The Lion Guard The Rise of Scar Part 13 – Grace Connor

Thank you very much! Right I see your way out. That’s why Got it twende Kiboko The past speak to me speak Nice work everybody you okay Kira. I’ll be fine. Thanks Lion guard. Yes doing her job. Come on Kiara. Let’s get you home You okay kion I let janja get to me I got really angry and I kind of lost control of the Roar We noticed you kind of made that giant volcano erupt which by the way Yeah, I guess it was and we’re all okay Even Kiara I guess that’s what really counts I’m just glad nothing else bad habit Voices of fire speak to me. I command you super sorry. Where’s Skaar it? Seems our plan didn’t exactly work. What after all that give me that stupid staff, huh? I Think I believed you when you said we could use this to talk to scar Yes, I I Really hope my tempo finds the water soon right No, not yet and now there’s more animals than ever expected me to find the new water even with my ears I’ll never hear where it is. The hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear Needs quiet to find the new water sight just like I needed when I found my staff Yes, yes now I hear it this is it Over here everyone Twin Depot Finally the new water source for the dry season has been

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