Suyanmei Beauty Fruit facial mask maker skincare DIY

Suyanmei MINI DIY facial skincare mask maker This is a newly facial mask maker dvice It looks so beautiful, elegent. White head and pink body, and white bottom You can add up the fruits as you like into the device and nutrition power and 100ml water,then smash them til device alert, pour them into the facial mask and smooth by the spoon. How to make a Milk Mask Materials: Milk, 100mL Pure water, Nutrition power Steps 1: Pour 100mL pure water into the device Steps 2: Put 30 ml milk and 1-2 ml olive oil into the device, if you want to have a ropiness milk mask, you can put 50 ml or more into the device, it is according your use feeling. Steps 3: Put a bag of nutrition power into the device Steps 4: Cover up the device and Connect the power, press the start buttom VE , Olive oil, Honey, Brown sugar, Aloe vera gel etc choose the water-drop mode, Fruits choose the apple mode Steps 5: When device finish work will alert with ” DiDi” ,then disconnect the power and put the liquid into the mask model and smooth flat with spoon for about 5 minutes Steps 6: While waiting the liquid solidification, put 100 mL water into the device and start to clean the device which can prolong the device lifetime Timely clean up the device can DIY a better mask and prolong the machine lifetime Steps 7: Wait up 5 minutes for the mask liquid solidification and then carry up the mask with model and begin to do your facial mask spa now, use the model to adjust the position and then take down Steps 8: lay down comfortable for 10-20 minutes and then take down the facial mask and lightly pat the face to led into the water and nutrition or use toner to cleanse the facial skin Steps 9: Daubing up the moisturizing cream can enhance the effect How to make Cucumber milk mask? Steps 1: put 100 ml pure water into the device Steps 2: Cut up several pieces cucumber and put into the device Steps 3: put a bag of nutrition power into the mask maker, then start the mask maker til it finish Steps 4: Pour the mask liquid into the mask model smooth flat, then waiting the mask liquid solidification and do your facial mask spa Cucumber milk mask Apple milk Mask Dragonfruit milk mask You can DIY your favorite fruit milk mask Fruit Milk Facial Mask DIY Maker By Shenzhen Suyanmei Technology Co.,ltd Our facebook: Suyanmei beauty We also sell it in Amazon, Ebay Welcome to purchase from our online store

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