Assalamoalaikum, today we are going to start off with skincare routine so here i’m taking of all off my jewellery first because this is a get unready with me + skincare tutorial so whenever you come back from any type of event, it is important to remove your makeup first whether you’re using makeup wipes, remover, micellar water or coconut oil try to remove your makeup in circular motions this application will not make your skin loose also do remember that the skin area of our eyes are very delicate and sensitive so we have to be very gentle as you guys can see, i put on the cotton pad on my eye then wiping in circular motions so we have to take care of these small things to make sure our skin is good secondly, makeup wipes can get to the small areas and clean them really well because when we wash our face, some areas doesn’t get cleaned really well therefore, makeup wipe clean our face really well and easily make sure to clean eyelids, under eyes, tear duct and where ever you feel the makeup is left so you can look in the mirror and clean those areas here i’m using face cleanser because after wiping your makeup, it is crucial to wash your face with cleanser thus, it makes your pores clean and every other place where there is makeup residue i use a brush head cleanser from olay it’s small bristles will clean out your pores deeply then apply clay or mud mask this is pink clay mask, specifically for acne prone (sensitive) skin but if you have mud mask, you can apply it to your T-zone area which is forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks part if you have oily skin. My skin is combination bcs i have oily T-zone and dry cheeks area that’s why i don’t need it on the whole face but when i’m breaking out, i do apply it on my whole face apply it for 10 mins then wash if there is any residue, it can come off by tissue paper/towel easily so you guys don’t have to worry about it next step is mist. This is an aloe vera & rose water facial spray it hydrates and moisturize the skin Last step in my skincare routine is moisturizer here i am applying it in circular and lift up motions around my eyes, cheeks, nose, chin and neck lastly, applying vaseline on my lips. It’s really good and hydrates the lips. and my skincare is now complete! someone : is it necessary for you to sit ?! me: it’s too bright hani this means 20!! i am having flu stop this video..hiccup

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