The Facepack Challenge | Kaafimoody

(voice from a beauty tutorial) : So this video is going to be about preparing a mask for an oily skin. Lets note the things we need to prepare this mask You will need 1 banana 1/2 cup milk half cucumber Wait sister, Go slow one egg one strawberry and 1/2 lemon The question is, do I have all these materials available at home? Mom, are there any banana’s at home? Your Father gobbled down all four in the morning. Why do you ask? Please just keep answering my questions! Have we got some milk at home? Milk has converted to curd. Cucumber? You kids are junk eaters, Salad is a no no for you, Why should I store cucumbers in the house? egg? How Dare you even utter the word Egg in my Vegetarian (Jain ) house? SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY Do we have strawberries? Suck up all my blood kid! Where do I plant strawberries for you in the summer? We would have lemon atleast? WE DON’T KID. TF do I do now jhefjnjhediqwn Neither do we have banana’s, milk, cucumbers, Strawberies or lemons Nor do I have the will to go and get these from the market I’m MF pretty already damn I don’t need a stupid tutorial with endless ingredients wtf

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