THAYERS WITCH HAZEL TONER REVIEW 6 MONTHS UPDATE! 6개월동안 써본 세이어스 위치하젤 무알콜 토너 리뷰 (한글자막)

hi everyone welcome to my channel this is Sood and today we’re gonna talk about but there’s witch hazel toner I filmed a video after I’ve got a first bottle of this and I was freaking out because it was working like so much better than any other moisturizers serums oil or oil that I’ve ever tried and this was like twenty bucks in Amazon I freaked the hell out and then I filmed the video on my iPhone when my YouTube channel wasn’t that structured and that’s still getting a lot of love from you guys because this toner is very very popular on Amazon but I don’t see a lot of people talking about it on YouTube so I guess before you make a purchase online you want to make sure that this is what you want to get this is actually good stuff so you look for reviews and I guess you ended up on my video a lot and I’m so glad that you found it because I’m still using this to this day this is like my seventh bottle I literally go through one bottle a month sometimes less the first one I ordered is I see on my Amazon account that is May 23rd 2013 I bought it on Amazon CA and today I just wanted to give you update on how this is working if it is still working and what benefit I could confidently tell you that this gives because I’ve used it non-stop so we are in November 20th and I bought this first on May 23rd so I’ve got through 6 or 7 bottles of this so I’m gonna try not to reiterate what I said in the original review video of this toner you could check that out on my channel of what I thought a month after which was still truly amazing just sum it up really quick I said that it was helping with my dryness a lot better than any other moisturizers that I’ve tried that’s clay that claims to hydrate dehydrated skin this was doing a better job than the moisturizers I know it doesn’t make sense if you want to see my reasoning go back to the video and check that out and everything it was helping with my acne scars a lot as well as reoccurring acne so at that time I had really really dry skin I had deep big painful acne that came mainly from the dryness because when your skin is to dry your skin tries to pull out oil from your skin so those very often come out to the surface of the skin as acnes and that’s why they were like deep rooted deep inside painful and just annoying to get rid of so this helped a lot with that and that’s what I said in that video that it was hydrating helped in my RT scars and prevented acne so six months later what has changed absolutely nothing has changed what I’m saying is everything I said in the video after I used for the first month is absolutely still valid it is still moisturizing my skin it is still preventing acne it’s not that I don’t have I have no acne at all but compared to how much acne I was getting before and compared to how deep and baked and pape of painful they were now they’re just little as it’s that like disappear after a few days it’s not something stubborn that stays forever which I know it could be very very stressful having acne that stays so long and is painful and it touch it is so stressful oh god girl I know I know so this comes in different sense this one I have is unscented I’ve tried the rose petal because that’s like the one that people buy the most I don’t know why I tried to load rose petal I tried lavender I tried unscented and original for some during reason I feel like the original one doesn’t work as good as the other ones I don’t know why I really really liked the lavender one I honestly the cents don’t really the cents don’t really make much difference so I can’t really pinpoint what was good with Thersites and what was bad with other scents after six months looking back I could tell myself that the lavender one I had the best experience with I just thought it worked better like in all aspects it was better and I liked how it smelled so there’s two versions there’s one without alcohol and that’s one with alcohol and their sensor difference to the unscented original lavender and rose petal and cucumber I think those five are the ones that have no alcohol which you see in the packaging that says alcohol-free toner and I know for a fact that if the scent is lemon and yellow letters that one has alcohol and there’s another one that has alcohol – I think it’s like apricot or something so I purposely choose the one without alcohol because if you don’t have a really really bad skin problem that specifically needs alcohol avoid alcohol at all cost because because I’ll call dehydrates your skin like a lot of the toners in the market have alcohol in them because it gives you a cooling sensation on your skin which leads you to think that it is refreshing but it is not refreshing the toner itself what’s giving you the refreshing scent and some alcohol and as alcohol evaporates from your skin it’s like cooling down your skin so you feel like it’s a good thing but it’s really not and one scenario that you would want to use an alcohol toner however would caution is if you have like bacteria if you have skin problems that is caused by bacteria because alcohol does kill the bacteria so I don’t know which cases are the ones that you would judge that bacterias are the one that’s causing your skin problems but I guess if your dermatologist tells you that I guess but honestly it’s be on the safe side I would go with the alcohol-free