[coughing] [vest machine vibrating] ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ [coughing] [vest machine vibrating] [coughing] [coughing] [both] Good morning! Happy Sunday! We just left church and came straight to have some lunch. Yes. It’s… I feel like I’m having an early like post-church like tiredness. Are you? Yeah, usually it sets in like 5 p.m. I don’t know. But…yeah. Did you sleep last night? I did. I slept. I did. I did sleep good. Good. Yeah. Thankfully the weather got colder, so it wasn’t too hot in the house. Yeah. Yeah, so anyways… We’re gonna go get some lunch. What’s up? Oh, nothing. I was just keeping, I was getting inventory of all my accoutrements. Okay. We’ll see you guys in a bit. Ah, we just had a delicious lunch and Mary this morning… You wanna tell why you’re wearing my coat? I couldn’t find my coat! And we had to go, so… Okay. He wasn’t wearing it. [Peter] You look cute in my coat, I must say. Thank you. I kinda like it. [Peter] You can wear it whenever you want. Thanks. Hey guys. We are home. We edited the vlog. We did… stuff around the house. We’ve been packing away our Christmas stuff and… Now Mary’s making some-oh, yeah those are looking good! [Mary] Well, Peter started it. [Peter] Well, it’s a team effort around here. She’s making some mushrooms because 2018 is- [Both] The year of mushrooms! [laughter] [Mary] They probably couldn’t even understand us. And… but, I’m having a little snack for dinner, a little cheese platter. The dinner of champions. And… We’re just hanging out and cleaning the house a little bit. We’ve got a special guest coming tomorrow and… That’s what’s up. Yup. ♬ chill music ♬ [coughing] ♬ chill music ♬ [record scratch] [Mary Oh my goodness! [Mary] Easy to assemble?! Yeah, right! [Mary] Ahh! Oh… [Mary] Wait a second. [Mary] What in the world?! [Mary] Ahh! Okay, what in the world? [Mary] Hey, babe? [Peter] Yeah? [Mary] This is weird. [Mary] Oh, okay, never mind. I figured it out, but I don’t think…I think that was not made right. [Mary] Oh! This would be like a good doll bunk bed for a little girl. Really long. It’s the extra-long twin, extra long kind. [Mary] Okay, there’s that but how am I gonna get the top one on? [Mary] That’s the real question. Oh great. Oh, I need my stubby hammer. Thank you! [hammering] [Mary] Wow. How is that possible that they sell this? It needs to be… [Peter] If it’s not right let’s take it back. [Mary] I mean, once I get it together it’ll be nice and sturdy. [hammering] [groans] [Mary] Wow. Do putting these things together frustrate you guys or… not. Usually this would not be frustrating, but let me tell you… [Mary] It is not… [Mary] like, this is supposed to go on here, but… [Mary] I got the bottom ones on because I could twist them. [clack] [Mary] Ahh! Oh… [Mary] That came off. Okay, so then… [Mary] What in the world? Come on, I just want to put my shoes on a rack. I guess I need my hammer again. [Mary] Oh man. [hammers] [Mary] Oh my goodness, this is just crazy. [coughing] [Mary] Who knew putting furniture together could be airway clearance? Who knew these could count as furniture? We’re learning all sorts of things here at the Frey Life. I conquered it! Whoop whoop! I learned the trick was to start at the edge, and then squeeze it in. Don’t even try. I don’t recommend it. ♬ chill music ♬ [Mary] Okay. Woohoo! It did not win! I won. I won, you hear that… shoe rack? I just finished my vest and mists and while Peter’s downstairs I just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am for him and how proud I am of who he is and the immense, I don’t know if immense is the right word. Just the amount of work that he puts into every week, not only with stuff at the church and pouring his heart out and his work and his talent out preaching each week, which he loves to do, and I’m so glad that… some people were made to do that because I was not and so for me it would…it would be really challenging, and it is. I mean, it’s a lot of work for Peter, but since he was made to do it… It gives him like energy even though physically it drains him, like, mentally it like energizes him to do what he loves to do and so I was really grateful that I was able to be there today. Last night when I was going to bed I was really like I don’t, I don’t know. Just the amount of coughing that’s been going on lately, and I just wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to go, but I was so thankful to be able to join him there this morning and um… Yeah. I’m just thankful for him. He makes me smile and the question I wanted to ask the Frey Life family, which is you guys, let me know in the comments what is that thing that gives you energy? Mentally gives you energy. It might physically drain you. So like for Peter, preaching… It’s physically draining, but mentally it gives him energy. For me it’s like… caring for children. It’s physically draining, but mentally it just like.. Oh! It just like energizes me and makes me so happy. So, I want to hear what sorts of things it is for you guys, and maybe it’s painting or maybe it’s driving in a car or going to work or staying home. I don’t know. Whatever. Let me know. Let me know in the comments. Well, hey guys. I think we’re both exhausted. It’s been an exhausting day. Hmm. But we did get stuff done. We did on top of being exhausted. So, good job, babe. Good job to you. Good job, people. Good job, people! And! [Both] As always, We will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ Aww! [singing] Don’t you think were better together! [Peter] Don’t you think, Ollie? We’ll see you tomorrow. Good night, buddy! ♬♬

