Self Imposed Exile

listen to this guy’s spiel we’re on the
grassy knoll downtown Dallas Dealey Plaza There it is, on location transcripts Artie and another man
possibly make sweaters question for you if Oswald truly was the
mom anything truly was in that window why wouldn’t he take the shot as the
motorcade is coming that was seen to be easiest it’s coming right toward home
it’s there’s nothing blocking basically the same height it’s not Lois feet why
not this is these shop there on uses a nice flash so the idea of also doesn’t
make any sense House representatives say the shooter at
the down fixing the grass those guys starting to do to set apart a
gross way go away make the turn the president
comes under privacy service to try to get out of here as fast as possible
fastest way out is straight down industry they’re not gonna try to jump
the curb they’ve added an inch the hands last fall on me I’ll shoot over the
years to cover up the combos so the curbs are that much taller then than
they are now and this is a luxury car long legs try to jump the curb you gotta
slow down you might good ha top so they know the ones who makes the turn he’s
dead it’s a classic l-shaped military ambush
and these guys are what they do basic training partnership has my gym
clothes let me kick him out of the Marines all the time he was a very had
never tried to raise his skull everyone or JFK never died in the first place did you see the zubru to film there’s a
there’s a cut where the sign the green sign from this new crudo film is cut
right yeah so this is a stage it has been argued by John Costello PhD
that the Stemmons freeway sign which passes in front of the limousine has
been fabricated his detailed analysis shows how the sign does not exhibit the
same lens distortion or align in perspective with other objects in the
scene if the sign were a separate layer on top of the limousine this would be
the perfect way to cover the change between real and retimed footage we also
see Mary Moorman standing with her friend in the red coat clearly on the
lawn when according to her testimony she stepped forward onto the street when she
took her picture as Kennedy was shot if the lawn footage has been retimed we
may actually be seeing an earlier moment before she stepped forward another
unsettling aspect to the bystanders is their unusually large size in relation
to their distance from the limousine and its occupants as if the entire
background had been blown up this again supports the theory that the background
layer has been resized separately as the car passes the last couple on the lawn
the man’s legs go from a position of standing feet together to standing wide
apart in one frame that’s an 18th of a second which is a near physical
impossibility not to mention strange it is however the
logical point to cut from the retimed background back to real footage as the
car speeds away here’s an example of bystanders showing
motion blur notice their shadows on the lawn are also blurry as they naturally
would be however just a few frames later we see this the bystanders are even more
blurred yet their shadows are impossibly sharp this is a clear example of
retouching and further proof that the background has been altered
although the lamppost passes in front of the limousine it exhibits no movement in
relation to the far background as it should being an object much closer in
three-dimensional space to the panning camera it also displays an odd blurred
extension on its lower left side where it passes in front of the limousine
giving the lamppost and artificial cutout appearance this further supports
the theory that the limousine layer has been separated from the background long
therefore the lamppost would need to be cut out as well to overlay the limousine inconsistencies regarding the actions of
the people in the limousine have been a point of discussion among researchers
for example the driver turns his head twice to look behind and then forward
faster than physically possible which seems to indicate removed frames the
head turns correspond to two points at which the passengers lurch forward as if
the car has braked suddenly although the car shows only gradual slowing compared
to the background the second of these brakes seems to be strong enough to
throw Connolly and his wife completely to the floor of the car and the driver
and front-passenger forward as well these examples alone point to
significant retiming of the limousine speed the sprocket hole area on the left
side of the frame reveals an interesting clue when the motorcycle officer
momentarily pulls up from behind the limousine at the same time
the second passenger lurch this seems to indicate either the motorcycle suddenly
sped up or more likely the limousine suddenly braked and the officer was not
prepared for it and braked later having the effect of pulling up alongside the
limousine yet the film does not seem to show the limousine slowing or stopping
again supporting the theory that the timing has been altered this brings us
to our final question why would someone do this as mentioned before the
passengers in the limousine lunged forward at one point as if the car has
braked suddenly many witnesses at the time testified that they saw the
limousine slowed or stopped at the time Kennedy received the fatal head shot
imagine the outcome of the Warren Commission investigation if they had
