Tata Harper shows us the right order to apply beauty products | Beauty Expert | Vogue Paris

Hi, I’m Rianne van Rompaey. And I’m Tata Harper, and I’m here to demystify
some beauty questions that she has today. So Tata, if you use a lot of products and you want to have all the benefits
from the different products, what is the order you would use them in? That is such a great question because I see a lot of women that love
to start their beauty regimen after they cleanse their skin, with a face oil, but that is a little bit of a mistake
because oils penetrate everything but not everything penetrates oil. So for example, it’s always important
to start with an essence. They are penetration enhancers, so everything that you apply after an essence
will go deeper inside of the skin. So you drench the skin everywhere. And then with the skin wet with that, you want to add your two most important
anti-aging products, right? – Yes.
– Which are? Eye cream… And? – Serum?
– And serum, yes! With the face wet with an essence,
immediately after you want to do a serum. Really cover all the areas. And then you want to do the eye cream. Just a little bit. Go completely orbital with it. So basically, we cleansed
– let’s say we cleansed – then you apply essence, then you do your two most important
anti-aging products, and then the last two steps
are really about moisture. For me, it’s not a chore to apply products,
it’s a way of giving yourself love. A lot of the time on jobs or I see with my friends, they start customizing their moisturizer, so they put serums or other stuff
inside the moisturizer before they apply it. – Like blending them together.
– Yes, exactly. Do you think that’s a good idea? I love that. I love to mix moisturizer and face oil together. Then you mix them: two pumps of the moisturizer
and then two drops of your face oil. Now mix it together, and then you massage along the way. I think that it’s so important
to massage the skin. It smells so good. See how easy that is? You blend two steps in one
and I think that that saves time and allows you to still get the benefits
of both products. That is essentially the order
in which you use products, always from the more liquidy product,
working your way up into the densest – the product that will have
the biggest molecules, so that you get maximum absorption. Super easy. Thank you so much, Tata,
for explaining that to me. I’m going to do it for sure.

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