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  • Ok- so much going on here… but I'm gonna focus on a REALLY important thing today… furniture… specifically the DIY put it together kind… does that sort of thing frustrate you guys?! I hope you get a chuckle when you watch me attempt to put together a shoe rack. haha.

  • It s so difficult to see you suffer. I m sending you healing kisses from my very far island

  • What type of dog is oliver

  • Does anybody here have citic fibrosis I do

  • Praying helps me

  • Mornings are horrible for me too-but I don’t have CF-you said it beautifully in a video I watched recently-I’m better late at night too, so I just try to take advantage of the better times of the day-it gives me something to look forward to-and to hold on to-because sometimes it’s the only thing that feels positive-knowing things (usually) will be better in a few hours!!! Ur AMAZING!! I can’t believe I’ve only just found your channel!!!

  • The coat is SO cute on you Mary!!!!

  • #flatpackfrustration!!!

  • Peter is doing what God wanted of the ones that are able-that have the gift to do it so wonderfully well-as Peter does… you have “spiritual gifts” Peter!!!

    “The work of preaching is the highest and greatest and most glorious calling to which anyone can ever be called.” Martyn Lloyd Jones

    “To preach Christ is to feed the soul, to justify it, to set it free, and to save it, if it believes the preaching.”
    ― Martin Luther

    “Called to preach!…commissioned of God to teach the word! A herald of the great King! A witness of the eternal gospel! Could any work be more high and holy? To this supreme task God sent his only begotten Son.”
    —W.E. Sangster

    Matthew 28:18-20, Colossians 1:28-29, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, Psalm 119:130

  • Definitely dance, it’s something I have done for my whole life and when I’m not able to do it which is sadly right now because of a serious injury. But it’s always been there when I don’t know what to say, but I’m able to express what I feel. I always know that when I go to dance it’s a distraction from stress and life In general. Like if I’m stressed I know that after dance I will be able to feel better, it’s hard not being able to do what I love with all my heart. But dance is the one thing that I love and will always love; if I’m not able to do it myself I love seeing others perform because I just imagine myself on the stage with them.

  • I just found your channel and let me first start of by saying you are extremely brave for letting people see you at your most vulnerable moments. And second……..the way your husband looks at you!!!! OMG! He is so in love with you and it is so amazing to see that! God Bless the two of you!

  • Maryyyyy! It's me, Esther. We were at MBI together 🙂

  • angel on the earth… i just love you my dear……

  • I have severe asthma and the only thing I can relate to is that coughing. I take steroids for it, though.

  • you need to contact dr robert morse from florida…

  • making music! there is something magical about putting so many hours into writing a song and recording it and finally listening to it. sometimes you can surprise yourself in ways you didn't even know.

  • Can you eat normal food, when you have a feed tube? I know it is dum Q but I saw a doc about a woman with cancer, she had a feed tube too in heart but she could not eat so I am confussed.

  • Good bless you guys ❤️

  • Listening to other people and helping them

  • What on earth does he see in her she is coughing up shit and is not attractive yuk

  • Walking my puppy 🙂 xxx

  • В пизду каждый день и ночь чтобы не кашляла

  • Worship leading and serving always energizes me no matter what I'm going through.

  • I love your videos. My 8 month old son has cystic fibrosis and it’s a lot to take in. Seeing you gives me hope for my son because you are so amazing.

  • I have that shoe rack multiple levels is a nightmare i ended using wood glue

  • The thing that makes me happy is studying. I would be so stressed out and exhausted during the school year, but satisfied at the same time. Btw you guys are so blessed to have each other. God blesses you.

