Tera Plays The Forest VR: Part 5 – Follow The White Rabbit

TYPHUS: oh you asshole TYPHUS: I can’t- dude I can’t even see what I’m trying to build right now TERA: Yes! oh that’s amazing that it works like that TYPHUS: yeah you could really sabotage somebody TERA: that was not my fault! TYPHUS: what happened? TERA: The log sled. Flew. Away. TYPHUS: We’re just a couple of crazy people running around with katanas just killing everything that comes– that comes
by and looks at us wrong. Including each other. TERA: Oh, watch out for crocodiles around here TYPHUS: fuck those crocodiles! ..There’s literally one right there. TERA: I told you to watch out for them! TYPHUS: okay wait that’s probably just a log. I don’t want to test it TERA: oh my gosh, a white rabbit. TYPHUS: Tera, you can’t just say stuff like that. TERA: there was! TYPHUS: You can’t just say somebody’s a white rabbit. TERA: it was a rabbit and it was white. TYPHUS: Okay, I can’t even listen to you right now TYPHUS: hey cannibal I got this skateboard that lets you do cool tricks on it. TYPHUS: I’ll let you use it if you come over here. TERA & TYPHUS: OHHHHHHHHH!! TYPHUS: He fucking fell for it! I don’t even own a skateboard. TYPHUS: Dumbass. TYPHUS: These cannibals believe anything. TERA: Hey look what I got. TYPHUS: what do you got?
TERA: A live rabbit. TYPHUS: What the fuck?
TERA: I caught it in the trap. TYPHUS: Hell yeah! Kill it. TERA: Well we can actually set up a rabbit pen and start breeding them. TYPHUS: really?
TERA: yeah. TYPHUS: We can make em fuck?!
TERA: Yup. TYPHUS: Hell yeah. TERA: Oh fuck it ran away! TYPHUS: Nooooo!
TERA: I tried- I tried to open up my thing to build a thing and TERA: it fucking ran away. TERA: I couldn’t just put them in my inventory? TERA: shove them in a pocket?
TYPHUS: no, you can’t shove a rabbit in a pocket! TERA: if it’s small enough! TYPHUS: but do you have a big enough
pocket? TERA: probably not; actually, no, yeah cuz TERA: I got a flight attendant’s uniform. TERA: I don’t think I even have pockets TYPHUS: come on cannibal I’m not gonna hurt you. TYPHUS: Not gonna hurt you. TYPHUS: I just want your FUCKING BONES! TYPHUS: I feel like we’re all gonna look back on these days and laugh TERA: yeah our base is kind of really stupid. TERA: all these useless traps behind a wall TYPHUS: In theory it could work though. It just hasn’t. TERA: but if we had the traps out there, we could trap them before they attacked the wall TYPHUS: you know, you make a good point. TERA: we’re so dumb. TYPHUS: *sighs* TYPHUS: I think we did it. I think we fucking successfully defended the house. TERA: Stop jinxing us! TYPHUS: I think nothing can go wrong in the entirety of the forest and the developers and
everything and also our save file. You know, I’m not even gonna go there. Let’s just save and get out of here.

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