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  • Not only is she the jerk of the year, her and people who push alternative medicine, can and do end up indirectly killing people, who stop seeking solid medical attention. That crap really pisses me off. Feeding on peoples willingness to believe or their gullibility, its just not ethical, when it involves life altering, life threatening situations. 

    I hate using this old dusty soap box, but come on, slap that woman.

  • Oh GOOD… I guess I've been living under a rock but I'd never heard of this woman. What a trip. 🙁 Just awful. Going to have to give my nomination some thought.

  • Unbelievable filth that woman is. Disgusting. She ought to be locked up, exploiting people, killing them indirectly.

  • I like the idea of Jerk of the Month (JOTM) and then Jerk of the Year (JOTY)

  • Belle Gibson didn't have cancer?!? No, really?!?

    I'm shocked! SHOCKED!!!

  • Please add the nice guy of the month too!

  • Dr. Joe Santos = Dr. Nick Riviera?

  • Teratoma…what a horror show on google images. If you have the appetite, look up images of compound fractures and meth mouth. Incidently, i vemtured upon all these endeavours after listening to the corresponding podcast episodes.

  • We are all entertained by horrendously awful people, guys. A "jerk of the month" sounds like a great idea

  • I rarely find myself hoping someone gets cancer.  But for Belle Gibson I'll make an exception.

  • park my boot in the garage? 🙂

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I remember your podcast on Munchausen, interesting stuff. I listened to you guys' podcasts for about a year as a cleaning lady. Good ol' times!

  • Presumably the Jerk Of The Week and Jerk Of The Year awards would be called the Jerkys. A sliver of dried, salted beef on a pedestal.

  • Australia makes the headlines… yay? I guess? Probably not, jerkfaced jerk.

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