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✨ 🔮 MAGIC🔮 ✨ seabuckthorn 🏺 FACE oil🎊

✨  🔮 MAGIC🔮 ✨   seabuckthorn 🏺 FACE oil🎊

Leda Lum’s Apotheca and today we’re going to talk about Sea buckthorn oil and how amazing it is for your skin internally and externally. Seabuckthorn oil, its amazing. This is really expensive, I have a link for one through Mountain Rose herbs which is cheaper and also you want the super critical extract. So its …

Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Mask

Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Mask

So now we want to close up her pores with a nice vitamin C facial mask. And this is going to help secure her skin to avoid any, you know, bacteria that’s hanging out to infect any of her pores or anything, because there’s vitamin C in this product as well. It’s toning, firming, and …