Skin Care Advice : How to Quickly Dry Up Acne

Hi, I’m Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin
Texas. Let’s talk about how to quickly dry up acne. So you have some acne on the surface
of your skin, your skins reacting and has oil on the surface, your pores are clogged
and you’re having a break out. There’s no real way to do it quickly. But the key’s to
managing acne is keeping your skin clean, exfoliating and masking. So those are the
keys but if you want to just do it quickly what we’re going to do is get a great toner
for oily skin. I recommend something that; a toner that doesn’t have alcohol because
alcohol help, creates additional production of oil because it compensates. So clean your
skin with your oily skin cleanser. Use your toner over the top. Dry that up a little bit.
Now Benzoyl peroxide which you all know is Clearasil or any other of those other products
are really effective in drying up acne. So we’re going to clean our skin. We’re going
to just spread the benzoyl peroxide product on your skin. Twice a day, o.k. Also I’m going
to recommend that you use a clay mask once or twice a week. The clay mask is going to
draw the dirt and oils out of the surface of your skin, and help to reduce that acne.
So that’s how you quickly dry up acne.

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