virgins and Dhakal free ones are what they are known for so I’m gonna tell you two ways that I use this but every day after I wash my hit head every day after after I wash my face I take a cotton pad and I like to use these super fluffy like 100% cotton has that are like if I rip it apart it just falls apart like that these are really really soft you don’t want to use those like a dollar a dollar store cutting pads because the fabrics like do you call this fabric is the line that like the fluffs the fluffs are like rough and when you wipe your face off with those rough cotton pads you’re kind of scratching the face it takes away the good barrier of your natural skin so try to invest in good cotton pads you could have a really good toner but if you have a bad rough cotton pad it’s gonna ruin your skin so this is very essential so I pour a lot I’ll show you how much it for just imagine that this is in tap okay so I pour a shitload this is completely soaked its accept the edges I can take it on my finger like this so you would put it on your middle finger and put the edges here and then you would wipe off your face and sometimes when I’m feeling a little bit extra I do another one like that I don’t know why I do that I just like to do that sometimes you just give it a little bit extra toner and then I move on to serums and then moisturizer and when my skin is acting up and what I mean by acting up is if it’s getting a lot of breakouts if it’s getting red around my cheeks because my cheeks do get red especially in the winter when it’s too dry or just irritate it from makeup makeup brushes or cold it gets a little red and my scars like one day my scars are almost faded and the other day from patting a bad skin day it’s red again if I drink the scars all like appear from deep down so for those days I take cotton pads that are really really thin so this is like paper this is like a Japanese car pad has no English on it but I know it’s pronounced as C you could something like that but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a dupe for this cotton pad I really wanted to find like a North American version of it but there’s no cotton pad back then if you know of a coated cotton pad that’s like paper-thin please let me know anyways so I take the cotton pads and I soaked a toner on it so it’s completely drenched there’s like a line that you could rip off and then I place them on my face like this sometimes I put like one like a face mask and when it dries up I just keep adding more so it stays wet and it keeps providing my face with hydration all that good hydration that it has and it really calms down the skin it calms down the redness it comes down if you have like crazy like texture on your skin because that happens to me often well I like to use a thin cotton pad it’s just because that it soaks up less product like this compared to this one it’s really thin so a lot less products get on it but it stays on this surface of your skin if that makes sense so that’s the only reason why I like to use a thin one I had a lot of comments of people loving this toner so I’m really really really glad about that I still think that Amazon is a one online website that you could find this from a lot of people have told me in the comments that they found this on target t.j.maxx Alta I think – if you live or near by those places they apparently sell it for ten dollars because I’m a zone dot CA this is 20 bucks on it’s ten bucks but if you live in Canada and go to the target one of the targets they didn’t close out yet you can find this for 10 bucks apparently if you’re lucky so let me know in the comments down below if you have more questions about how it was thank you for watching this video if you had a good time spending time with me today please subscribe and I’ll see you next time bye now they’re like little little little just little zits I guess like one it was hydrating again again focusing on what I didn’t see in that video

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  • guys which toner did she get?? hers is blue at the bottom and i wanna know which toner she uses because i know they have different kinds

  • Girl, don’t talk about skincare if you got makeup on 😶

  • Hi does the scent of this toner gives a different effect or work?pls enlighten me thanks

  • I get mine at CVS

  • Can anyone tell me if there are fake Thayer’s witch hazel? In my country they’re selling it for about $25 – $30 so I’m surprised to see it online for $10. I prefer to buy it online but I just wanna make sure it’s legit

  • I use the t.n. Dickinson's witch hazel. works wonders! I was struggling with cystic acne for a good couple of months and started using it on a whim. my skin cleared so much. now I only get small pimples. its amazing!

  • Hi there, the different scents are actually added essential oils. They all help with different things. Example lavender…my personal fave, it helps calm skin reducing redness, smoothing and antibacterial which reaches + cleans when bacteria deep in pores. Also great for pets with anxiety for cards you want to dilute more than for dogs.. previous vet tech and essential oils rep. Hope this helps y'all 🤗🤗

  • What moisturizing cream and soap did u use it now?

  • Omg your so pretty and u have beautiful skin. . Great video

  • You can also get it at any GNC, sprouts, Food Co-op

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