hello!! can you see the difference between two hands do you want to know the reason then keep watching till the end. so to make the pack first you need the rice flour about 1 tablespoon. it is very beneficial for your flawless skin and also soothes sunburns and prevent the skin from sun tan, the pimples and age spots. add two teaspoons of raw milk it makes the facial skin more elastic than before and moisturized skin for all seasons.. to get rid of acne or pimples you do not need harsh chemicals. Baking soda will do the work easily. it helps balance the skin’s pH which helps reduce the occurrence of skin breakouts oranges have a high content of citric acid. which is effective in drying away acne it helps to excess dirt removes bacteria and block your skin pores. take two segments of orange and squeeze the juice into the mixture honey is naturally antibacterial so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention it is full of antioxidants so great for slowing down aging. it is extremely moisturizing and soothing so it helps create a glow mix 1 teaspoon of honey into the pack now mix the ingredients properly turmeric is an inexpensive and natural way of treating several skin problems and getting a flawless skin. it is effective in treating skin conditions like poison ivy eczema and reduced the redness and inflammation. all the ingredients should be mixed rightly to get the premium effect now your homemade face pack is ready to use. apply the mixture all over your face and massage it gently for three to four minutes. it will brighten your dull skin and rejuvenate your skin with refreshing and hydrating honey and the orange juice will make your skin free from dark spots dead cells and pores. now wait for 10 to 15 minutes until the pack is dry. now take a glass of warm water and make sure the water is warm enough to wash your skin rightly. wash your skin properly and gently take your time and make sure that it is cleaned so well. cleansing is a part of skin care which should be done at least twice in a week to keep the skin free from dirt and dead cells now see the result you have to do it at least twice a week to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. if you liked the video then share it with your friends and let them know the tips for getting the beautiful skin naturally and don’t forget to subscribe this channel to get more tips on natural beauty… thank you!!

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