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are going to talk about how to stop a zit right in it’s tracks. We’re coming up on the holidays, a lot of
you are going to indulge in butter cookies, candy canes and sugar, and that may lead to
some breakouts and here’s why. A breakout occurs when a pore is blocked,
whenever a pore gets blocked with dirt or oil, bacteria begins to grow. More often than not, down in the pore itself
it creates a bump, your immune system tries to address that tiny infection and then what
happens is you get a pimple. Or you get a breakout. So we’re going to talk today about how to
stop that really really quickly, these are dermatologist ideas and some home remedy ideas
put together for you that will work for you. So the first thing I will tell you is when
you notice that you are getting a pimple, or a breakout is starting and usually there
is some soreness or a little redness on the skin. What you want to do then, right then, is make
sure you are not picking or pushing on that. Because if you pick and push on a bump, whether
it’s fully going and it’s inflamed or whether it’s just starting, you’re pushing the bacteria
back further down into the pore, which two things are going to happen, it’s going to
make the infection larger, and you’re going to get a larger pimple, or it’s going to push
it down to where it travels through the oil and bloodstream in your skin and the dermis
layer and you get more breakouts from that. So while pimples arent’ contagious, the bacteria
is the bacteria and wherever it goes the potential is there for it to create a breakout. So the first thing you want to do is don’t
pick at it. The other thing is if you pick at a lesion,
you’re much more likely to have a scar and the whole focus of stopping acne, the whole
focus of your breakouts, beyond the fact that it is a little embarrassing, or that you are
self conscious, is we don’t want scarring, we want to prevent scarring. So that’s the main focus. The next thing you don’t do is apply very
harsh dry products to your face like toothpaste, lemon juice, you know anything that’s going
to super dry out the skin we don’t want to use that. The reason for that is you’re going to cause
a buildup of dry flaky skin around that particular breakout which will create more by blocking
more pores, so don’t do that, you’re going to irritate it, it’s going to be larger and
red and take longer to heal. Now let’s talk about what we do want to do,
we want to do a warm compress for at least 20 minutes before you retire or if you have
to go out and you are trying to address it then do it before. You do this, a warm compress will do and this
is a wash cloth with hot water for 20 minutes, it will allow the pore to open, to pull all
of that dirt and bacteria forward and potentially out of the pore itself if you catch it soon
enough, you won’t even end up with a pimple or a breakout. So very important, warm compress, there’s
a whole video on the steaming method that’s one of the most popular videos on the channel
at stopping acne in it’s tracks , or stopping breakouts in their tracks, so check out the
skin, the acne and skin problem video list and you’ll see that video in there, watch
that for full instructions on that. But you’ll want to use a warm compress. The next thing you want to do is make sure
you are using a good sorbitol or glycerin based face wash. You do not want a face wash that is over drying,
you do not want a face wash that will cause irritation, there are many on the market,
too many for me to name here, in the video description box I will list some of the brands
that I recommend like Neutorogena and Cetaphyl. There are several of those. But in general you want to make sure that
you are cleansing the skin after you do the warm compress, but you want to do it with
a non-drying cleanser, because if you use a drying cleanser again you are going to have
that buildup of dry flaky skin, and your skin is going to try and produce more oil to offset
the dryness, and that’s what we don’t want because what does acne bacteria like? It likes skin oil, so warm compress, face
wash that is gentle to the skin, and pH balanced, and glycerin or sorbitol based, and then now,
what do we want to do to treat that pimple or breakout directly? We want to use two things. The first thing we want to use is tea tree
oil, we’re going to dab a little tea tree oil on that spot and rub it in there very
gently and allow that to soak in and dry for about 10 to 20 minutes, then you’re going
to apply this. Cortisone cream. You want to do a touch of cortisone cream,
and what that’s going to do is immediately reduce the pain and inflammation and stop
the breakout from going any further. This is a great great tool that gets left
out of everybody’s skin care routine if you have acne breakouts. It’s an anti inflammatory and it’s going to
get in there and reduce the look and size and pain, if it’s painful, of any kind of
breakout or pimple or infection that you have going on in your skin, and under the layers. So these are the things to do to stop a pimple
or a small breakout in it’s tracks and I hope that you find it helpful, I hope that you
like the video and share it because there are a lot of people that don’t know about
it especially using cortisone cream for this and be sure and leave comments and questions
in the comment section and check out the video description box for more. I really appreciate your watching, I have
a lot more coming for you in the future on tips and tricks on how to have the best looking
skin of your life. So be sure and stay tuned!

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  • Wow, I really didnt know about cortisol and how some of us could be using the wrong products and causing more bad than good.

  • Hi Chris I'd like to hear your opinion on this …
    So I recently started doing that hot water face bath steaming method and I gotta tell you it really helps me more than what every dermatologist gave me (cremes/moisturizer with alcohol etc..) now to my question: what do i have to do when I'm done with this method? Is it good to take a cold shower after the face bath to close my pores again? The reason I'm saying a shower is because I don't want to wash off my face barehand (bacteries)

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