SKIN WHITENING formula| INSTANT SKIN WHITENING 100% effective in one single use| MAGICAL whiten skin

subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon to never miss any video hello friends…welcome back to my channel today iam going to share an amazing home remedy to lighten up your skin please do consider SUBSCRIBING-LIKE-COMMENT-SHARE….lets get started with the video to make this skin lightening home remedy…we need rice flour-2 tspn Rice flour is an ancient skin whitening agent as it contains high amounts of starch it fades out dulness from face and makes your skin look white and bright next we will add Raw Milk around 5 tspn 3rd iingredient we will add is fullers earth-1 tspn mix all the ingredients really well by adding raw milk and make it into fine paste Raw Milk contains Lactose which makes skin lighten, whiten and brighten fullers earth is an natural cleanser that cleanses all the dirt and oil from face thus making it fair and neat mix all the ingredients really well and apply this pack onto face, neck wherever u want to whiten your skin keep the pack for 1/2 hour uptill the time it completely dries out when the facepack is completely dry…remove the pack with help of raw milk using raw milk and scrub it gently this pack completely removes out darkness, dullness, suntan and makes skin look healthy and glowy you can apply this weekly 3 times but donot apply it often as it has rice which is an scrubing agent and not suggested on daily basis please do SUBSCRIBE-LIKE-COMMENT-SHARE Ill be back with an amazing video…byeeee!

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