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Hi guys welcome back to my channel In
this video I’ll be sharing with you a DIY coffee mask that will help to
lighten up and brighten up your skin so let’s get started with the video.. this
mask also helps to remove your suntan during summers The ingredients you’ll
need are coffee:1 tspn Coffee has antioxidants which will help
to lighten up your skintone the next ingredient is I’m using
Rasna honey which I’ve bought it for around 70 rupees we’ll take 1/2 a
teaspoon of honey As we know honey is very natural and is so good for your
skin The next ingredient will be 1/2 lemon
juice.. lemon is a rich source of vitamin C which will make your skin fair and
glowy now mix all the ingredients really well and apply this paste onto your face,
neck, hands wherever you want to brighten your skin apply it and massage thoroughly leave this pack for about 15 to 20
minutes and then wash it off with water then you can see the results your skin
will become glowing, shiny and fair THANKYOU
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channel bye for now

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