seen a film in 1963 showing the Secret Service driver bringing the presidential
limousine to a complete stop after shots had been fired to allow the assassin a
clear unmoving target for the fatal head shot who would they investigate then a
lone gunman we began this presentation asking the question does the saputo film
today accurately represent the true events of November 22nd 1963
our answer why couldn’t it be a stage like in lieu of Hollywood movies who
watch and why JFK went off to the beach for
the rest of his life who knows but why isn’t that not a possibility why would a guy who family and power and
spent his whole life trying to get his son don’t like to do the highest office
in the land just put the presidency under a roof I
don’t know I wasn’t there so I can’t verify whether that happened or not okay
so to believe government narrative probably well this is government
narrative right here he’s got an elaborate setup pushing conspiracy
government narrative no yeah I mean it is evidence do you think please send up the page but
there was a pretty first time they examine the rifle they destroyed a
grandson they had a salmon of the second time Janet mr. tested but the mailing cooker comment they
found up there well that came later and there you have it good for him he’s here
he’s helping loving conspiracy minded people with God but this is where it’s
at folks right here flattery not JFK Oh obey your government deity give them
your dudes they love you they would never love you where everything revolves
around the Sun but No
hey can I show you real quick check this out what if that saw the Sun in the
moon’s moved around the earth no greater this is not to scale this is just so the
north poles in the center and the moon and the Sun have a relationship with
each other and also the North Pole and it’s all about perspective the Sun in
the moon are just traveling further away from your perspective here on the ground
just like a car travels further away from someone think about right every
country and there’s a lot of water right here right who knows have you ever been
there before have you ever been no I haven’t so how do you know that this is
water what if there’s have another continent
there the size of Africa and you’re not allowed to go beyond this 60th parallel
cell so all this is clinics worldwide by the government since 1959
it’s not even questionable into 2048 we’re not even a lot to question mom we
can’t go out there until 2048 it’s crazy yeah so you know and this is where the
Sun is right now look away their local time this is an app that you can get
till the Flat Earth zodiac map so welcome when they go in this space I dunno what you’re talking about
the CGI men yeah the ISS any imagery from outer space
it’s 100% CGI top every picture look it up yourself they even say this is an
artist’s rendition just not real man so we’re here more contains yeah think
about it yeah you’re welcome hey it’s a beautiful day Oh excellent I should do
you have a more amazing huh yeah excellent I know it water over somebody this guy’s handing on Kennedy newspapers
I already talked to this guy right here he’s doing the old JFK thing he doesn’t
care I bet I made English people come here
yeah we have a ton of mo’ne people somehow we don’t care if I will show you
a bit less the big people don’t have – yeah good how are you big group leading
the parade yeah well I’m assisting for sure what’s
going on in a selfie harness yeah I think I go hands-free when you do this
full-time yeah well when you do a full-time you
know there’s Jaron yeah we’re all ready to go there you go
right now we’re gonna go to the game tonight
might yeah Dallas game is tonight just do this here look at this can you speak
sign language yeah exactly no I’m just recording so many cooks in
the kitchen I’m gonna go up here for a minute how you doing what’s your shirt mean huh
what’s your shirt mean cultural vegetable okay what are the hands by the
hands mean they’re the whole world is the earth a ball floating in outer space no what do you think why I feel like it
could be a level non rotating plane have you ever looked into Flat Earth before you believe it’s wet I have a pretty
good idea that water right there lays level and flat no matter how far and
distance it is it lays when a water is contained it will always lay level and
flat at no point will it curve to make a ball cuz you have to have curvature to
have a ball right yeah what if they just look like this for example what is that music waiting lady you’re seeing this
before here Flat Earth starting the moon moving around a flat level plane not
today when when will you continue to push truth off to the side you know well
I mean there are things that are real there’s objective reality and I just
consider you know checking it out sometime you don’t every time yeah
thanks a lot it’s a good conversation starter right so what if that water
right there was contained and it continued to go on is good too right but
what if we continue to go on for 200 miles does water bend to make a sphere
then because water has to bend to make your ball earth that people believe in
right so you know something think about take care so would you this shirt on
line you just like the type in like earth shirt or something like that yeah
world shirt thanks sorry yeah it’s really fun you
know where and trusting whenever you do it won’t I go to a festival
