The Lion Guard The Rise of Scar Part 8 – Grace Connor

Thank you very much! I am it is true I’m not even you. Thanks. Makini sure so Rafiki. Why are you taking on an apprentice? Are you okay? Yes, bestie. Yes, I am fine You see when makini was born? The Lions of the past told me that she would be the one to continue my wall in the circle of life And now that the stripes have appeared on her face it is time for makini to begin her training Vicky did you do all of those paintings only some? Most were done by those who came before me and someday it will be your turn to paint them Kaya can you assemble the royal family on Pride Rock for Maki nice formal introduction? Sure, Vicky I’ll make sure we’re all there This is the place Yep, now you see says Rafiki and makini went in there. Oh, whatever you ask me We’re already too close to Pride Rock for comfort. That’s fine. I’ll take it from here Thanks. Shabbath. Oh, yeah, let’s get out of here So Rafiki, can I try out my bokura staff now wait your staff can bring paintings to life too We shall soon find out go ahead lucky me I’ll say so Makini staff is more than a simple stick. It seems you have chosen your staff Well, makini that scholar, isn’t it? Yeah the worst lion to ever live in the pride lands Oh that reminds me Rafiki my question from earlier. Yes I know the pakoras staff can help me here the great lines of the past But is there a way to hear the fat binds the past to? hmm, that is a serious question jung-hwa, but You must know the bad as well as the good as you know, makini your bokura Not only brings images of the past to life. It can help you hear the Lions of the past The great Lions of the past are in the sky Their voices are in the wind and you all have seen kion use the raw to make those great Lions up here But the roar can also summon the worst Lions of the pride lands past Instead of clouds these Lions appear in fire One summer. The bokura can be used to talk to Eva Lyons as well Even scar yes even scar. Yeah Whoa Creepy, you said it Bunga totally. Thank you for telling me Rafiki, of course You’re one of course, but remember talking to badlands it is a bad idea I totally understand and so do I Now it is time time to present makini to Simba and the rest of the royal family Yeah this way Mikey Good luck makini I’m looking forward to meeting my Vicki’s apprentice

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