Skin Whitening Facial Mask | Get Fair, Spotless, Glowing Skin | Dr. Jart’s Rubber Face Mask Review

Korean skincare range is the big thing do try them I tried a scrub type cleanser somethings are very nice while somethings are overrated I was hearing a lot about this rubber face mask it gives a very creepy look it resembles a halloween mask from a horror movie I’ll show you what I have This is what it looks like There are about 4 colors and these are for 4 different concerns if you want brightening and glow then you can use the yellow one apart from this, there’s a blue one a transparent one and a gray one as well they combat dryness, dullness, acne anti-aging, moisturizing today, we will try the brightening mask this is about 48 Dirhams This is known as the Bright Lover Mask by Dr. Jart They will be compared to price-friendly cheaper alternatives the alternative is a 2-step anti-oxidant mask it’s problem is that it drips and the mask is too big for my face but it’s cheaper so you save money you should remove your makeup before applying mask it’s difficult to apply on the nose due to oil so it’s better to make your face oil-free beforehand with a dry scrub my favorite is the exfoliating powder by Sephora it is wonderful for an oily face I like the creepy look on the cover it’s covering the eyes lips nose and yellow color is very nice I hope the actual mask is also yellow Let’s see if this expensive mask is worth it? It should give illumination and brightening to the skin I need to apply it’s cream first I want the mask to cover my neck as well it is very important to cover the neck whenever you’re applying cream on your face you should have gentle movements using your fingertips and when applying near your eyes then use your little finger as it has the least amount of pressure use your little finger reminds me of little finger from game of thrones I don’t know why we have to appy the ampule I think it prepares the skin to absorb all the stuff that’s in the mask whenever I use masks I rub some of it on my hands as well since your wrinkles start with the hands if you want to avoid wrinkles then always moisturize around the eye area so this is what the mask looks like and it’s not yellow I look like Batman now If I pull it too much then it will be torn I like the fact that this mask is in two pieces also, the masks should not overlap each other half of the attraction was because of the color it’s also covering the eyes and lips in the packaging but it’s not doing so in real while there are masks that do It’s setting is very difficult I’m supposed to keep it on my face for 30 to 40 minutes My neck is not getting covered I’m not getting any benefit there especially since it’s so expensive so I’m going to lie down for about 30 to 40 minutes and let the magic work on my face It’s been 40 minutes and I look more terrifying than before the mask wasn’t sticking to it’s place hence I put my band on it it’s very difficult for a person like me to sit in one place for 40 minutes I look like frankenstein now please give me a thumbs up this is supposed to brighten my skin and illuminate it I’m gonna give my feedback on it now according to the instructions the remaining cream is to be applied once again let’s see how good or how bad is this rubber mask by Dr. Jart is it worth the money? or is it going to waste your time and money are you ready for the verdict? the color on the packet is not how the mask looks once opened which I didn’t like the packaging is exaggerated it’s not covering the lips either Then, I feel my neck was ignored A good mask should always cover your neck we need equal care of the neck mask does not stick to where it should it gets torn very easily it is slightly illuminating I like the moisturized effect on my skin as well but if I compare it with my other normal masks then it’s not out of the world it’s not wow it’s not value for money I would definitely not go for this If you just wanna try then sure but I won’t recommend it so how did you find today’s video give me a thumbs up if you liked the video take care and bubye!

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