Today I’m going to talk about acne. But before I talk about my acne,
I think I need to take my make up off because I feel weird talking about acne and my experience with it but then not having my actual face being shown. So before hold on I wear so much foundation. It’s so interesting I actually
wear a full face of make up almost everywhere. And it’s literally because society views acne as a problem to be fixed. We are told – I feel like my face is so red right now! We are told that acne is a problem to be fixed. And that you are unlovable, you are unworthy, you are ugly if you have skin conditions. And there’s reasons for that. One is that there’s no representation of acne anywhere. I have yet to see a magazine or a runway show or a T.V. show or a billboard with someone who has acne.
With someone who has a skin issue. Wait really quickly. Whaaaaat?! This is intense. This is probably – if I like justified the money, it would probably be like ten dollars of makeup
right here on this. But anyways, there’s no representation of acne or skin issues anywhere. And so what that does
is that makes us feel completely alone. We literally feel if you have a skin issue you feel like there’s something wrong with you because everyone else in the world has clear skin. That’s not true! A national –
I forgot but I’ll put a note of where I got this information but I read that 80% of people will get acne in their lifetime. I will argue that that is way more. I almost want to say 99.99% of people will get some sort of acne or skin condition in their lifetime. And so we are not alone. Like you actually are the norm if you have acne but society tells you that you aren’t. There’s no representation of acne! The other part of it is that the
make-up industry, the beauty industry, the health industry, the wellness industry – all of these things profit off of our insecurities. So as long as they can keep us feeling insecure
about our skin, they’ll sell foundation. They’ll sell make up. They’ll sell acutane. They’ll sell acne products. They’ll sell, you know, face wash like anything to profit off of our insecurities
because an insecure person is someone you can make money off of. I’m not saying cool! Love your body!
Go outside make up free! because at the end of the day we still live
in a world that doesn’t accept acne. And says that acne is weird and wrong and you’re unlovable. But the point of this video is to let you know that you’re not alone. You are not weird. There is nothing wrong with you if you have skin issues, because skin issues are a feminist issue. So the main reason that skin issues are a feminist issue is because whether it is our weight, our skin, our body hair, it doesn’t matter. Us feeling like shit about our bodies comes from society policing women’s bodies. And the more that we focus on our external appearances the less energy we have to focus on our wage gap or literally any other issue! I notice that when I’m talking with someone and my skin is broken out I actually have a really hard time focusing on what that person is saying. And in my head I’m just like: Are they thinking about my skin? Are they looking at this? What do I look like? And I end up losing so much information from a conversation sometimes because I’m so focused on what I look like and what that person is thinking of me. I have avoided going out. I have avoided
going on dates. I have avoided seeing friends. I have avoided so much in my life because of my skin and my appearance. And I’m so tired of it. I don’t want to do that anymore.
I don’t want you to do that anymore. You are not alone with your skin issues or your acne or whatever it is that you’re going through and feeling insecure about your body. I promise if 90% – 80% of people in the world are going to get acne at some point in their lives, We are the norm!
We have to talk about it and lift that veil. Because remember an insecure person is someone that society can profit off of. I’m not saying you’re going to run outside and you are free and patriarchy is over and, you know, the make-up industry will crash. What I am saying though,
is just know that you are not alone and that those insecurities
were literally put there by society, by marketing, by advertising, by corporations, to profit off of your body to keep you insecure, and to make it so that you can’t focus on the real issues that are at hand. So this is my skin and it’s probably really red and here’s the make up I took off. I hope that I’ve inspired you just a little bit to even just talk about acne because acne is a feminist issue. You are not alone! Mwahh! I will see you later.

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  • YES! Thank you for this! ❤️❤️ My skin has been mostly clean all my life BUT lately it's been getting worse and worse because of stress and hormones so I can't really help it and it may not look that bad from the outside but it made me feel soooo insecure, but I feel like it's time for that to change now! 😄

  • This made me cry. Thank you for being a representative. Even tho you wear make-up, you talk about acne and you show your zits and I am so so relieved that people who seem to be such amazing personalities have acne too and it makes me feel like I can still do all the things I want to do and not let my acne hold me back.

  • I love that you did this! No matter how many times I hear and see others have Acne, I feel like all people are doing is looking at my skin like it’s horrible. When they probably are not. Thank you for reminding me it’s normal and it’s okay and it’s not the end of the world (even though at times it can feel like it.) Hopefully that made sense because I feel like I’m rambling! Lol. Anyways Love Always!

  • Ohh Dana, can't describe how amazing I think you are. You literally changed how I look at our world. Some things I still find as difficult as before (e.g. not shaving bc of beautystandards), but I never thought of the reasons why that is so damn hard. I love you for being so vulnerable and honest and raw. <3

  • OMG…i love you so so so much. You are so strong to do this, to show us this and make us feel less alone and less unworthy. Seriously, your account has all. You're so sweet and feminist and kind and ALL. I struggle with acne too and people use to think that acne is just for teens and HEY THERE1 I'M 20! XDXD Society tell us a lot of wrongs things, and world would be sooo easy if people teach us to love ourselves more, to care less about what others think etc etc. So…THANKS! You are SO SO FUCKING INSPIRING and such a great person <3<3<3<3 seriously, thanks

  • Yay babe!!! I love this. Also I also wear lots of foundation and hide my skin issues. I am getting more comfortable without makeup when I go to the gym, I actually catch myself in the mirror sometimes and realize I can’t see any skin problems. I feel like it’s so much worse in our own heads. Stupid society 🙁 love you beautiful lady. Thanks for this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you so much for this !! This is important, you are amazing !

  • I loved this so much, thanks for the uplifting words. You are so right about society, even as a guy I feel the pressures of society to have flawless skin.

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