SLIVER SERUM/All Skin Problem having 1 Solution سکن کے تمام مسائل کا ایک حل

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful”
Assalamu Alaikum Welcome back to my channel FashionTips today’s video is really special winter is around the corner so following it I’m going to make a really effective serum for you guys you can use it in this season as well and the best if you use it in winters so let me show you how to make it 😀 so today I’m going to make silver foil serum it’s really good for our skin silver foil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties it helps soothing infections from skin and treat them it’s also really good for sunburn and damaged skin and helps in healing skin keeps your skin hydrated it also has anti-aging properties in it removes scars and give skin a fair look do try this at home so let’s see and prepare the serum together 😉 before that let me tell you if you don’t have any of these oils with you as I have a wide range of oils with me here you can easily make a serum with these oils but if you don’t own them you can use almond oil instead you can use coconut oil as well depends on your choice some glycerin rose water vitamin E capsules you can buy them easily from the market at a cheap price if you’re not careful with this it can stuck with your hand but I will tell you an easy way out of it open the foil after opening when you touch this foil it will stick everywhere to avoid it you can stick it to the plate add a little bit oil to make them stick onto the plate and here’s the 6th one so we got 6 silver foils in plate add 3tsp of almond oil and mix them well together its a really easy way to mix these you can even use gold foils as well but they are really costly only one of them is about 500 RS this is kind of a cheaper solution you can buy 6 silver foils for 120 RS okay so we are done with our mixing here add more oil and mix add 12tsp almond oil in it look how cool it looks :O add glycerin after this 1tsp Glycerin almond oil is good for every skin type and can be used in every season add 3 Vitamin E capsules in it I will add the mixture in a bottle so now how to use this serum 1st method is to take some serum on yuo hands you can even use a dropper apply evenly on your face 2nd method for oily skin take a container add a little amount of rose water in it add some amount of oil in close the lid and shake to mix and apply it on your face this almond oil costs 130RS viewers don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my video and the ones already part of the family, thank you for your support see you guys with a new video, TC

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