now these countries participate you got welcome Africa Yeah right sure yeah you
should just google it you know world shirt something like that you can pick
it up so all right tell us take care of yourselves yeah thanks a lot man whoo
Jehovah Witnesses I did I had a question I could probably
answer your question in Exodus 3 it says that Jehovah is I am right God says I am
tell them I am Who I am right yeah-hoo yeah-hoo do i do I say you are
and he says I am right and then in John 8 Jesus says before Abraham was I am it makes sense that’s how you know Jesus
has got yeah but I think they might not oh yeah so you might want to teri yaadon
we want to cheer you on yeah carry on
sorry interrupt say did you know in Genesis 1 it talks about a firmament
firmament the firmament that encase since Sun and the moon and then in later
on in the same chapter it talks about how he made a greater light for the day
and a lesser light for the night which would imply that the Sun creates it so
light and the moon creates its own light ok and so the firmament would be what we
see up above us and you can’t have two gas pressure systems next to each other
without a solid barrier so you can have a zero pressure which is
outer space and our pressure system which is fourteen point six psi next to
each other without at least some kind of entropy happening you know so like it’s
kind of like when you pop your tire on or a balloon the air from the outside
exterior rushes in right so how is it that human beings can go to outer space
there has to be a solid barrier between our atmosphere and outer space well you
don’t have to be we’re humans and he made the earth and creation very simple
just like water how it lays level and flat you know there’s no curvature
because they have curvature you have to have a ball right and so if there’s no
measured curvature over fifty miles like for example if you’re coming up on the
Statue of Liberty which is four hundred feet tall and you’re sixty miles away
there should be two thousand feet of curvature drop which means when you’re
traveling further away from the Statue of Liberty it should be below the
curvature but we can still see it so how can be a ball if we can continue to see
things from a distance it’s something to think about I got a youtube channel here
and maybe you’d be interested in checking it out sometime yeah oh thanks
yeah it is kind of a jacket cuz it’s a bit cold out but yeah thanks a lot the
Google like Earth shirt or wool shirt you can get one of these yeah it’s real
simple but yeah take care bye here’s everybody got them all lined up I felt like there
were too many cooks in the kitchen so I figured I’d venture up here hey y’all what are you up to today revival based issues if you divide one
okay right on does it ever cover how the earth is flat
non-rotating and level immovable built on foundations and not a ball in outer
space it doesn’t why is that it doesn’t could
you point me to two verses that the Bible teaches the earth is a ball
floating on the bending of space-time oh it doesn’t say spear it says round Oh a
Penny’s round a pizzas rounds so have you ever seen the earth like this before
once you see this you can’t unsee how the Sun and the moon move across a flat
level plane they have a relationship with the North Pole Waterlase level and
flat to have a ball you have to have curvature Waterlase level and flat in
all directions at all measurements and to base your assumptions on the earth
being of all is again another religion called scientism so it’s just something
to consider okay sure it doesn’t say it’s
your circle of the earth yeah definitely not private but a circle is this this is
a circle it’s flat your Bible which Bible do you read
I really interesting which religion is that again okay is that different from
like following Jesus Christ it is Christianity is hmm interesting
okay well take care of yourselves hi you too bye what’s up too many cooks in the kitchen had to
walk away so I had some I had to hit there whenever I see Jehovah Witnesses
you know got it just talk to him I said to the girl who didn’t say anything the
whole time the girl in the middle over there I was like once you see this you
can’t unsee this gosh you are absolutely right I said what do you get back to do
she said I said well could you like convey how the Bible teaches a ball
earth she says well it says sphere as I felt his round and did we differentiate
between rounds you know and so then I showed her this and I said a pizzas
rounds pennies rounds so you don’t want to press too hard you know otherwise
they yeah yeah that’s how you can do getting back her I just wanted to check
on the dog okay yeah it looks like it yeah for listening uh I I just it’s so
great to have so many people together and just have such passion and what a
fertile ground – like the JFK stuff you know you probably wish to get smart
enough to think about places that involve a conspiracy like yeah and then
make that the right people will listen to you for a minute yeah they might yeah
sure thank you so if you can okay then you go right oh yeah right
got a parlay it into yeah the money and the fake wars and be like well what if
he’s not dead what if he didn’t die yeah yeah that’s
an interesting that’s always fun to say because they can’t prove either way you
know like yeah right like that guy who has that whole set up down there yeah
