The ‘Eating In Face Masks’ Challenge

– Today I’m going to try to eat food while wearing a face mask. Why? I have no idea. – The real challenge is gonna be that I’m not allowed to break any of this food, I have to take a full bite. – This is gonna be my new tinder photo. – Ooh! Good thing I came hungry. – Oh! – Oh okay. – Oh god. – Level two, bring it on,
baby. Let’s keep it going. – I feel like this will
be easier than the popcorn ’cause you kinda just stick it back there. – (laughing) Oh boy. – Uh oh, yeah – (laughing) What is happening? – I’m not thrilled about this one. – (slurping) – I’m just getting it everywhere – (slurping) – (coughing) – This is gonna be hard. I feel like I need to prep the area. – I can’t even get it in! – Sexy! – No! – I would like to stop doing this. – This might be a personal low. (music)

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