[Music] I am going to share with you the things that people really probably don’t really talk about I’m going to share with you how I finally got on the code of the road to being helped who helped me so let’s get right to it I have had it since I was a teenager I remember as a teenager people would say oh you’re gonna outgrow it when you get older when you get near 20s so I’d ever stated through the process I tried everything when I was growing up then when I reached 20 I was a great the acne it’s gonna stop because that’s what they said when I turned my 20 I’m not as Jerusha would say from the YouTuber Jerusha not girl nah it didn’t happen for me either 20s hit I was still going through the same thing and then I realized three things after research I had three things going against me I was a teenager I was a female and I had oily skin so those are the three top things that actually attribute that are linked to majority cases of cystic acne and finally I went to a person who I had hurt was really really good and she was expert at acne great he looked at me and she said what does your dermatologist say about your treatment and your skin I’m like dermatologist no one ever told me about going to a dermatologist now remember you guys this was 30 years ago 20 30 years ago I’m 52 so people rule weren’t talking about what they were doing to help their acne and if they were they weren’t sharing it and remember too we didn’t have YouTube like we have now so now that information is out there for you so she was the very first person after all that money I spent seeing so many different people she looked at me and said in a very smart way you need to get help from a dermatologist and finally I went to the third third dermatologist third was a charm he actually prescribed the right medication for me the very first visit my acne was cleared up within a week can I tell you how happy I was I went to my prom with the biggest pimple and cystic acne right in the middle of my forehead right there I don’t touch my face prevent someone today from going through a traumatic experience like that’s what I’m here to do today I’m hoping this is helpful for you guys I’m gonna open by saying I’m not saying that you have to go to a dermatologist all I’m saying is what really helped me and I’m not suggesting that people go out and spend a lot of money either but I thought all the money that I spent by going getting facials buying that open expensive over-the-counter cream going to the pharmacy that actually adds up to a lot of money so if you’re able to go to the doctor you have insurance dermatology is covered by your insurance and your prescriptions that I’m going to show you are actually covered at the farm it’s like a regular prescription so and if it’s not covered after your doctor for something else because there are lots of things that they have to choose from and they are aware that some things may be on your formulary and some things may not so don’t feel you have to only use the one product although it’s not covered for insurance because it can be expensive if the product is not covered by your insurance plan so without further ado I’m gonna show you a quick picture of the person who actually saved me dr. graves and Philadelphia saved me so this is a quick visit of me showing you who he is one of the coolest doctors that I know and right off the bat he just looked at my face and knew exactly what to do so whenever I see him sometimes he wants to try new things and I’m gonna go nope nope nope I’m good I’m good you know after going through that it’s working I don’t want to change anything he just laughs at me because new products do come out but for the most part for the last 15 years of visiting him I’ve been basically on the same product with minor tweaks if something was too strong for me so here’s the first product you guys so first thing I do is before I begin the process of with my cleaning products I actually just take off my makeup with this some Bioderma water and that just takes off the initial steps up and make up so that’s the very first thing I do second thing I do then here is put some of the prescriptions start to come in so first thing I do this is actually the cleansing cloths to take off and clean my skin you can do this twice a day I pretty much now just do it once a day I always do it at night so first up is the water second step see on calls and the reason why I also like this undergoes new wrapped and then you just take the cloth out put a little water on it clean your face with it and then you discard it in the trash so that’s how the plexi on comes up I’m using plexi on for probably the good 15 years second then the third thing I do is then you know we need some type of toner or astringent and then this is the toner is strange it is called clindamycin and there also a little tile little wet pad and so that cleans the final residue off of my face then the fourth step I do is actually now put on whatever my night cream is going to be the night cream is actually also prescription based and it is called I’m not gonna say there ain’t no return in jail but I also include all the names for you guys below and this is basically a retinoid cream sometimes you can find retinoid creams over the farm over the counter and the pharmacies they’re not as strong as the prescription basic that’s the reason why you only can get some of the things at the pharmacy go to your physician to prescribe it for you because they’re a little bit more potent over the counter so I think like over the counter it might be like 0.2 or max 0.3 I think is the highest pharmacies are allowed to carry I’m sorry like like the drugstores are allowed to carry anything higher you have to get a prescription as you can see this is 0.05 so that’s basically what I use as my night cream is the retinoid gel and then the last thing i use i actually got this from my youtuber pint-size she used this eye cream I have dark circles you guys I’ve had in my whole life and I’m always trying something new so I recently purchased this and my regular eye cream that I use every night is I’m gonna link this below as well so I actually just picked this up from before where I get my facials done so I’m not really sure where you can purchase this I’m sure you can find it online or somewhere it’s not prescription based because I just get it from where I get my facial so so that is basically my night in the morning I you can use the plexi on again I don’t really use it anymore because my face has been doing well but I used to use this in the morning as well the prescription does say twice a day basically I just get up in the morning wash my face with warm water and then my facial cream basically is the lotion so this is actually prescription based it’s called the coy prescription I just use a very little bit of this and I put it all over in my face then a second thing I use is it’s a lighter version of this guy called Exxon and I use just a little bit of this in the day on my trouble spots which is my especially around my cheeks pretty much my t-zone is where I will break out a lot with the cystic acne so that’s where I’ll put a little bit of that prescription and then my sunscreen that I’ve just recently switched to this one you guys have seen some advertisements for this one this is you can not really show where you can purchase this but I actually purchased this from my dermatologists office but I know you could buy it online it’s not prescription and then I put on the eye cream sometimes you look at products and you think because where you purchase them that they’re good no turn that label of you guys and read it and make sure it has no oil and no perfume in it because it’s more people like us who have problems skin we cannot use those products so we do have to be very careful and the other thing you guys and it drives me crazy because of my experience and I know something else that will break me out and that is if I touch my face when I see people touch their face because they want to show you on camera you know where their acne is and what it looks like where it is and if their face is doing well it’s doing better now and you’re touching to show you I’m like cringing I’m like stop don’t in your face I’m like because we have so many germs I mean I’ve already touched four or five products and I know his germs on it I touched the door handle I’ve touched the camera here so when you go to put your hand on your face for anything you will break out how many times you have acne and you’re trying to clear that thing up then within two days later there’s another outbreak right near where the one you just distracted all because we were touching our face you can’t you have to touch your face for something I always grab a tissue and then put the tissue between my hand and my face so that is my skincare routine let me know if this was helpful what I would like to do if you think it would be a help also is on another video share with you the products that I use on my face for makeup that I have found to work that does not cause acne that’s another thing we there’s a lots of new makeup that come out and I know we always want to try things sometimes I’ll read the ingredients I’ll try it and it still breaks me out so I have learned through trial and error what products does work well for me and typically I’ve limited to certain brands that I know work work well for me based on the ingredients that they put in all of their products so if you think it would be a help I’ll definitely do a video of the makeup line that I use and skincare line as a maintenance on what I do for makeup and if you guys think that will help but let me know so also let me know what you think about the video if this was a help I’m hoping that it was I enjoyed doing it my first time sharing my experience in my life growing up with cystic acne so I definitely understand I can relate I feel the pain and I’m just happy if I could help put someone on the path to recovery and anyway have a fun fabulous week and so we see each other again [Music] you [Music]

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