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  • Congratulations on your newest Great Granddaughter 💕❤️💕

  • So we kill a military opponent. Isn’t that the POINT of war?

  • Congratulations on you're welcome to Adelade, great grandchild 15! Awesome, God bless 🙏✝️💐

  • Good advice to secret service to double down to surround and protect our President 🇺🇸

  • This coverage about Iran is filled with lies. Pat you have to stand against God one day. You need to report the truth. Mike Pompeo was lying. People in Iran are saying, "Death to America." Iran is going to go back to making nuclear weapons. Iran has threatened Israel. This was not good. Iran has threatened our military. The US told people in Iran to evacuate. The entire world is in danger. This was terrible and Pat is lying about it. God is not happy about you lying to people like this. You need to stop this. You are deceiving people. People if you don't believe me go to TYT on YouTube and look at their reporting. I am so disappointed with you Pat. You continue to lie to people about Trump. You may never see this but God sees. You have to stand before God one day and God is going to judge you for lying.

  • Thank you CBN and 700 Club great job and God bless use

  • And God bless President Trump and America

  • Pat Australia is burning its burning Halooo

  • Molly’s story is so inspirational to me and it has pushed me to start avoiding sugar and processed flour. I will try this and God willing I will succeed. Thank you 700 club for sharing her story.

  • I’m very grateful for this show and to all the staff, Thank you and God bless. All glory to Jesus Christ our Lord!

  • Wherever there is Islam there are Calls for Death to Americas, Jews, and anyone who won't convert to Mohammed's Army.

  • Just as Samuel asked Jesse "Do you have any other Sons?" We ask you the same question. Do you have any other Sons?

  • Pat, Your right about the Alcoholic Father. Let's pray for that man.

  • Naver like it sweet but hot

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