  • She is the cutest little thing ever, has the voice for a kids cartoon show. Much love.

  • My heart goes out to you
    People with this condition honestly you guys are so strong! I love you all, and be great full for the thing you have but you, are a true star!

  • Legit why is this illness in genes man

  • I really love your channel, I was always curious about what Cystic Fibrosis really was, and I think it’s really great if you to make such informative but still fun videos on your day to day life, because it really helps raise awareness for diseases like CF and it’s so inspiring to see two really strong people who deal so well with something like this. I love your channel and your videos are so much fun ❤️❤️

  • my children

  • Your a warrior Mary!

  • Volleyball

  • Oh god, I have C.F too and I go through the same thing but not as hard as you cough.
    C.F is the worst.

  • This is the first video I watvhed pf them.
    That guy is awesome.He is so supportive and nice,we need more people like him

  • I am new to this channel. The first thing I felt when watching one of your videos for the first time. I love how real and pure your way of life and recording that. You include the realistic way of life but with a smile. Cant have any more respect for you. I'm am now subscribed and will be watching from now on. Thank you for such pure realistic content. Please take care. Hollie

  • Ski racing

  • Trust me Mary I'd have launched it out the window…. I have 0 patience what so ever said 🤣😡

  • My inspiration is animals, especially dogs. They never fail at making me laugh every day. Always happy to see me, even if I only went to the mailbox! LOL..They are non-judgemental, loving with everything inside them. I can't imagine how dreary my life would be without my animals. My dog is truly the best friend I have. I am so thankful for the joy all of my dogs have brought into my life throughout the years. I love animals but my dog enriches my life in a way that only a dog can do, for me anyway. Thank the Creator for dogs!

  • Ive only recently stumbled upon your channel and I must say your energy is inspiring (and I don’t mean your physical energy ❤️). I work with children and we briefly learned about CF in school. You are such a strong person to be so positive (and I’m sure you also have bad days like everyone else). Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring me ❤️❤️

    As for what fills me up- it’s teaching! Be it teaching shapes to preschoolers or karate to adults ❤️

  • I have whooping cough. It has turned to pneumonia. And when I get in my coughing fits, you are the first person that comes to mind. I''m like let me just take a minute and pray. Cough like that hurts. Holy moly. You are an amazing person.

  • When I am creating … Programming at work, writing poetry or flash fiction. Exhausting, but … Energizing.

  • The thumbnail looked like a porn scene

  • Your such a strong person. I have both stage 3 COPD and Graves disease, and I try to be strong. But sometimes its hard. My hat goes off to to.

  • Oh my gosh your personality is amazing, I can't get enough of you! so happy I found your channel 💕

  • This jacket looks so good on you Mary the color and anything else

  • Praying and worshipping gives me energy 😘

  • So. It appears that mornings are the very worst for you? Kind of like the proverbial morning smokers cough. Just apparently much worse. 🙁

  • 🧡💜❤️🧡💜❤️💜🧡❤️💜🧡

    What gives me energy is a nice breakfast or lunch. Hey maybe even a nap.

  • Organizing my home and making dinners for my son and his girlfriend

  • You two are so, so adorable together <3

  • My favorite clip ever xD xD "Easy to assemble?! Yeah right!"

  • Hi my name is Olivia I have cystic fibrosis and when I saw you on YouTube I got sooooo excited because I have seen you before on Instagram. I just wanted to say I love watching your videos.

  • Praying it's energy!

  • I have hand foot and mouth which is when u get blisters on the bottom of your feet and on your hands and in hour mouth and it has bumps that really itch and if the blisters pop the blisters get where ever the juice touches it and it's highly contagious

  • Writing stories

  • I know this video was from 1/2018 but I was watching it again. It makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. The part where you [Mary] are putting together the shoe rack reminds me of myself. I'm really bad about telling people in my family , if all else fails read the directions. Lol..I say it for fun, I'm not being bossy[ they know that] it cracks them all up! I even say it out loud, to myself when I'm having a hard time. Some directions are actually wrote by people out of their home & then it's printed in bulk at the warehouses, so that's why sometimes they don't make sense.
    I have Hepatic Encephalopathy, Vascular Necrosis & Heart Failure. I can only get out for Drs. Appointments & the hospital. My Immune System is horribly low, so I don't have people over except my family. They once told me I wouldn't make it to my 30th birthday, I am now 65yrs old. Surprise,surprise , I proved them wrong❗😏
    I hope your having a GOOD Day***🐕🐾🐾🍀🌻

