Skin Saver Kit by Josepa Skincare – user review by Shaked

hey everyone and today I’m going to do a review for this facial skin cake kit and it’s called young and free by Josepa I heard of it and I decided I want to try this and its daily kit you’re supposed to use it for about 4 weeks I think it’s gonna last more and because I opened up it I opened up it a little bit and I saw there are three products. the first one is a mask the second one is a facial cleaning bar and the last one is a cooling gel and I think it’s right things you need to put one after the other. There is also an envelope. It’s a gold one so I think it’s like fancy and okay the things I have two cards over here the first one is and all of these directions on how to put it I’m gonna read it and see how to use it and the other one, see how nice. That’s a thank you note and on the other side it’s how you can like say to other people hey is this kit works or not we’re gonna find out right now and they also have a hashtag I see that right now and you can see other people reviews on it and let’s see so if you on the other side there’s let’s see woo you can do it before and after or to see your progress you actually take a photo of your face right as you start and like before and after they want and today I’m going to do a review on this kit it say daily skin care kit and it’s by young and free by Josepa that’s the name I mean the box looks really good when I opened it though I saw that their only three products and I think the box is a little bit too big for that but I mean if it’s worth it why not it is like withhold really nicely I mean nothing fall it’s not rambling it in the box so nothing like when you take it from one place to the other it won’t fall. Thehe display looks actually nice. There’s also an envelope an golden envelope which is a really nice color for this kind of kit I mean gold there are two cards here which I had know how to say that and I couldn’t hold it I wanted to see that so bad so the first thing that I see here is the directions for how to use the actual kit and on the other side they are saying that you can do a before and after and picture, to see the actual results so I think that if a company says that it means that they know that their results most people will see the difference and you can see here there’s a hashtag. wait. okay. There’s a hashtag and you can actually see what other people say about this product which is great I mean that’s a new product not a lot of people see that so he wants either use you can and there’s a nice thank you and they’re saying over here on the other side they’re saying let’s be social like I said and you can see that also they have two hashtags that you can see and go check that out see what they’re like and we’re gonna see what I think about this product right now. I mean there are three things here. the first one is that. let’s take them out. it’s a cleansing mask, so that’s the first thing. The other thing they have is… they’re really stuck in there… I mean… it’s a cleaning bar. I think it’s actual soup. I’ll see that. And the third thing is a cooling gel, so that three things right here let’s put the box aside even though it looks pretty. okay so I want to see the soap I mean that’s the one I actually want to see because a lot of people use soaps I you use soaps on my skin and I want to make sure that they are natural they’re good they don’t make my skin puffy or anything. ooh, that smells really good let’s see that I think I need scissors. okay because they sealed it really good so, that smells good. I mean, I don’t want to say that but that’s the kind of product my grandma would bought which she always bought natural things to make sure that nothing burns her skin so she’ll see young she will look younger and Wow that’s a really good so far. so okay. the instructions say this way I read it a little bit before so you have a code here you need to scan that and then they’re going to show you their all their recommendations I mean to start Skin Boost Emails Series, so you’re going to get emails. I put mine in, so the first thing that you get is this site that you need to put in your name and your email and then they are saying sending an email so you need to confirm that email and then they’re sending another email. Now, I get that they want to make sure that the ones who purchase this kit get that, but I mean it feels like a little bit of trouble but if it makes like sense that if the product is good, they want to make sure that only the guys who get the kit are the ones who know how to get this email so I get basically I get I get why they need to make sure not everyone get that, but if the product is good so who cares. so I’m gonna wash my face with the soap, because I wash my face not with this soap. It says first you need to clean your face with this bar. After that you need to put the mask on and after that you all again wash your face and you put this gel so I’m going to wash my hair, sorry, wash my face again with this soap and I’m gonna go right back come right back. Okay so I can’t believe it or not there’s an actual way to wash with this kind of bar. You need to put that on under the water for a second then you need to take one of the sides and rub it on your palm. After you do that, there’s a nice fun foam that’s creating on your hand. you put the bar aside and then you apply it on your face and it feels so good I mean it feels like actual silk or something really nice. I mean I could wash my face like for 15 to 20 minutes just like do that. because it feels really good so I think that’s a really good bar soap. so far and so I took my glasses off. After that I could feel that my face that they actually took all of the fat no baby so you took all the fat off. I feel like it’s actually clean my face is actually clean and there’s an actual difference so no matter how the rest of the products go that soap is really really good. So I’ll put my hair back and the next thing that the card says, the instruction says, is to put… let’s see the mask. so one way. a really good way, to put the mask on is every mask comes in this kind of bottle. I would recommend it to squeez the mask out on your finger. Not on your palm. Not on several fingers. On one finger and then to put some kind of dots. but they said that you need to put a really in thin layer because otherwise you won’t get the best results that’s what I realized. okay, so I have my mirror over here, and what I want to see that none of the masks that I quote is