Scar | The Lion King | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys this is delia, welcome to beautify
and creatify. In today’s video i’ll show you how to
transform yourself into Scar from the Lion king movie. It is a part of disney villains collaboration
i filmed with carol, make sure to check out her video as well for more costume ideas for
upcoming Halloween. i’ll live the link in the description. Let’s get it started. First I applied lash glue where i want to
place a scar wax in order to create a realistic scar for this look. then using modeling wax i glued it on top
of a lash glue by smoothing the edges. i set it in place with my rcma translucent
powder. Next using REN perfect canvas base I primed
my skin. Using orange concealer from the motives correction
quad i applied it on the upper half of my face and all over my cheeks. After that with prestige liquid liner i drew
brows. You’d want to start drawing brows closer
to your nose bridge and then create sharp and high arch, by giving an illusion of angry
arched brows. Using essence smokey eyeliner I applied it
on my lid and lower lash line as a base for motives black eyeshadow that is going to go
on top. then using purple from japonesque palette,
i blended out my crease and lower lash line. next with the brown shade i softened the edges
to create dark smokey eye look. I also added lightest shade on my brow bone
to accentuate the arch of the brow. Using same eyeliner that i used to draw brows
i’m going to draw a winged liner and bring the liner all the way to tear ducts, creating
inner wings. On my waterline i first added nyx eye pencil
in milk to create bright base for motives green eyeshadow in electric. Scars eyes are bright green, so i thought
adding this touch to the look will make the eyes pop up more. I went ahead and added false lashes and mascara
off camera and the eye look is complete. Now i’ll be cleaning the area around my
mouth and under my nose and apply white concealer all the way to the sides of the nostrils. While blending it’s ok if the white concealer
covers some orange, since you can always go back with orange and clean up the mess ups
to create sharper edges. Now let’s set the face. TO set area in orange i used motives eyeshadow
in heat wave. And for the area in white i used lightest
shade from pixi’s original contour book. Going back to my soft smokey liner from essence
i’m drawing the shape of the nose. Make sure to cover the lower part of the nose,
including the nostrils first and then add little more on the sides of nostrils. I also extended the black liner towards my
cupids bow like that to create the illusion of longer nose. I’m setting everything with black shadow
and softening the edges. Now let’s add the straight line on the center
of cupids bow and create thick downward facing line on the top lip. Going back with the same essence eyeliner
i’ll be sketching the facial shape of scar. I kept looking at his photo as a reference. IT’s basically drawing a heart shaped line
on forehead, and dented line on lower half of the cheeks to create illusion of mane. I’m going to blend out the pencil and set
everything with eyeshadow. I’ll also add black eyeshadow on my neck. Again you can always use smaller brushes for
precise application of the shadow to create sharper edges. Now let’s make the mane look little more
realistic by adding small streaks on cheeks and chin. They don’t have to be even, they actually
look more natural if drawn with different lengths and thicknesses. Now i’ll sharpen the white around my nose
and move on to adding the shading effect. using dark cool brown i’ll contour around
the perimeter of the mane, concentrating on cheekbones and forehead. Oh, don’t forget the nose. For the nose i decided to add lighter powder
on the bridge to make it look wider and contoured the sides all the way to my forehead like
so to add to the angry effect of the brows. I decided my Scar needed little highlighter
on the cheeks, so i added it. last but not least, let’s cut the center
of the wax we added in the very beginning of the video to create a scar. I added mix of brown and red shadows around
the cut to add the bruised effect. Then using blood gel I added it to the center
of the cut. Now let your hair down and roar. The scar costume is ready. Hope you enjoyed this video, please give it
a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ll see you in my next video, until then. Stay blessed

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