  • God bless 🙏 you Mary and peter, the love ❤️ is so beautiful he loves her sooooo much. I love you guys all so much & I hope you feel better soon Mary. #freyfamily#

  • Oh, that cough sounds very bad.. I hope all good for yoi

  • I want to say I am thankful for hubby and going to church and kids

  • I have fibroids an dont have constant coughing. I had the cold but its going i guess everyone is different symptoms

  • That's not frustrating. I live in a country where everything comes from Ikea… 😛

  • For me it would be making YouTube videos and live streams

  • Raising my kids

  • I hope you get well soon

  • Teaching elementary students is what makes me mentally happy and physically exhausted 😍❤️I love you too!!

  • My friends

  • Being able to just get out of the house and do something/anything energizes me because I spend too much time at home because I don't drive and I'm not able to get out of house on my own.

  • 2018 is the year of the mushrooms!

  • I have cystic fibrosis It's awful I hate having to take tablets and waking up in the night coughing

  • Belting my face off for a big audience mentally energizes me. It’s so satisfying

  • I love your guys's chemistry!! It's wonderful to see you interacting with each other. Definitely a God- ordained couple. Peter sincerely loves you and your love for him shows.

  • For me, my thing is Raising Guide Dog Puppies. I love working for months at a time with a dog, training and socializing, and seeing what they become!

  • people with cf are all really pretty (girls)

  • Dogs and baking

  • This is really moving to watch… A lot of people with chronic illnesses are hesitant to show people what their "normal" is and let people know how bad things can get. Mary, you are the sweetest spirit and your strength is inspirational. Also, your relationship with Peter is beautiful, I love to see how he supports you and loves you through every hard moment and how you constantly encourage him and love him every way you can. My fiancé is my rock and my everything, I was on a feeding tube and very sick when we first met and he has been right beside me through every single moment since. He even reminds me to take meds if I forget and cuddles me when I don't feel well. I hope every person finds their soulmate like we have!

  • I am praying

  • I love your channel on YouTube.

  • Mine is singing😁
    Sorry about the coughs , they sound really painful and disturbing.
    God bless you 😘

  • Mine used to be fighting fires and saving lives as an EMT. Unfortunately due to health problems I can do it anymore

  • I have cystic fibrosis too. And I just hope to god they find a cure for this.😢

  • Finishing all my assignments and going to work mentally boosts me so much but physically I crash.

  • Crochet makes me happy. I love creating my own patterns and making wonderful items to donate to charities. The things I sell I donate 50% to charity and buy more yarn with the other 50%. This makes me happy beyond measure.

  • i just found this channel and i love it

  • Has Mary had a lung transplant and at what age did she find out about the cf

  • My friends and family

  • My 9 month old has Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and this is 100% how her mornings are except she throws up her feeds too from coughing so much.

  • Adoration at my church and working with the youth at my church ❤️ and dancing ❤️

  • I'm just new to finding you guys; what a blessing from God you both are. ♡ To respond to your question, the one thing that truly makes a difference in my life, though physically exhausting is being with people with they die.

  • Love how alert their dog is in the intro

  • Sometimes I think it must be blissful to believe in God. I don’t at all, but I could imagine it must be pleasant sometimes. Believing he well help you or believing whatever.
    Sometimes I wish I did believe. But okay.

  • I wish CF and Cancer We'rent even a thing I hate it they make peopels life horrible I wish everyone was healthy iits so hard seeing people sick and not hrlealthy

  • Does your throat ever bleed from coughing so much?

    Love the video! ❤️❤️

  • That this woman doesnt suffer from depression is a MIRACLE. I wouldnt want to fall asleep at night dreading the mornings. What a testimony.

  • God bless you all 🙏🏼😇 please God heal this girl and let her live the life you gave her with all happiness and health she can get from you! Amen! 🙌🏼

  • Hi I have cf and never lookt up but it is cool see more cf stuff going pn

  • I love u guys so much! Ever since I had terrible whooping cough I get flare ups of bad coughing attacks and ever since I healed from bronchitis I’m constantly coughing sometimes really bad but nothing like this and I remember that this is ur life everyday! And then I see how joyful u 2 r, u r honest with the reality but u get ur strength from each other and most importantly GOD!

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