Tera Plays The Forest VR: Part 27 – Burn all the children

TYPHUS: what the fuck ROBO: Well, shit GANDURO: feel like you’re in resident evil TYPHUS: Yeah I know TYPHUS: what the holy ass fuck is this hallway? ROBO: Why is it so orange TYPHUS: Aw, this place is awesome! TYPHUS: ok put some money in TYPHUS: give me that soda! TYPHUS: oh this is great dude TYPHUS: why can’t we just stay here? TYPHUS: we’ve been stuck on the forest for so long that TYPHUS: this all looks weird TERA: right? TYPHUS: yeah this must be what cavemen feel like when they come to the future TYPHUS: I mean if that was, even possible ROBO: You say that like it has happened. ROBO: Like that’s a very real thing. TYPHUS: Yeah, yeah, that happens all the time TYPHUS: look at this fucking gay ass chair TYPHUS: Who the fuck buys a chair like this? ROBO: fuck ROBO: Stupid chair, wasn’t worth losing some of my health. TYPHUS: What the fuck? BLUE: Leeroy jenkins!
ROBO: That’s pleasant! TERA: See the eyes and noses? TYPHUS: Oh, that’s awesome. Aw look, he’s just chillin TYPHUS: Is he okay? TERA: No. GANDURO: He’s dead.
ROBO: Your character just shook his head. TERA: No. TYPHUS: Noooooo
BLUE: Just snap his neck. BLUE: Come on, snap his neck! TYPHUS: Is that Timmy? TERA: Yeah, it’s Timmy
GANDURO: Yeah ROBO: We’re having like a very emotional moment and we’re just… [indistinct] TYPHUS: Oh that’s so sad ROBO: We’re just laughing TYPHUS: I know. TERA: Ain’t over yet guys TERA: Blue, don’t go further BLUE: Why not? TERA: you know why not ROBO: You’re gonna get fucking…
BLUE: I don’t know why not TERA: Cuz the boss is on the other side of that door TYPHUS: Alright, don’t worry you guys. Duchess is with us now. ROBO: *gasp* Duchess! TYPHUS: alright Duchess I need you to help me. TYPHUS: no, don’t go to sleep! okay never mind she just went to sleep GANDURO: K, so… ROBO: Typhus, tell…tell Duchess that I love her TYPHUS: hey Duchess, Robo says she loves you. TYPHUS: Aww. TYPHUS: she just moved her little nose. TERA: all right guys, you ready? TYPHUS: I’m scared. let me eat something TYPHUS: Boom. Boom! BLUE: LEEEEROY JENNNNKINS!!
TERA & GANDURO: Blue! Blue! GANDURO: Calm yourself. TERA: Don’t even. Okay. TERA: can you not, please? TERA: I’d move back, you guys. I’d move back TYPHUS: okay [indistinct] TYPHUS: Hold on, one more time. TYPHUS: Okay, I hit her. ROBO: Shit she’s going crazy ROBO: [indistinct] stupid
TYPHUS: Whoaaa! TYPHUS: what the fuck TYPHUS: kill it
TERA: Oh god ROBO: That’s…not what I expected it to look like. TYPHUS: kill it TYPHUS: wait hold on we’ve got us we got an ace in the hole! Ganduro’s got that badass bow thing ROBO: Fuck GANDURO: dead!
TERA: Nice
TYPHUS: Aw, fuck yeah ROBO: Oh shit TYPHUS: get fucked you little bitch TYPHUS: alright, now let’s throw her into that wood chipper thing TYPHUS: “live sample required” TYPHUS: is she still alive? TERA: What do you think? TYPHUS: Aw, come the fuck on doesn’t anyone clean this shit up? ROBO: I’m about to die. TYPHUS: Where are you? ROBO: I like apparently don’t have cash. So I couldn’t get anything from the vending machines. ROBO: Why do we have to pay for the snacks in the vending machine? ROBO: there is no one from stopping us -to stop us from break- just breaking the glass and just taking it all. TYPHUS: because then Robo, we’ll be like the fucking cannibals, alright? TYPHUS: Ow.
TERA: Sorry ROBO: We ARE cannibals!! What are you talking about?! TYPHUS: Yeah, but we’re not like them! GANDURO: well you guys, but not me. GANDURO: I’m cooking decent meals, unlike you- you guys. TERA: unlike us savages! TERA: all right guys, decision time. GANDURO: which ending you want to go. TERA: we can either let Timmy die, or we can have another plane crash and steal a kid TERA: and then Timmy lives. ROBO: Umm ROBO: I don’t give a shit about Timmy
BLUE: Timmy…timmy… BLUE: Timmy died. BLUE: Timmy died.
TYPHUS: man, fuck Timmy. Kill Timmy. ROBO: Yes, kill Timmy. TERA: alright TYPHUS: hey Timmy next time don’t get fucking kidnapped and have us stranded on an island GANDURO: anyway we’re going to get a much better thing anyway TERA: Yep
TYPHUS: At least we’re not…at least we’re not paying child support
BLUE: What the fuck? BLUE: What the…
TYPHUS: Blue…come back in, come back in ROBO: yeah I think that…
[Crosstalk] TERA: Are you outside the map? GANDURO: yeah I think so he’s outside the… BLUE: What??
ROBO: Nooo! Blue!
TYPHUS: Blue, nooo! TYPHUS: Nooo! BLUE: It’s so dark over there. BLUE: Oh, I see the void ROBO: Stay away from the light, Blue! BLUE: How I’m supposed…how I’m supposed to get out? TERA: Uhhh, I guess you can’t. ROBO & TYPHUS: Nooooo ROBO: Oh shit! Oh shit! I popped into the void ROBO: Blue? Blue. Do you see me, Blue? ROBO: Turn around!
BLUE: Yes! ROBO: Come on, follow me! TYPHUS: Stop…stop yelling at him, Robo. Jesus
BLUE: I can’t. [Crosstalk]
ROBO: I’m just stressed ROBO: I’m distressed
BLUE: It’s not letting me ROBO: noo… BLUE: Fucking hates it. TERA: I’m sorry Blue
BLUE: Going down.. BLUE: into the void BLUE: Cuz…that’s kind of my nightmare TERA: Ohh ROBO: Do you guys have any more snacks? TERA: Robo…I thought Typhus was supposed to be the hungry one ROBO: I just…I didn’t…I didn’t have any money for snacks, dude! TYPHUS: well you should’ve fucking ate before we left! ROBO: I did! GANDURO: Oh, Timmy. TYPHUS: Get fucked, Timmy! ROBO: Fuck TERA: Fuck him TERA: Who cares? TYPHUS: Oh…burn, Timmy. TYPHUS: Burn.

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  • Yeah, it is my nightmare. Reason is: Imagine dream to be a video game. And waking up naturaly equals to exiting the game. Now, imagine that, right before exiting the game, the world collisions are turned off and you fall through the ground into nothingness for several seconds to what feels like an infinity. Same thing happens with every my dream.

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