Spirit of Attitude: Cystic Sisters

Tauranga sisters Kristie Purton and Nikki Reynolds-Wilson both have cystic fibrosis. They’ve spent much of their adult lives awaiting lung transplants. Last year they hit on a plan to deliver 65 good deeds in their community and raise awareness of cystic fibrosis and organ donation. You know there’s a lot more people worse off than us and are going through rough times and stuff so we wanted to make a difference. We can’t change the world but just make it a better place for some people and brighten people’s days. The community response was so great they set themselves the same task again this year. They delivered home baking to emergency services, hospital security staff and to lifeguards. They have collected used clothing and toys to donate to community fundraisers. The sisters were midway through one good deed when Nikki was called to Auckland for her lung transplant, leaving Kristie to finish the job. She always joked around saying ‘I’d laugh if get my lung transplant and you have to do them all on your own’. So that made her quite happy that I had to do it by myself.

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