Tera Plays The Forest VR: Part 9 – Tera Decorates

TERA: Do ya wanna build a church? TYPHUS: yeah. The Church of Joe Pesci. TYPHUS: it’s pretty massive TYPHUS: Not as big as Notre Dame but you know TERA: hopefully less on fire. TYPHUS: what are we gonna worship in this church? BLUE: Pleasure and pain. TYPHUS: that sounds really really awesome I’m down TYPHUS: time to praise the Lord! praise be to Joe Pesci! TYPHUS: do you want to put Java’s shark head like right here or something? BLUE: Praise the sun. TERA: actually, hang on. TERA: yes yes yes yes yes perfect okay I need the shark head now TERA: oh shit there’s no more shark bodies here TERA: all the shark bodies are gone, guys TYPHUS: nooooo well let’s just put some other stuff on there TERA: no it has to be the shark trust me. TYPHUS: I know where the shark head is. The ones that look like Duchess? TERA: oh yeah all the way all the way over there! TERA: Robo did throw one of them ROBO: I think I threw…two or three. TERA: ROBO! TYPHUS: oh my god, Tera that is the best fucking spot
TERA: Right?? TYPHUS: Oh that is amazing. TYPHUS: Oh, we can build coffins! BLUE: Coffins? TYPHUS: yeah
BLUE: we need– we need to do that. BLUE: I just love coffins. TYPHUS: So we can pretend to be dead and the cannibals will just walk right over us TERA: I wonder if we can store bodies in them. TYPHUS: that’d be cool
BLUE: no I hope we can sleep in them. TERA: I’m not even sure who Joe Pesci is ROBO: Think he’s like an actor, right? TYPHUS: yeah he’s only the greatest actor of our fucking generation TERA: I thought he was old TYPHUS: you know what he’s multi-generational, alright? TYPHUS: he’s timeless, man. TYPHUS: Me and my friends got like really obsessed with him for some reason. to the point we like deified him ROBO: Alright, later guys. TERA: See ya.
TYPHUS: Alright, later Robo! TERA: You know, this is actually good. we’ll be able to get the shark head without her throwing it anywhere TYPHUS: I thought you were gonna say “this is good, we won’t have her FUCKING everything up”
TERA: no, no. TERA: Just the shark head that’s that’s my concern. TYPHUS: whoa look at this big ass cross. Can I put it out here? TERA: sure yeah TERA: oh you know what, that reminds me of something I wanted to do TYPHUS: What? TERA: nothing. TYPHUS: what is it?
TERA: nothing. TYPHUS: what is it? TERA: you’ll see. TERA: Gotta figure out how to do this. TERA: Do it outside I think. TERA: Ey, Hey, can I have that body? TERA: give me that body. TERA: thank you TYPHUS: I was gonna go burn it TERA: yes I know BLUE: Why you stealing my bodies? TERA: this is this is needed okay? TYPHUS: yeah it’s for the- it’s for the colony BLUE: Ouch.
TERA: sorry TYPHUS: you can have that part. never
mind she wants it. TERA: Yep TYPHUS: oh my goodness TERA: I’m going to make some art that will encompass the entire church TYPHUS: you know what?
BLUE: Yeah! Yeah, bloody church! TYPHUS: Oh oh behind you!
TERA: Oh shit! TERA: That one’s real!
TYPHUS: You summoned him! You summoned him! TYPHUS: Now the devil’s gonna take us all. TERA: it’s fine TYPHUS: can I eat this guy, Tera?
TERA: yes yes you can TYPHUS: Okay.
TERA: I’m still dealing with these guys so you’re good. TYPHUS: “Tera can I eat..”
TERA: “Can I eat these guys?” TERA: This is fun. TYPHUS: what are you–? Hold on, I need to go see what you’re doing. TYPHUS: Tera this is probably your best work yet, holy shit. TERA: Right? TYPHUS: we haven’t even gone to get the shark head yet. TERA: no, but this is a good distraction I feel like. TYPHUS: we’re just playing with the with body parts TERA: I’m a…I’m a disturbing person. TERA: this is just getting very… BLUE: no, no, you’re not disturbing. it just
creative. TYPHUS: Nah, I call it disturbing BLUE: Nah it’s creative.
TYPHUS: Hmm, nah. TYPHUS: hey Tera I think that’s why you get voted off the island because we find your scrapbook of your fucking weird
weird fucking monstrosity and it says Typhus goes here, Robo goes here, Java here… TYPHUS: please don’t try to kill us in our sleep BLUE: well if she kills us, then who is gonna be slaves for her to bring some lumber? TERA: Yeah, exactly. TERA: Who will defend me? While I build shit? BLUE: Well she definitely will kill us when she won’t need us anymore. TERA: I’m probably gonna be here for the next few years TYPHUS: Blair Witch Project stands all over the place TERA: Yeah, they’re they’re scrubs
they’re not artsy. they’re not they don’t have any like flair.
TYPHUS: theirs is just like a stick in the sand whereas like the ones in our church have a little thing I
like to call pizzazz. TERA: Yes, exactly. TERA: I’m starving to death slightly. TYPHUS: yeah you gotta remember to eat you can’t just play with dead bodies all day, alright? TERA: there’s cannibals. More bodies! BLUE, *singing*: Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, TERA: Exactly
BLUE: Let the bodies hit the floor TERA: Ooh, I really like this one so far this is good. TERA: This one’s my favorite.
BLUE: Come on, into the trap! TERA: I should probably stop at some point. TYPHUS: Nah you need to express yourself alright? TERA: Come on. Yeah you want your buddy, don’t you? Come on. TERA: Right into the trap. TERA: Right into the… TERA: YEAAAA TYPHUS: Damn dude this is fucking badass. TERA: Right? That one’s my favorite so far. TYPHUS: Oh I like this guy with the feet for horns. Or horns with feet.
TERA: Yeah TERA: Whoa! TERA: Sweet.
BLUE: Noooo! I need heads! BLUE: damn. TYPHUS: heads will roll! Heads will roll! TYPHUS: Where’s the one where you
can do the effigies? TERA: Um it’s the last thing TERA: like the last thing in the building menu. You like past the SOS I believe TYPHUS: Okay.
TERA: Yeah. TYPHUS: Effigies there we go TERA: I think I’m stuck guys TYPHUS: no you flew too close to the sun!
TERA: Yeah TERA: oh no! Fuck! TYPHUS: where are you?
TERA: Help! Ahh! TYPHUS: are you crouching right now? TERA: I’m trying to get out! Let me out! TYPHUS: No, now you’re gonna become one with them! TYPHUS: You tried to play God, Tera. TERA: I’m stuck! TYPHUS: Are you really?
TERA: I don’t- I can’t move
TYPHUS: Wait, let me- TYPHUS: wait wait hold on TYPHUS: Try to take —
TERA: That’s a nice butt right in my face. TERA: I can’t – I can’t jump. TYPHUS: okay. Tera. TYPHUS: we might have to get rid of the effigy. TERA: NOOOOO!!! TERA: No, this is the best one! TERA: I was trying to get back here to position the other arm… TYPHUS: Nooooo! BLUE: I tried to kill you. TERA: I would have rather died then the effigy. That was a really good one damn it TYPHUS: Yeah, I would rather her die than we lose that effigy TERA: I’m sad about that effigy damn it TYPHUS: We’re just like…”Tera, you’re using dead bodies to make art and you’re sad over that?” TERA: Yes of course I am! TERA: Art…is serious business okay?

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