did you talk to him or listen to his spiel for a couple minutes well now you can walk down here and a
group a group of flatty’s you’re not by yourself a conspiracy tour you need some people saying that compliment on these all-time
conversations film I’ve been kicked in the shin well your indie conspiracies
why would you not be into this right I mean what better place to talk about
Flat Earth JFK was a dummy in the car as unreal JFK it was a it was a dummy in the car
and was it real don’t believe that he said not real hey fellas what if it was a dummy in the
car and it wasn’t real yeah were you there yeah I wasn’t there
either and I’m 39 almost so set up across your mind that it was just setup
to make you think that it was a conspiracy in the first place
is that possible is it possible the earth is flat and not a ball in outer
space I disagree with you on that one sir interesting so you book you you
believe that JFK was assassinated by some lone gunman but why do you have two
proofs that the earth is a ball satellite pictures okay Bill Nye is not
a scientist what if those pictures were CGI’d composites and they weren’t real
and they were all artists representations a pretty good CGI
haven’t they admit they actually admit that they’re yeah exactly their
paintings no I’ll give them credit for everybody take care guys have a good
night I need enjoy I brought in another big just in here just in here what are you
doing I’m standing right next to you all I’m doing that is excellent news it’s
great it is really they went oh my goose oh wow
do you have two proofs you live on a ball bend on the bending of space-time
in outer space I know I got a sequence a lot of homework tonight I do know that
that’s if I don’t do that then I don’t graduate college right she
got a couple so you got to remember and then regurgitate onto a test that’s
right that is that learning well it’s what the professor wants so if you want
to graduate yeah well I mean you know that’s if that’s where you’re at right
now maybe after you yeah well you don’t you can circumnavigate the block and no
it’s flat well I mean just think about it college
might be a seminary school it’s really not man
take care go 80 do it do it by doing something check out on your
free time man think oh well I don’t think so
well thank you all right this is my teacher I think I know there is I don’t
have to think I know okay what is your something citizen man just died five
weeks ago this was one of my teachers there’s something here
folks shot back shot inside of a triangle well with the bolt action well
they asked me with the bolt gun with a bolt with a bolt-action rifle a moving
target if he was a shooter extra self why did it shooting like that can I ask
you a question though oh the gun miner damn well it won’t shoot again can I ask
you a question real quick were you there and watched this all
transpire and everything were you physically here when in 1963 yeah you
were here you’re here the case he kept all the notes both okay so raising your
voice probably doesn’t help your cause but I’m just asking how do you verify
your findings when you were so young and to know a teacher he’s handcuffed the
earth wall uh-huh so you should be Jeff Bezos so so what if what if that was a
CIA agent and they’re just using this when you walk by about gee okay
that’s a business because I loved it did you ever make them work I didn’t notice
my new to serve a kid all I have a big history did you ever make I’m at it did
you ever meet them you walk by no so did you ever meet them what you saying about
did you ever meet them how was that rude it’s a lot it’s critical thinking about
it get shot in the head how do you know it was real you weren’t there Thanks Wow
why do people get so offended when you question government narratives and he’s
saying that that’s a police report on in a newspaper are you a police officer
gave you job hey I’m just standing here go do your job this is free speech –
free speech free speech he why you said what tell me why you so trigger vice
you’re triggered see when you question people who’s narrative is on quicksand
you should probably question his narrative well what are you there when
JFK was shot okay you’re right so that’s why I question it and to accept things
accept things for they are is just not very good logic what I don’t know what
that means maybe you should speak English I don’t
know what that means I don’t know what that means
are you why are you mad I’m questioning your narrative if it was true you
shouldn’t be mad bro murder sin drive away drive away oh I’m light-skinned so I can’t question
narratives I don’t understand that why are you bringing in my color of my skin
he said he you a he actually brought up the color of my skin because I’m
questioning the JFK narrative what does that have to do with anything Wow and there he goes he’s so triggered
he’s got to leave might be you guys want to check something out tonight all right
have a good night when it’s not wash something other than Netflix today okay
check out the Flat Earth that’s how to get his license plate just
in case you know you never know hey that’s a nice camera
is that a p900 is that a p900 what it’s a he’s still
yelling in his car he’s yelling in his car yeah while he’s putting his top up good for him good for him Thanks I know can you believe he’s
brought in the light-skinned thing like he’s got a handicap sticker James like
