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  • Hmm, I think I listened to this podcasts back in 2012/13 when all I could do was download something to listen to. I had no internet then and was very bored.

  • You guys are neato torpedo

  • magickly awesome

  • The Crack-Cocaine Spider thought that spinning webs was "Fo' Suck'as"

  • Picton of Port Coquitlam – a rural suburb of Vancouver, BC. He murdered dozens of women while the police insisted there was no serial killer in the neighbourhood.

  • i think that lady saw the movie snatch too many times

  • I'm surprised that the marijuana spider had the motivation to spin a web at all😂

  • Just because he was dismembered with an axe doesnt mean she killed him. I mean the pigs could eat him if he wasnt dismembered and they cant do it themselves. Theyre not gators or sharks for chrissakes! Like the first guy who repeatedly shot himself in the head, near or in the pig stye, the second guy disembowelled himself, coincidentaly, near or in the same stye, and, well…
    Any pig farmer will tell you their motto is NOTHING GOES TO WASTE, WE USE EVERYTHING BUT THE SQUEAL! That apparently goes for the fattening as well as the slaughter.
    Reasonable doubt at least, for sure. If she was real smart, she should have slaughtered the pigs as soon as they finished eating and. SNAP!
    No case! Np evidence of a crime. Except a couple of hacked up human femurs, which you cant hang on her. She beats it easy.
    She was dumb to admit to finding him still alive. See? You tell the cops the truth, are honest and forthright and they fucking railroad you, twist up your words and down the river you go. Life in the PEN. HAH! Yeah, yeah. Hah!
    Long build up but a K.O. punchline! Life in the pen! Haha
    Probably beats being a pig farmer anyway.
    Ok, it was weak, but i work with what i got ya know? A lot like a pig farmer actually! And a pig farmers defense attorney…

  • Oh and the spiderweb shit is clearly government disinformation. The spider on meth would have a web that looks like a knot or a ball of wound up string. And he'd still working on it. The pot smoking spiders web would look like a pair of untied shoelaces and the spider would be at some other spiders web, hanging out. getting crisped an munching an any bugs his buds web could catch. His bud has to be on mescaline or in rehab for his web to be worth a shit. If he was a toker too, nobody eats… except whichever one is larger, ya know?
    A stoned out spider once came to me and this what said, "friends ok and friends is fine, but first take care of head…and stomach. So now I smoke 2 joints before i eat my bro and then i smoke 2 mo… "

  • It's sooo weird seeing you for the first time after listening to you guys on the podcast for about a year, haha. My mental image was so different. It almost looks like you're lip syncing. So weird. Not in a bad way though! Good to finally have faces to the voices 🙂

  • Everytime you guys mention Kerouac or any beat writter i like you guys a little more….

  • Robert Pickton was in British Columbia, Canada

  • The intro music kinda reminded me of hotline Miami

  • Now I can't get the gif of a man repeatedly shooting himself on the head
    out of my head, XD
    I liked the second story a lot more than I thought I would. I'll just leave it at that.

  • I totally thought the big beard guy had the small voice.
    I've been listening to the podcasts for months now, and it's so weird to see whose voice is whose.

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