Skin whitening face mask

Hi guys welcome to my channel Beauty Queen. Today I am going to show you how to make skin
whitening face mask at home. This face mask helps you to get rid of patchy
or uneven skin tone and darkness around the mouth areas. So let’s check the video. I am taking Wheat flour, Rice flour , Milk
and Honey . First of all I am taking a container and add
2 teaspoon of rice flour . Rice flour is most effective and useful ingredient to lighten
and brighten complexion. Then add 1 teaspoon of wheat flour . After
that add half teaspoon of honey and then add 2 teaspoon of raw milk. Mix them all properly. Apply the mask on your face , neck and hand
and leave it for 20 minutes. It has rice flour which a natural cleanser
that removes all the dirts and impurities . Also it has milk . Milk contains lactic
acids which helps to moisturizes and nourishes the skin .And honey is naturally antibacterial
, so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention .
After 20 minutes gently rub your skin and wash it with normal water . If you have sensitive
skin , than skip rubbing and wash it of with water . Apply this face pack everyday for
7 days , then use it twice in a week. Guys i hope you will like today’s video
a lot . If you like my video than please subscribe
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Thank you take care bye bye .

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