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Today I’m going to share with you some great
techniques for facial massage. These will help with anti-aging concerns such
as fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity or sagging, and excess sebum production. Hi, I’m Josephine Wong, training executive
for Shiseido. The product I’m using today is the Shiseido
Firming Massage Mask. All you need to do is take about a cherry
size out of the container, place it onto your fingertips, and we’ll begin the techniques. So to massage, you want to put your ring finger
and your middle finger together. These fingers apply the least amount of pressure. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to start
to pick up my massage mask, and I place product onto my cheek, my forehead, my nose, and my
chin. So the first technique that I’m going to share
with you is if you’re concerned about wrinkles that run horizontally across your forehead,
or sometimes we have expression lines, right ladies and gentlemen? So I’m going to start at the center of my
forehead, and you want to ensure that as you go up you’re using full pressure, but as you
come down you’re releasing that pressure. Up with full pressure, release as you come
down. Because you don’t want to tug your skin downward,
as gravity’s already doing that for us. The next technique I’m going to show you is
if you have concerns about your jawline, your cheeks, or around your eye area. This technique, you’re going to start at your
chin and you’re going to do six circular motions at your jawline. so this is going to help to firm and tighten
those muscles at the jawline. Next I’m going to raise up to my cheek area,
right under my cheek bones, as you can see on the side. As we start to age, we lose the elasticity
and firmness in those areas. Now I’m going to start on my cheeks, and I’m
going to move in upward motions towards my temple. By doing these massage techniques that I’m
showing for anti-aging, we’re also relaxing the pores, which allows that excess sebum
to escape trapped pores. It gives you clearer, less problem skin, and
less breakouts as well. Last, I want to share with you to massage
your neck. So anything that’s left on your hands from
what we’ve already done, we’re going to massage our neck in upward lifting motions. This is going to help because our skin on
our neck area begins to sag and we create wrinkles that go horizontally across our neck
as we age. So by doing these upward lifting motions,
you’re going to help tighten and firm those muscles around the neck area. You can do these massages once a week, twice
a week, as much time as you have. So if you only have time that day just to
focus on your forehead, you can do that, or you can set aside a few days in the week where
you can do all of these motions together. For more information, you can visit us online
or stop by your local Shiseido counter and speak with a beauty consultant.

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