Scar cover makeup from Hollywood Special Effects

invented by a former Hollywood special
effects makeup artist Dermaflage is the answer to so many
plastic surgeons and dermatologists and consumer requests for a scar
concealment product that works I use Dermaflage everyday to conceal the dog bite scar on my lip I don’t like the way it looks like I
really don’t like the way I feel when people stare I’m tired of telling the story about the
attack Dermaflage helps me feel normal again. Dermaflage was invented in Hollywood to cover recessed skin imperfections on the stars and now we
can use it to great for all kinds of scars doctors
recommend Dermaflage as something better than make up when scars disappear self confidence
returns and you feel like yourself again no needles and no waiting for weeks for
results that never come Dermaflage hides scars instantly
so much better than cakey makeup this silicone fills in scars and looks just
like perfect real skin it’s waterproof and it lasts all day
Dermaflage is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for topical perfecting filler the results
are instant and the effect is flawless smooth skin it’s time to feel confident and
beautiful again

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