getting on my hand so I’m gonna use one two six fingers and just put it on my face. Well, it smells like olives which I really like and it feels super natural. it feels like a slight burn I mean it feels like my skin is getting hot right but I think it’s because I have a really sensitive skin so I’m used to that but if you’re not used to this kind of things you need to see that your skin is really the way you remember there’s it is like activated I don’t know what it does but it feels it feels hot on my face I put the mask on it feels great a little bit hot I mean there’s a slight burn let’s say it that way but let’s see and it also says, let’s see, okay it doesn’t say for how long so I’m gonna wait about 15 minutes and then I’m gonna go back to you how it feels on my skin and then I will take it off with again this amazing soap so I’ll go back to you in 15 minutes. so only about two minutes and I wanted you to see the way that mask dried. I mean it burns, I think it’s supposed to work, but I don’t think that you need to put it more than 10 minutes because if it dries really quickly I mean I think you see this change as I’m speaking which is amazing. that’s crazy. usually when I put that kind of mask and they’re like planted for 15 to 20 minutes and you see the results after 12 minutes. that’s crazy, because I put a thin layer and gets dry so quickly so it feels really good. it feels like it’s forming on my skin, and as it dries it stops to burn so actually good with this mask not the way I used are you I felt five minutes ago when I started to put that on my skin and it started to burn so that’s good and I’m going to love this soap so much and I’m going to wash my face in about three minutes when the whole mask is dried off, here we see the difference that’s crazy and I’m gonna take the mask off, and I’m going to put the third phase which is this gel. oh, okay. now I feel really stupid because on each one of these you actually have they’re saying directions for best results so they’re saying how to put that and there’s a cool bar right here and I feel really stupid right now but you can see how to use those products on each and every one of them let’s see the soap. I mean… right it has the instructions – let’s see it doesn’t show but it made me feel like a really stupid person but I really enjoyed the products so far so I’m going to wash that in five minutes and get back to you with clean face. So I’m coming back to you after the mask so it get dry really quickly I mean under 10 minutes and I already took it off and when it goes dry I went to the shower and I understand like it’s gonna take a while taking it off and I actually realized it’s not that hard with this mask I only put water on my face and it dissolves like that which is really good let’s see so right now we have gel and by the way it doesn’t have like all these chunks of dried mask it dissolved like completely so when I took it off I felt for a second like some kind of green monster and I took it off really quickly really easily so far I don’t know if you can see that but I really really like the product. so, unlike the other times I’m gonna read the instructions when wash your hands apply small amount on clean skin massage is massage it is what okay massage in gently into the skin use every day and OH SMILE 🙂 I think they said that they’re saying that on each one of the products and they’re saying that also like they’re saying directions for best results and then at the end they’re saying smile with a little smiley face which is really nice okay so let’s see again I’m using my finger to put quite a small amount on the right place I mean when you buy a product you want to use it all of it not your hand and wash it off. so let’s see it feels really nice on your Skin. It doesn’t have a weird smell or any kind and he doesn’t feel like kind of oily it feels like nothing I ever felt and by the way I don’t know if I said that or not and I use a lot a lot of skin products and every time I go out of the shower I put creams and oils and all these things that when I approach people they’re saying oh your skin smells so nice and you smell really good and I’m like yeah I do a lot of work for that so when I’m using products I want to make sure that they’re not that oily that they have a nice feel on your skin that it’s natural and it doesn’t have all these things that they put only to get smell and only to get the right color that’s also in my diet and that’s because I really want to make sure that my skin is well treated so I put on the gel and they’re saying hydrating and cooling gel, so I feel like after the mask which has some kind of bore burns, they’re saying a cooling gel which they’re actually know what their products do, and they’re saying that it’s for all skin types and it’s says red algae yeah which it’s some kind of a I’m not sure but I want to say that it’s kind some kind of seaweed and it has all these natural healing and natural it use a really good things for your skin and I can feel that right now I do feel like my skin was treated treated actually because I want to see that it feels really nice afterwards my skin feels really smooth it doesn’t have any oils on it I mean I woke up recently and usually when I wake up I have a ton of oils on my skin and that didn’t happened after I wash my face and it’s not like normal soaps that I use. it’s not the same feel. it actually feels great. I mean my entire skin looks amazing. so I didn’t take before and after pictures, because I was with you guys but it feels amazing I think I’m going to use that as they say for four weeks and if I feel the difference after one time what would happen after four weeks which I need to do daily I can use the soap every single time I wash my face which is they recommend one or two times a day and the mask is one to two times a week so that’s not every day but the gel and use every day so I’m going to wash my face every day with this soap and to follow that with the mask, sorry the gel and the only bad thing I need to say about this product is that I feel like the box to big, but I really like this product so if they need to put this in a secure place which is good but it feels like a little bit too statius I like the the envelope and for overall that’s a really good product so I would recommend it and that’s it have a nice day and a really clean and healthy in products that’s the best thing that I can say to you guys and that’s it so have a nice day

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