Tera Plays The Forest VR: Part 19 – Hung Him By The Dick

GANDURO: I spend all day working so I can log in The Forest GANDURO: so I can continue working! GANDURO: *sigh* TERA: Okay, I got him. TERA: Ah, fuck TERA: Oh, I got him still! TERA: I think I got you too, Blue.
TYPHUS: Oh, you also caught Blue! BLUE: Are you cheating? TERA: No.
GANDURO: Are you cheating? TERA: Why? BLUE: I just saw a red, purple trail from your feet. BLUE: It’s only for you. TERA: Nah, it’s for Typhus for me. TYPHUS: really?
TERA: yeah TYPHUS: Huh.
TERA: and you. TYPHUS: Wow, Blue, are you the one cheating? TYPHUS: Cannibal, I’m gonna eat your fucking kids when I’m done killing you. TYPHUS: guess where you’re going. TERA: You know what’s funny? TYPHUS: Huh? TERA: Java did the exact same thing. TYPHUS: hold on, I need some skin. BLUE: Skin doesn’t needs you. TYPHUS: They’re coming inside?
TERA: yes TYPHUS: how fucking rude! TERA: they’re driving me back to the suicide deck, guys! TYPHUS: don’t do it!
TERA: I don’t want to do it! I don’t want to do it! TERA: You know what’s nice? TYPHUS: What? TERA: Carpeting. TYPHUS: oh I see where you’re going with this TYPHUS: what if… what if… what if we put this literally all over the village and all over our houses. TERA: Then we’d set everything on fire. TYPHUS: exactly! we will leave nothing for the cannibals! TYPHUS: it’s like when Napoleon went into Russia only it’s 10 times more stupid because we could easily defend ourselves TERA: Geese! TERA: GEESE. TYPHUS: Kill them. TERA: I want to! TYPHUS: whenever we do something cool we always go, “Full on friendship!” TERA: Full on friendship! GANDURO: You don’t sound really excited. TERA: Oh, it’s just silly GANDURO: WHAT?? TERA: What?
GANDURO: WHAAAAAAAA-? GANDURO: *shocked noises* GANDURO: Since when I can do that?? TERA: you did the fast fall? GANDURO: it’s lagging. Stop downloading porn, Teria. TERA: I’m not! GANDURO: haha that’s- that’s what everyone says. TYPHUS: Tera…Look up! TERA: Hm? TYPHUS: They hung this dude up by his dick! TERA: I never even saw that! TYPHUS: Ganduro, when you get up here, there’s a guy hanging by his dick! TYPHUS: they even tied it in a knot and everything! GANDURO: OHHHHH! TYPHUS: See? He’s hanging by his dick! GANDURO: Well…technically not, it’s tied to his rippling… grappling gear, but– TERA: It’s by his dick.
TYPHUS: They used his foreskin! Yeah they used his foreskin TYPHUS: to tie in a knot! And then they just fucking hung him that way. GANDURO: I don’t think so but whatever make you happy. TYPHUS: it doesn’t make me happy! It makes me the opposite of happy! TYPHUS: that could be us! TERA: I mean, that could be you guys. TYPHUS: well it can’t be me because I’m
circumcised… BUT… TYPHUS: They could get…other people’s TYPHUS: They could like amputate someone else’s foreskin, put it on me and then hang me up! TYPHUS: it’s like a different skin color and everything! TYPHUS: so obvious. TERA: God… what are we even talking about?! TYPHUS: let’s get out of here. This cave is wacky. TYPHUS: holding up fucking guys by their dicks.

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