Shelby has TWO more Lumps | Shelby the Husky after Surgery at the vet

Well guys, this is probably not how you want
to start another video on this channel. But, were on our way to the vet with Shelby,
as we found two (2) more little lumps on her leg. The vet said, “Let’s remove em!” So, she’s got two (2) little lumps.
One there on front leg and one on other front leg. You can barely see it,
when they shave it. So, were on our way to the vet, to go and have
them removed and sent out for testing. Shelby’s like, “I’m not happy!” Shelby’s on the cool new table. She’s all sleepy! Where back with Shelby! We brought her back! Memphis is like, “Whoa! You smell like…” “Smells like the vet’s office!” “Shelby smells like the vet’s office?” Shelby’s like, “Please, get off my face!” “Get off my face!” And we are home from the vet’s office. So, once again and just like the previous
three (3) small lump procedures that Shelby has already done, this was done
just under the ‘Twighlight’. She was not fully under, which means she
was pretty awake. What? I started talking and now, you want to talk too?
(whines) Is that how it works?
You tend to do that a lot. Don’t you? She’s very sleepy and she is definitively
very drugged up. (whines) What? You don’t want me to
tell them what’s going on? She has stitches in this foot
and stitches in that foot. That’s why, she has wraps on both feet.
They said that because of where they are at, we can unrap them once a day and leave them
open for a little bit and then re-wrap then so, that she doesn’t lick it, because it’s really hard
spot to not get licked. Were hoping the stitches can come out
in ten (10) days. What?
(whines) I know! It sucks!
I told you, drugs are bad! They don’t make you feel good!
That’s for sure! They might make you feel good for a bit,
then this happens and you are like, “This is not fun at all!” “This is not my idea of a good time!” Basically, were just taking it easy today,
kind of relaxing. The other dogs are really concerned
about what’s going on as usual. What? You are so cute!
(whines) Memphis is giving you kisses! Are you giving her kisses, Memphis? Memphis is like, “I’ll give you lots of love!” “Lots of love! Lots of love!” Yeah! Lots of love! (howling) Yeah? She’ll sing with you!
(howling) That made you feel better? Sometimes, you get that mode
where you have to let it out of your system. Huh? Anyways, you got a cancer tumor
removed and it was malignant and a rare type of tumors and everytime, we find
lumps on Shelby, we go and have them biopsied and if the vet determines,
we need them removed, we have them removed. So, that’s what we did today.
We went and had two (2) more removed. This will now, be the seventh (7th)
lump she had removed. Thankfully, so far one (1) of the seven (7)
was actualy cancer. You are just cracking me up!
(whines) You’ve been quiet for like, two (2) hours
and that’s why I thought to do this now. But, you just don’t want me to talk, do you?
You’re so silly! Like, “Mom! Stop talking!”
“Start scratching!” Look! Her fur hasn’t even grow back all the way
there, from where she had the lumps removed. Your fur hasn’t even grow
back right here! Has it? Anyway, we told you guys we will update you
whenever these things would happen. and will let you know what’s going on,
so that’s what it is. An update video letting you know,
what’s happening. If you guys want to follow up more
on what’s going on, with Shelby. We do videos more often over at So you can see more of our day by day
progress on what’s happening. Hi, up closer Memphis!
Oh look! Hi Miss Oakley! You want to make an appearance? She’s like, “Hey guys! I was napping!”
“Would like to make an appearance!” Alright you guys! Thank you once again, a lot of you guys
already saw some of this information on Twitter. Also on our Instagram and Facebook.
Thank you so much for sending all the love and support. Also on our ‘Pawdience Group’ on Facebook.
There’s links to all of those, down below, in the video description below. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for all
the love, prayers and well wishes for Miss Shelby. Hoping that these two (2) lumps comes back as benign.
As soon as we find out, will let you guys know. Alright you guys… As always, if you are new to this channel
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We will see you again soon! Want to say “bye’ to everybody? She’s like, “Oakley is sniffing me!”
“I don’t know how I feel about that!” Just lay back down and take a nap!
That’s what you are doing when I start this, and you are just fine!
Then, I start talking and you are like, “Stop talking!” Take a nap honey!
Take a nap! Sleep it off!

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