a cool,
like, serendipitous moment that we met each other. DAVID: True. I didn’t see you
in the real light. You’re a good-looking
guy under there here. We just got to take
that nose off, huh? That extra nose. Yeah. This is a condition
called rhinophyma. It is a condition that’s
associated with rosacea, but it causes an
overgrowth of tissue, particularly on the nose. So let me take a look at
it again here, up close. This nostril is
completely occluded, huh? You can’t breathe
out of that nose. Well, it’s getting there. How long has this
been growing here? About a year. As I’m examining
David’s nose, I can see that the left side
of his nose, the rhinophyma, is more prominent. And it really is obstructing
his nasal canal, making it hard for him to breathe. Now, I can’t help
but notice there’s another little bump here, too. How long have you had that bump? Um, about six months or so. Six months? Here, for this area? Really? Yeah. I can’t help but notice this
growth under David’s right eye. I am concerned
about that growth. That is something that
we do need to address, but I really need to
focus my attention and focus his attention
on his rhinophyma, and let’s treat that first. OK. I think I heard you’re a
little hard of hearing? Yes. During the
procedure, if you feel like you ever can’t hear me–
DAVID: OK. –you know, you make
sure you let me know. OK? I’ll see you in
a little bit, OK? OK.
Thank you, thank you. SANDRA LEE: Thank you. Valerie. You saw him, huh, when
they brought him back? Mm-hmm. Did you see that bump on his– Yeah. BOTH: On his cheek? SANDRA LEE: That is
very concerning to me. But, you know, you obviously are
drawn to his nose and his issue there.
So– Yeah. –let’s take care
of that first today. I don’t want to worry him. We’ll get the loop
cautery all set up, and let’s get started with him. My plan is to definitely bring
up the growth before he leaves. But I don’t want
David to be concerned. I want him to really
understand what we’re doing and be calm for a
rhinophyma surgery, which is a big surgery. Going to numb this
whole area of your nose. It’s going to feel
like it’s running. I’ve numbed up
David’s nose, and I’m going to try to remove as much
of this rhinophyma that I can and really unearth that
handsome, debonair limo driver that I know is in there. I really hope this
goes smoothly.

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