Tera Plays The Forest VR: Part 12 – So Mean. So Scary.

BLUE: I’ll kill all of you one by fucking one! BLUE: do you know how to deal with your emotions? BLUE: you grab a bottle, bottle up those emotions BLUE: and make a cocktail molotov. ROBO: Oh no. TYPHUS: Yeah we got two. ROBO: Oh, fuck. *dog barking* TYPHUS: oh shit there’s a mean dog outside right now *dog barks* TERA: is that Duchess?
TYPHUS: Yeah. TERA: so mean! so scary! TYPHUS: oh you just push “E”. I’m dumb. BLUE: dumb but reliable. TYPHUS: How did..how did I stop being the crazy one and you started being … TERA: When I became the Saboteur. TYPHUS: oh that’s right, yeah. BLUE: More like terrorist. TERA: Tera-ist! Ha, ha ha. TYPHUS: oh don’t curse it? hey I’m so glad it’s really peaceful right now you guys! BLUE: every time you say.. you say something that.. “it is peaceful… it is good that there is no
monster”… BLUE: every monster will come after us! TYPHUS: yeah, you’re right you know what? I’m really glad there are no fucking cannibals running at me and trying to eat my face right now I’m really happy about that
I would I would you know what I the last thing I want right now is a cannibal to
come over here even even like let’s say like five like ten like twenty of them
that would be that would be so swell if that didn’t happen ROBO: How annoying would it be if there were like 50 of them? TYPHUS: yeah I’m so happy there aren’t 100 cannibals in my face right now. TERA: Watch, if they overwhelm us and we all die… TERA: and then we would have to restart pretty much because we wouldn’t be able
to even get back to the to our place you know? TYPHUS what is that thing in Vietnam where nobody said– everybody said they weren’t gonna fight each other and then they
just completely– BLUE: There there there there there! TYPHUS: Oh shit it is like Vietnam! BLUE: They’re in the trees, Johnny! BLUE: *extremely high pitched* Fuck! TERA: What? BLUE: I accidentally destroy the fire. TYPHUS: Nooooo BLUE: Typhus, don’t become like Robo. Don’t kill birds. TYPHUS: Hey man. TYPHUS: bodies have turned into fucking art projects and now I have to eat somehow. TYPHUS: here Tera, I’ll put a head in there for you so you can have the skull TERA: I’m full on skulls. TYPHUS: well you can fuck off then. TERA: So mean! TYPHUS: I’m just kidding! TYPHUS: Duchess is right behind me right now ROBO: Awww TYPHUS: she’s just chilling. ROBO: Tell her I love her. TYPHUS: hey Duchess Robo says she hates you. TERA: *gasp*
ROBO: What?? No! No I didn’t say that, Duchess! TYPHUS: I wish my chainsaw in real life worked this efficiently. TYPHUS: You fucking pull on and pull on it and pull on in it’s like “Oh this mesquite tree’s not gonna cut itself!” and the chainsaw is like “I’m not feeling it
today” and I’m like “come the fuck on, chainsaw! we got work to do!” and he’s like “hmmmm…nah.” TERA: oh Jesus – Oh that’s fun! TYPHUS: dude that shit is so fast! ROBO: Must be so fucking fun in VR. TERA: Yeah! BLUE: [indistinct] I hear cannibals. TERA: too bad! I don’t care! fuck the cannibals! TYPHUS: I was watching this thing and uh TYPHUS: I forget who it was what it was but it was a Roman who always said like he ended every
speech with “carthage must be destroyed” and I imagine that’s how you– all you end your speeches with “the forest must be cut down!” TERA: Yes, exactly. *cannibal noise* TERA: Oh. TERA: go away I’m building a thing TERA: Yeah, fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. TERA: I don’t care about you. Go away. TYPHUS: stop being mean to him! TERA: I’m building my fuckin zip line! TERA: Hah, they don’t know what to do. they’re just running in circles. TYPHUS: yeah stupid incest cannibals can’t even fucking make up their mind TERA: they’re literally just running in circles TYPHUS: yeah I know, they’re fucking spilling applesauce all over themselves cuz of all the fuckin all the bloodlines that
they’ve been sharing TERA: still running in circles TERA: I’m not joking! I’m just watching them!
TYPHUS; I know TYPHUS: I’m right next to you TYPHUS: hey guys don’t tell anyone but I fuckin- I sprung a hole in the boat TERA: Nooo! TERA: I’m supposed to be the saboteur not you! TERA: we’re gonna need sticks.
TYPHUS: Damn, dude TYPHUS: We’re gonna get this fucking tower / rollercoaster built faster than you can.. faster than two shakes of a fucking pack stack TERA: huh? not sure what that is. TYPHUS: I don’t know either but it sounds really fast. TYPHUS: yeah TYPHUS: Ganduro, when can you play with us again? GANDURO: *raspberry noise* TYPHUS: …thanks man, that was very insightful

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