Tera Plays The Forest VR: Part 18 – Killed a Bird

TYPHUS: dude it’s cold outside! TYPHUS: it’s like 75°F right
now. TERA: HAH. TYPHUS: it was– it was 90°F earlier! TERA: *scoffs repeatedly*
TYPHUS: it’s like..what the fuck? TERA: “chilly” TERA: Yeah. Right. TERA: that’s not chilly. TERA: It’s my turn to be the.. to do the “it’s not hot” thing TYPHUS: oh man. TYPHUS: Man, this is like… that is probably the most… the most like …genuine scoff I’ve ever heard you do. BLUE: Don’t sleep. BLUE: Never sleep. BLUE: Sleep is for the weak. BLUE: Go away. Go away! TYPHUS: Yeah, you tell him, Blue! ROBO: I killed a bird. TYPHUS: you… we just killed two mutants and a whole bunch of cannibals. TYPHUS: “I killed a bird.” TYPHUS: Aw, there’s a laptop right here! TYPHUS: damn dude we could take this home and play Payday 2. TYPHUS: Probably get choppy frames too, because it’s all wet TYPHUS: when– I wonder when the last time Steam was updated on that.. that laptop. TERA: probably a couple years ago TERA: whoa! what the fuck! TERA: a log came right back at me! ROBO: Fucking hate this game. TERA: What’s up? TYPHUS: She’s on fire again. *female cannibal shriek* TERA: There’s a cannibal right outside my door, I think. ROBO: Just ignore her and she’ll go away. TYPHUS: yeah. she just wants attention. TYPHUS: are we talking about the cannibal or Tera? TERA: *indignant scoffing* TERA: seriously, dude? TYPHUS: I’m kidding! TYPHUS: I’m so kidding, please don’t kick me. ROBO: [indistinct] TYPHUS: What? Who?
ROBO: Why is there a flare in our house? ROBO: I…I swear to god it wasn’t me. TYPHUS: Tera, did you start shooting me? TYPHUS: C’mon, let’s just go to sleep.
TERA: yeah let’s go to sleep. TERA: Please stop stabbing my house. BLUE: I am critically wounded. I need some meds. TERA: Okay. BLUE: I need an appointment with the doctor. TERA: The doctor is in! TERA: and on her way. TYPHUS: Tera. TYPHUS: You breathing actually made me think there was a cannibal like behind my..behind my head.. TERA: *breathes heavily* TYPHUS: Hey, come on, stop breathing into my– TYPHUS: Robo… ROBO: I couldn’t see it! I couldn’t see the fire! I just ran – I walked over it. TYPHUS: we have a wooden house, Robo. You have to be more careful. ROBO: Alright, these guys can’t go on our.. on OUR balcony. TYPHUS: Yeah.
ROBO: Or over it. TYPHUS: The language…”these guys” can’t go on our… ROBO: THESE GUYS TYPHUS: you fucking animals. BLUE: One down. ROBO: I killed a bird. TYPHUS: I know, I saw that. TERA: I saw it too. ROBO: What if like, in Payday, I called it out every time I killed a cop. TERA: We would murder you. And kick you.
TYPHUS: killedabirdkilledabirdkilledabird TYPHUS: killedabirdkilledabirdkilledabird TERA: To be fair the characters do that for any special enemies. TERA, *terrible aussie accent*: “Killed a dozer!” ROBO: I’m gonna like, pay Dragan’s voice actor to say “Killed a bird” and make a mod that replaces all of his special lines with that. TERA: Yes! TYPHUS: “I killed a fucking bird! TYPHUS: “I killed a bird, motherfucker!” ROBO: Can you…get your backpack back? BLUE: Huh? ROBO: Uh, do you- can you get your backpackback? Backbackback ROBO: Back-
TYPHUS: Backpack back? ROBO: Backbackpack back…fucking. BLUE: Backpack. TYPHUS: What if we create nuclear arms and we just blow ourselves up along with the island and all
the cannibals? TERA: that would be frightening TYPHUS: yeah, but effective! TERA: you know what else is fucking frightening? TYPHUS: huh? TERA: my house right now. TYPHUS: why is it frightening? TERA: come see if you dare. TERA: Turn around. ROBO: OH, FUCK! TERA: Told you it’s terrifying! TYPHUS: Whoa, nice!

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