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Hello guys, it’s me KristinCena welcome to another episode of Mask with Cena For today’s mask I have here a sukin pink clay mask now I’m so excited to try this one out guys because this is a drugstore version of pink clay mask. We have sand & sky There’s also an alya brand of pink clay mask and those are expensive and it costs around $70 or more than that for just one jar. I’m hoping that this could be a dupe for those brands because you know we want to save money and this costs $16 and when I bought this it was on special So I just paid $8 now, these masks guys are for those who have sensitive type of skin and this is also good. It has kaolin and bentonite, which are Actually minerals that really draws out impurities and gunks and dirt on your face and to be honest It has been two months since I did clay masking on my face it’s because my go-to mask, like my all-time favorite mask is the Aztec and it was left at Perth. So now it’s just the best time probably my face has a lot of things and that’s why I’m having breakout and that So yeah, let me just open this It comes in this plastic container guys This one has a creamy type texture and it also does Smell really good. So I’m just gonna remove my makeup off camera and I’ll see you guys later I’ve already cleansed my face and I’m gonna take you a closer look on my skin at the moment It is not in good condition. I can definitely feel bumps around my nose and It’s just my face feels rough Because of my pimples and also you can see there are a lot of scarring there and my blemishes So now let’s put on the product Hey guys, I’m back and now this is it after 15 minutes and the color of the clay masks from this like dirty pink color it turned like nude rose on my face and It’s not something that’s really really stiff on your face. I can actually speak properly some clay masks are really just hard when it dries up and I think I put pretty much a little bit thicker on the cheek part I had a tingling feeling like in the first few minutes But it’s actually a good tingle and later on it gave a cooling effect Which I really really like So now let me just remove this off-camera I’ve already washed my face with warm water And the first thing that I noticed right away is that my skin feels so soft Well skin usually feels soft after washing face But this feels a little extra and my skin also feels so smooth But it doesn’t it’s not a squeaky clean smooth if you know what I mean I have tried the Sand and sky clay mask and after that my skin is overly overly Smooth which I do not like and For this one I can still feel though a little bit of bumps here, which I know is a white head So I’m just gonna remove this, take it off later. So yeah, I think it’s not bad And then also another thing that I like is the smell of this this reminds me I was not able to figure out. I cannot really pinpoint(earlier) what smell but This reminds me of a bubblegum smell Yeah, I can also say that this is gentle on the skin And there’s really nothing Negative that, like much negative that I can say on this product So I’m gonna give this a nine out of ten. So that completes this video Thank you so much guys for watching If you like this video Please don’t forget to subscribe and give this a thumbs up and also to comment down below the next Mask that you wanted me to try on we will be having more Face masks in the future videos, so I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye

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