Skin Care Advice : How to Remove the Redness of a Pimple

Hi, I’m Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin,
Texas. A question I get a lot is “how do I reduce the redness of a pimple”? It’s pretty
simple and I’m going to demonstrate on Elaine, who has no pimples. We’re going to do this
in three steps, the first one is we’re going to reduce the swelling with ice. We’re just
going to take the ice and put it right on the pimple, right on the acne, right on the
breakout, rub it around, not too hard. Your skin will start getting numb but it’s going
to reduce the swelling, reducing the swelling is going to really help with the redness.
The second thing I’m going to recommend to you is that you get a little honey, honey
on a Q-tip or honey on your finger. We’re just going to put it in the same spot but
honey’s going to act as a natural antibiotic and it’s going to dry out some of those impurities
and begin the process of healing it. So, five or ten minutes, wipe it off, rinse it off,
wash it off. Benzoyl Peroxide is something I always recommend for breakouts, it really
does help dry out the surface of that breakout. This is called Redness Solutions from Clinique,
I don’t endorse a whole lot of products but this is a great product for those of you who
are acne prone. So, just get a little dab, just a tiny dab on dry skin, we’re just going
to dab it on. The cream is the opposite end of the spectrum, the color spectrum from red,
so what it does is it evens out the tone. See how white we’ve gotten? Elaina doesn’t
have really any red underneath but it’s amazing, that stuff, it’s great and then just use a
little concealer over the top, just use your concealer. Actually, I want you to use it
on your finger and then on the top. Anything that you put directly on your skin is going
to get bacteria on it and if you put it back on your skin, you’re transferring the bacteria
back to your skin, so always use your finger, wash your hands a lot when you have acne.
Then you want to follow it up with your foundation and your powder and you should see a real
big reduction in the redness of your acne.

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