My skin tone right now, I’m–um… because
right now I’m still…My skin– So I just got off the shower because I need
to swatch these products on my face. Although this blog was supposed to follow
right after the Calaguas trip but a lot has happened. I got braces, I’m trying to get used to it,
it’s a little hard to talk. I also stayed in Bicol for a couple of weeks. And then my brother moved out and then I transferred
rooms. That’s also why I have stuff again on @pabilipoy. Because I was able to rummage through my closet. I’m gonna discuss the sublocks I’m using on
the beach and in the city. This is from Lab 46 Skin Care SPF 45 matte
finish sunblock. Non-greasy sun protection with a smooth, matte
finish. This is actually the first time I heard about
a matte sunblock because I’m used to sunblocks which are a bit shiny and with sheen finish. So I got really intrigued when I found this
one. So I was able to buy this from the dermatologist
that Tony recommended me. This is how it looks like. It’s almost empty because I used this a lot
before. I’m gonna swatch this. This is how the texture is… I had a phase of using only this product because
it didn’t give a shine all throughout the day, like eight hours you wont look shiny. Unlike other sunblocks which looks a little
oily? So this was actually the perfect product when
I used to be really oily. If you wanna get this product, I think you
can get this from her. Her name is Imee and her clinic is called
Derm Hub by Imee. So for the other two products that I’m gonna
be talking about which are liquid ones. Um… What’s does SPF and PA means? SPF protects us against UVB rays which causes
sunburn while PA+++ protects us against skin aging, dark spots, etc. It is important for us to look for UVB and
UVA protection in our sunblocks. SPF determines how many percentage we can
be protected from the sun, while PA++++ is for how long we are protected. So the more there’s +, chances are the longer
we are protected. Let’s start with this, actually this is the
product I used when we were in Calaguas but I didn’t use it on my whole face. I just put it on my nape and my forehead because
those parts were the ones I don’t wanna get burnt and get dark. What I like about this product is, although
it’s white, you think it has a white cast, IT HAS!!! But after a while, it disappears. I’m gonna compare that later. But I’m also gonna put it on my face. At first, the white cast is a bit strong,
but after a few minutes, it goes away. If you’re gonna look at it… I have no sheen here but I have on my forehead. This is the difference, here’s matte then
here’s with sheen. A little shiny here. I mean you could see that there’s product
here… but here, you know there’s none. Clinique for men is around P2,500 but I actually
I think it’s worth your money. I’m also gonna discuss this. This is my current favorite among the three. I use this everyday. I use this alone, when I go out the house
I don’t even bother to put on moisturizer. This was first introduced to me when I had
a facial in Clarins. This was the product they used on my face
after the facial and I said, it looks a little different cause it had a tinge of pink. So it comes in three tints: white, blue, and
this one is the rosy glow. So apparently, the one with blue tint is supposed
to balance the yellow tone on your skin. This one, I don’t really get… well I actually
I do. I understand that there’s a tinge of pink
that’s why your face has a different color to it when you put it on. This is oily and has UVA and UVB protection
that’s why I also like it. I’m gonna swatch it first on my hand, so if
you’re gonna look. It’s a little pinkish compared… This is Clarins and this is Clinique. I’ll put them side by side which don’t really
fit on cam. I’m just gonna put it on my face. Wrong hand. 😛 I’m not sure if it’s noticeable on camera
but there’s a sheen here. And there’s a slight shine here. Right now I use this, this Clarins because
I still feel a little beach-y so I stick with something that shines a little. So those are the differences of the sunblocks
I use right now. This one, this is a little pricey. For 30ml it’s two plus, and this one the 50ml
is around P4000. It is pricey but the tinge sold it to me. So those are the three products I’m using
right now for sun protection. I hope you’re able to pick up information
because sunscreens aren’t really for summer only we also need to protect ourselves from
the sun all-year round. So, I hope I was able to help if you’re looking
for a sunblock for your face… Bye! Wait! If you need additional information about the
sunblock that I discussed you can write your comments below. Um, you know you can ask me on social media. BYE!!!

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