Tera plays The Forest VR: Part 2 – We’re Cannibals!

ROBO: You guys are not going to believe what I just did. TERA: You just set yourself on fire. TERA: I can see you in the distance, burning like a torch. TERA: Of course. TYPHUS: Robo, why are you so silly sometimes? ROBO: I dunno, I’m a silly goose. TYPHUS: Hold on, let me rephrase that. Why are you silly ALL THE TIME? ROBO: I dunno TYPHUS: My old group of friends used to get mad when I would put limbs on the fire TERA: Cuz they didn’t want to eat them?
TYPHUS: Yeah. TERA: With us, our first step is to eat the cannibals. TERA: We don’t even bother with the animals, we just eat the cannibals. TYPHUS: Yeah we don’t bother with the animals, we just eat the cannibals! Damn dude you could be a hip hop artist. TERA: Let’s see if the traps got anybody. TYPHUS: See if we got breakfast. TYPHUS: My friend was like, Typhus… “you got that achievement in two minutes. I’ve played this game since its release and I’ve never gotten that achievement” The cannibalism one. TYPHUS: Shows who’s really ready to survive. and who’s not ready to survive. TERA: Someone’s gotta do what it takes. TYPHUS: Yeah, see, in this group, we don’t -resort- to cannibalism we just -choose- cannibalism ROBO: I just destroyed the fire!! TYPHUS: NOOO. TERA: Robo… TYPHUS: You’ve lost your fire privileges. ROBO: “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!” TYPHUS: ‘Hey, I’m not dead!’
‘Ah, you’ll be dead in a minute.’ TERA: ‘I feel happy!’ ROBO: One time when I was in middle school, in one of our history classes ROBO: We had to make a character who lives in that time period and the teacher told us specifically that they could be any age other than 69. TERA: You know that rule’s because somebody did that. ROBO: Everyone would have done it. Including me! ROBO: Uwahh! TERA: I’m sorry, I nearly hit you! TYPHUS: Yeah, I’m like, forever eating right now. TERA: Forever hungry. TERA: Oops. That was me. I did that. I’m sorry. TYPHUS: Why did you do.. TERA: I moved my hand and my sword was in my hand, and accidents happened… TERA: I was trying to get a video of you eating constantly, with your bones, like in front of the fire. TERA: There’s a hand floating- Why does it keep doing that?? TERA: You’re just constantly hungry. TERA: Oh yeah cuz it shows you taking it out and you have to put it away to eat more TYPHUS: Can we drink this water? TERA: I think so, but I think it’s not great for you. TYPHUS: Alright, please be good for me. TYPHUS: It’s good! You can drink the water. TYPHUS: No, never mind, you can’t drink it. ROBO: It’s fine for me! Oh, no, nevermind. TYPHUS: Yeah I know you drink it and you’re like “it’s good” AUGH you get damaged TYPHUS: Hey, a shark! Two sharks. TYPHUS: It looks like Duchess, when she was sleeping on my bed. TERA: Duchess the shark. TYPHUS: She looks like a shark. TERA: sup? ROBO: Got another one. TERA: Oh my god. TYPHUS: The sun is also going down.
TERA: Whoa! TERA: I thought that was a mutant but I think two tables are just stuck in each other and vibrating. ROBO: That’s not safe for work. TYPHUS: Oh shit, yeah let’s get out of here guys. TERA: The Forest says gay rights! ROBO: Gay rights! TYPHUS: Gay rights! TYPHUS: What the f- Now we’re absolutely going to die. ROBO: It’s not – it wasn’t intentional! TYPHUS: What happened? ROBO: I just swung my sword at it! TYPHUS: Oof, we did it! TERA: We’re not out of the woods yet. TERA: Ha. Ha ha. Cuz we’re in The Forest. TYPHUS: Okay, I’m logging off and deleting everybody. TERA: Not even off your friends list, you’re deleting everyone from existence. TERA: Aw, that was a great jump attack! TYPHUS: Yeah did you see that?
TERA: Yeah I did! TYPHUS: It’s cool, we just need the power of teamwork. ROBO: The power of friendship. TYPHUS: Yeah, the power of friendship! TERA: ROBO! TYPHUS: Robo…hurry, jump in the water! ROBO: It’s fine, I think I can deal with it. TYPHUS: We should call our group “Team Friendship”. TERA: Cuz we’re not friends whenever Java’s around. TERA: That’s so mean, oh my god. TYPHUS: We just fucking…
TERA: Destroyed him. TYPHUS: We all unite with each other to fight the guy who claims the shark is talking to him. ROBO: It’s not completely unfair. ROBO: It’s us three verses Java and his stupid shark. TYPHUS: Yeah, it’s three on two. TERA: I’m glad they don’t have dicks, honestly. TYPHUS: You’re glad they don’t? TERA: Yes. They’re very tall and I don’t want when they jump at me a dick in my face, y’know? TYPHUS: Speak for yourself! TERA: See how big the bonfire is now? ROBO: I wish I was in there. ROBO: Did you see that? I jumped in and didn’t get set on fire. ROBO: Fuck, NOOO! ROBO: I can take it, I can take it.

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