hi everyone welcome back to
my channel if you’re new hello it’s me my name is Christine and today I’m gonna
do a recreation of a Shay Mitchell makeup look I’ve been told a couple
times that I look like her and I’m like do you see do you see my face lately
I’ve been doing nothing but look books and styling video so I thought it’d be
fun to sit down with you guys hang out and recreate a fun makeup look I have a
lot of new makeup goodies here and a lot of things that I’ve been showing you
guys kind of like on my Instagram stories but if you guys don’t follow me
on Instagram yeah I will go ahead and link my socials down below but I am much
more active on Instagram that is like where I am when I’m not posting on
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if you haven’t already and a little nerf get your thought and without further ado
let’s go ahead and get to the video first off I want to show my skin some
lovin I lately tried out a little contour stick from Rimmel and it broke
me out so bad so I feel like my skin is still recovering for that and I’m gonna
be going in with this Adam for a smoke sheet mask and this was gifted to me I
haven’t tried any of their masks yet so I’m excited to try this out okay so now
that I’ve left the mask on for an hour I’m just kidding it’s only been like 20
minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and take it off oh my god my skin feels amazing
do you see this plumpness we’re gonna go ahead and finish up the skin properly
quick so I have here the urna la Sol multitask eye gel cream and look at this
applicator so you push it here and product comes out and then you just Pat
it into your under eye area but I feel like this packaging is genius is so
convenient and easy to use and I also feel like the eye cream itself is very
very hydrating I’m gonna go ahead and and breeze through my brow I’m gonna be
using the benefit brow pomade and number 6 and then this little brush that’s also
from benefit I like using the brush because I feel like it gives me more
control okay brows are done they turned out so
good today I put a little concealer underneath because usually when I want
like a really clean looking brow I’ll go for that don’t do that all the time but
special occasions and the next we’re gonna go in with the first aid Beauty
coconut skin smoothing priming moisturizer okay it contains coconut
fruit extract and coconut oil normally breaks me out but I’ve heard such good
things about this and the texture actually looks really really nice so I’m
just gonna go ahead and try it out and hopefully it doesn’t break me out I’m
going to Sephora this weekend I’m actually leaving tomorrow to my hotel
and it’s a Friday Saturday Sunday event and I’m so excited there’s a lot of the
brand people that I’m like good friends with that are flying in from New York so
I’m excited to see everybody also this primer feels incredible it almost feels
like a really lightweight moisturizer I’m trying out a new eyeshadow palette
and I don’t know how much fallout is gonna happen so I don’t want to risk
ruining my base makeup okay so I want to go for something like that and Shay
Mitchell just look absolutely stunning I love the way that her eyes look here so
I want to recreate something like that I’m gonna be using this new eyeshadow
palette I’m so excited this is the naked reloaded palette and the colors in here
are stunning also this is not an ad but I thought I would go ahead and whip out
all of my lucky brushes these brushes are some of my favorites they are so
high-quality so afford one she makes them really good like tiny little detail
brushes I do have a discount code I’ll go ahead and leave it down below I
believe it is like christine 20 or something like that so we’ll go in first
where the subject prime Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion I’m doing kind
of a cut crease look so I want all the shadows to be super vibrant I’m gonna go
in with this big brush this is the luxe e250 large eye blending brush and this
one has like a fat brushing in so that will just help us to blow out a crease
color so I’m going to mix the two of these together so first I’m just padding
to distribute all the powder this is padding okay it already looks like kind
of and then I’m gonna go ahead and buff
okay so that is really nicely buffed out and next I’m gonna go in with we’ll mix
these two because the dark brown I think might be too intense and by the way I’m
using the lux e 235 blending brush then going in with that fluffier brush that
we use at the beginning I’m going back to the picture and as you can see her
cut crease that dark color comes pretty far in and my darkness doesn’t go in
that for us so I’m actually just gonna go back in with the small brush and they
didn’t pick any more up I’m just gonna do some swiping that’s much better so
now I’m just gonna pick up more of that transition color on that big brush and
help to buff out some of the rough edges this is like outside my comfort zone
okay I’m like I’m like sweating I’m buffing so much and like my armpits are
sweating okay so that is really nice and blended I’m actually gonna go in with a
concealer and cut the crease I’m gonna use this L’Oreal infallible full wear
