Stop Guessing – Pore Cleansing Mask | Clay Face Mask | Skincare

you don’t we’ll pick your pictures what
do you mean well I was expecting a
[ Pore Cleansing Mask ] cheese pizza you have a pepperoni vase
[ Pore Cleansing Mask Diy ] didn’t mean to make you cry
[ Peel Off Mask ] well I have a way to get rid of those
pepperonis it’s this thing called stop
[ Peel Off Mask Blackheads Diy ] guessing whore cleansing mask just put
it on your pepperonis mmm and they’re
[ Skincare ] all can I go away Wow this got rid of
all your pepperonis I think I want a
[ Skin Care ] slice of that Wow we’re gonna need a lot
of marinara sauce
[ Face Mask ] you close well I feel like I was a
Nickelodeon and I just got slimed I’m
[ Face Mask removal ] calling an uber you got everything
hey wait wait

[ How To Remove Face Mask ] make sure to subscribe and keep those
like pepperonis off your face and maybe I could see you good I like that

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