really why you so mad brah oh yes on a Saturday in the lawn their
picnics just completely annihilate everybody like star dust in the wind there is hope I don’t get a copyright
strike for listening to his music might happen you never know with YouTube handicap sticker too good hand Cassie Herbert where were you I needed you five
minutes ago this guy got Apple absolutely apoplectic when I denied the
JFK narrative he got yeah that’s why he’s leaving as well he’s leaving
because I questioned that he’s like this is my information I got from the police
by alright if he got triggered II he says you better find somebody to F with
I’m like what does that even mean is that English and then he said like it’s
because of my light-skinned or something like that you brought the color of my
skin into me questioning the JFK nerd what does that have to do with anything
just don’t know always has been it’s always a has-been my heels these scooters yeah why not you
know we got we got bars to bar hop Russell that’s how I did a lot of it
okay one kind of my life so we bar hop scooters know sooner or
later you gonna have to breathe into those scooters and know whether you’re
driving intoxicated or not yeah please breathe in to start hey man talk to me what are you what’s
up thank you very much yeah this guy well don’t worry about him that should
not be with you guys because I’m not here to fight with you okay I am talking
to him and he said brought the Messiah and a Savior the Messiah is the truth
Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the life
okay he said the Torah is the truth I said you conversion two things the Torah
speaks about the truth and the Word of God Jesus the person of the Christ is
the truth so you cannot replace the Torah for Christ that’s what he tried to
do he tried to replace the Torah for Christ no honest the truth we cannot
believe that that Cruz is the person of the Christ you know him you shall be set
free and that’s what I was saying to him he doesn’t understand that’s what is
great you can appeal you cannot replace the Messiah for the way the Word of God
is the truth is the Word of God blood is not the ultimate truth the
ultimate truth is the Christ himself so what is what is Grace yeah what is Grace
are we in an era of grace now grace is the Christ Himself is that is
the grace is given to God the best gift that being driven him to mankind is
Christ Jesus is the best gift basically in him was grace he is the grace so it’s
given to us you believe in Jesus what is strange
what is fragrance that means you give something to somebody who doesn’t
deserve okay so we were sinners jeez God the Father gave us we
give us the biscuit Christ who is the truth who was loved he who is the light
and who’s the grace and you accept him you shall be safe if
you refuse health you go to hell and that’s what I was saying this guy trying
to replace the taurah the word there for poor poor christ even the law the law or
the taurah he said the Torah is the truth and I
said no the truth is the person of the Christ even when you read the Old
Testament yeah so when you read that when you read the Old Testament of the
Bible God has told even the Jews that you have distorted the Word of God
because you made your dreams as the Word of God so yes I agree hundred percent
that the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation is that true the true Word of
God but we have to distinguish between the true Word of God it means it’s been
given in truth and the queenly Christ is the person of the Christ is he is the
truth he is the word you write first I won first I won right
cuz what first john one he is the word he in the word and the word is God so
he’s God the Son who’s actually the ultimate the truth that you know him you
another true and it without Jesus you have no truth that’s what I was saying
so how did that like Terry from Flat Earth conversation I’m assuming that you
talked about Flat Earth and all that stuff did it did it go into the Bible
talking about because we’re here about Flat Earth and they’re looking about the
Bible okay so you never even mentioned flatters that all whole time his wife
was booking and then when I said she brought the web facade and I said what’s
what’s Assad it was interesting well she said once and he said we are all
connected to God with what they are with our conscious man but we
there was what I don’t think what he was saying he was saying like well how we
connected to God yeah so in a way I said you can be connected to God through the
Holy Spirit when you accept Jesus as your personal Savior that’s that’s how
the start talking about religion okay Joshua god bless you brother thank
you for being open-minded in nature I admire of this guy’s Rockland
environment but trust me and he talked to me about five years ago probably I
flew over him no no no I’m I breathe until be this kind of power yeah I want
to come out of the TV because of Selassie until you can watch me on TV
until now I preached it worldwide I breach to the Muslims in their own
living room I try to defend the Bible travel safe
take care good buddy you don’t fight he says can I
have another one I said don’t fold it well you just need a look at this right
all right honey I just knew I had to go in and diffuse it I mean it’s getting
rowdy you

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