concealer this is what I used to I’m gonna trim my brows but to cut out my
brows and I have been really enjoying this my scrunchie fell out hold please
okay I’m gonna use this luck C precision crease brush the way that my crease is
set up like I do not have a decrease at all and so I don’t want to go too high
because I have tried this before and it does look really funny I’m gonna look up
to see kind of like how high I want to take it and I don’t want to take it much
higher than that because honestly my crease is so tiny doing like stamping
motions I’m not doing a drag but I just find that is easier to get a good shape
by doing a little like tapping I’m actually going to use my finger right
here to blend out it does look really crazy right now but
once I throw on the lashes and finish up the liner it’s gonna really come
together so I’m gonna curl my lashes really quick do my mascara you guys I’m
going to Maui on Wednesday next week by the time you watch it I think I will
probably be in Bali Ani I feel like I haven’t been on a trip and so long like
I think the last trip I took that was like really exciting was Tokyo back in
January and ever since I went to Japan I’ve been wanting to go back ever since
a brand I want to plan something like that down in the future okay and then I
want to go in with my heroine make curl and volume mascara you guys know I love
this I picked this up when I was in Japan and this is like the best
waterproof mascara ever so I always do one thin coat on my lashes because I
have such straight lashes like as soon as I curl them they look good right now
but in an hour if I put on mascara they’ll be like stick straight so I have
to put waterproof first and the next I’ll go in with the benefit roller lash
mascara I have been using this and I can’t tell if I like it yet actually I
think I do like that roller lash I feel like it makes my lashes look amazing
next I’m gonna go in with a brown liner I’m gonna use this Ilia lean line gel
liner in the color dusk it looks like Shay has like a dark brown smudge on her
upper lash line so I’m gonna go ahead and smudge that up here just on the
outer edges of my eyes and I like this eyeliner but I feel like you kind of
have to work with it a little bit so we want to do it kind of thick and then
I’ll smudge it out going in with a Lexi small angle to 15 brush just like that and you can see how much
of a difference it makes by having like a little bit of a liner so I’m just
gonna do the same to the other shave looks like she has a black liner on her
waterline so I’m gonna go ahead and use this pixie and the silky i pen and that
is a perfect name this eyeliner is like one of my favorites of all time you go
and buy another wrench I’m just gonna line my waterline up here it really
helps to fill in the lashes and make my lashes look a little bit fuller add a
tiny bit of drama so I think I do want to do lashes just because the eyeliner
kind of makes my lashes look super nubby so I’m gonna go in with these Velux II
lashes I use this in my chatty get ready with me and I am still loving these
lashes I have a discount code for you guys I’ll leave it down below and these
are in the style Lucy and they are just absolutely gorgeous
okay so lashes are on and I feel like that was the perfect finishing touch now
the eyes look much more pulled together I did forget to put a color on my lids
and it looks like she just has matte color on her lid so I think I might go
in with this color right here this is blur I’m just gonna use this little itty
bitty you can use like a flat brush but I’m just gonna use this one this is the
mini round brush and then I like that these are small because it gives you
that precision so now that that is all done let’s move on to the face makeup
did go in with this DHC velvet skin coat and I still have to play around with
this because I think it does pull up on my skin sometimes it really does look
like velvet and it does a good job of kind of blurring and filling out my
pores I really liked that coconut skin primer that we went in with at the
beginning I feel like it made my skin look so glossy for the foundation I’m
gonna go in with this Kogan doe aqua foundation in the color 143 this is a
little bit light for me right now so I’m gonna go in with a little bit of a
mixture of this is the drunk elephant D bronzy sunshine dropped and these are
really great for kind of darkening any foundations that is too light for me so
I’m just gonna do a pump of that and then we’re gonna mix the two together
and make a little skin cocktail if you will I receive these artiste brushes and
these are bougie okay there is so wait to them and the brush heads
are so thick I recently saw this ad where they use this one brush and
smeared like a single drop of foundation to fill this entire circle and they
compared it to like a brush and a sponge and the two of them looked so mediocre
compared to how the artiste brush works so we’re gonna try that out and just do
like let’s do it okay whoa I feel like that does cover a lot and it doesn’t
soak up the product cuz the brush is so dense Wow I really like this wow I feel
like that blended out so quickly oh my gosh I love that
