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Let’s discuss rosacea, redness and
sensitive skin. A lot of people suffer from the chronic inflammatory condition
called rosacea and that’s a condition whereby the blood vessels are
permanently dilated. You can experience red flushing and in more advanced cases,
you can experience acne rosacea with with fluid filled pustules on the face
and even it can go to the nose with rhinophyma, with an enlarged nose and even the
eyes. It isn’t curable, but again it is controllable which is really important.
So rosacea is a condition that you can you can actually alleviate with better
forms of food. Not having spicy food obviously, not drinking too much red wine
or white wine, or high levels of alcohol but also minimizing overheating with
exercise. What can we do though in regards to skincare. The key with rosacea
and any inflammatory skin disorder, whether it be eczema, dermatitis,
psoriasis or even general inflamed skin is to minimise irritation
and inflammation. Every underlying negative skin concern comes down to one common cause and that’s inflammation. So we need to minimise the inflammatory
markers in the skin. So we don’t want ingredients that are going to make the
skin feel irritated or inflamed. So we really need to avoid acidic products
like alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy. Although beta hydroxy or salicylic at
very low levels is okay, but not at high levels and we need to have ingredients
that nurture, calm and heal the skin. The hero ingredient for redness and
irritation in the Synergie range is DermaCalm lotion. Now this is a
calming lotion with a multitude of active ingredients designed at
minimising irritation and inflammation. You’ve got your Telangyn™, which is a
peptide which reduces redness and stinging and reduces the appearance of
the fine visible blood vessels. You’ve got Delisens™ which is another peptide,
which actually reduces the stinging sensation. You’ve also got the phycosaccharide which helps to repair the skin and most irritated, inflamed
skin has a very compromised surface which is often flaky and red. You’ve also got your Canadian willow herb, Alpha Bisabolol, aloe vera, beta
glucan and colloidal oatmeal. All these ingredients calm, soothe, nurture and nourish the skin. I don’t even add essential oils to DermaCalm. I love formulating with
essential oils and I don’t use artificial fragrance, however some people
with highly sensitive skin can be susceptible to essential oils. So this
has got a lovely oaty sort of smell. It’s a beautiful, nurturing moisturiser. If you are using it during the day and you choose not to use ÜberZinc as
your moisturizer, do use a high level mineral makeup like the Synergie Minerals with the fifty percent sunscreen built into it. Otherwise using ÜberZinc, zinc
oxide is a natural anti-inflammatory with twenty-one percent. It’s going to
bring down the inflammation, the redness of the skin and that’s your day
moisturizer and sunprotector in one. You can exfoliate when you’ve got
sensitive skin and even rosacea and if you are, you need to use Luciderm, you
don’t need a scrub. You don’t want to use a scrub, it’ll be too invasive, and too
abrasive. Obviously you don’t want to use acids, but Luciderm works on a
different level. It’s one hundred percent acid free and it will help to loosen the
dead skin and give you that luminosity and that that lovely clear appearance of
the skin. Again Vitamin B is a lovely, lovely ingredient. It actually reduces
inflammation, it increases the integrity the skin, makes it stronger, increases the
immunity of the skin, so it’s a perfect ingredient Niacinamide for inflammatory
skin conditions. So if you have rosacea, inflammation, irritation, I would
recommend you use BioCleanse as your cleanser. UltraCleanse maybe a little
bit too high in foaming agents, so BioCleanse morning and night. Your go-to
serum will be vitamin B, I would even use that morning and night. If you can use
vitamin A that would be great. Some people just like to use the B though and
keep it simple. Then your day night moisturiser can be DermaCalm. If you’re
using it during the day, you need to put a sunscreen over the top. Of course
if you do need to exfoliate, you can use Luciderm as your serum, maybe you can use vitamin B at night and Luciderm during the day. So serums during the day,
morning and night and moisturiser DermaCalm, you can use that morning and night.
Remember the key with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, any form of
inflammation is to work on the reason the skin is inflamed. Look at diet, look
at lifestyle and look at topicals that minimises the appearance of inflamed skin.

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  • The worst product for face. It will damage it in just one application.
    Why? Because contain Algae extract!!!
    This is like acetone like and comedogenic as well. Stay away from irritating contact dermatitis products. This is a message from the best beauty advisor on the planet earth.

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