second of all this foundation looks amazing I have been really enjoying that
coconut foundation but if you need something with coverage that foundation
is like very light to medium coverage but the way that it makes my skin look
it’s a incomparable like it just makes my skin looks so dreamy when we actually
just wipe off foundation and I’m gonna go in with this bite agave lip balm this
lip balm is good but I don’t know if it’s like worth the money you know like
it’s really thick but I don’t know if it does too much to my lips so next we’re
gonna go in with that Laurie oh and file book full wear concealer that we use to
kind of crease have it here in the color 385 and I feel like it’s my perfect skin
tone and then next I’m going in with the spicy choco sponge and I have been
really enjoying their sponges and their brushes so we’re just gonna blend that
out this concealer by the way I have been loving because the look awful
coverage it is it gives you really good coverage blends out easily you have a
big color selection and at photographs really well so I think that it’s like
one of my favorite drugstore concealers at the moment the other two brushes are
in the RT set like this one is one of them and I don’t really know what to do
with this shape so I think I’m gonna use it as eye concealer brush and blend out
my concealer I don’t know this one just feels kind of
I think the foundation brush is definitely worth the money but this one
is more so like I don’t really know what to do with it this weekend will be
really fun my girlfriend sits flying in from Seattle not for Sephora but for a
different reason so it’d be really fun to hang out with her because I haven’t
seen her and hung out with her in like months I still haven’t met a friend here
in LA that like compares to said like literally we stayed up until like
midnight talking last night I was like I miss you so much and she was like I miss
you too so our bond is like irreplaceable so I’m so excited to see
her but next I’m going in with this it cosmetics bye bye pores translucent
powder I still have to test this one out more but so far I think I do really like
it see I think that powder does something weird it almost makes my under
eyes look darker so I don’t know I have to play around that more and there haha
don’t do that Shay Mitchell that you so the reason why I actually don’t like
doing my brow down to the very end is because I always get translucent powder
everywhere including in my thrill apparently Brandon is trying to rush me
out the door so I’m gonna try to be quick next I’m using the Maybelline fit
me press powder 310 and just gonna dust that all over my face so next I’m going
to bronze up the face and we’re using the butter bronzer in deep and then I’m
using this Lexie large angled brush and Shay is nice and bronzy so we kind of
want to imitate that glow and I like that this brush is so small because I
feel like I get a really precise application I love this bronzer I feel
like it’s a perfect color for my skin tone and it blends so easily it’s
definitely the best drugstore bronzer that I’ve ever tried ever so you need
using this one 8 to brand this is my favorite nose contour brush of all time
this is like 100% why my nose contour always turns out so nice I’m just gonna
Pat that there and if you guys want a more like in-depth video like how I
contour my nose let me know because it took me a long time to learn go in with
this tiny little Lexi brush and I’m gonna use this Stila highlighter in the
color kit in how gorgeous it is down the future my nose actually gonna
pick a little bit more I put in my inner corners and then finishing up with the
face with this color pop blush and this is a kathleenlights collab get what it’s
called I’ll link it down below using a Lexi large angled brush this is
the same brush that we use for bronzer and my nose still looks a little bit
gritty so one trick that I will do is I will pick up a little bit of translucent
powder on my sponge I’m just gonna carve out really quick and I’m just gonna let
it sit like that for a second while I do my lips colour-pop lippie pencil in BFF
and then using the Hooda Beauty liquid matte in trendsetter and then I’m just
gonna brush that away with a foundation brush and then setting my brows with the
Maybelline tattoo studio brow gel and then setting the rest of my face with
the Urban Decay all nighter spray we want to make the face look less power to
me okay so I quickly change and I think the lip color is a little bit too dark
so I wanted to bring some options and I have here color pop I don’t even
remember what this is called I’m pretty sure it’s magic wand and I’m just gonna
put a little bit on the center of my lips oh yeah and that is the finished
look you guys I hope you enjoyed I love the way that this look came out I feel
like it’s gonna be my new go-to glam because I love the way that the eyes
look that is all I hope you all enjoyed if you did make sure you give the video
a big thumbs up let me know down below if you have any specific requests or any
type of looks that you guys want me to do guys it thank you so much for
watching and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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