yo whats happening guys, and welcome back
to a brand new PUBG Video! In today’s video we’ve got an interesting
set up, the scar and the SKS. I know a lot of you guys love the scar and
sks, but I feel like they get overshadowed by other weapons like the kar98, m24, slr
and the mini and then the M4 and every other AR overshadow the Scar. So I’ve decided to give these guns that need
a bit of love some use, so hopefully you guys enjoy it, if you do be sure to LEAVE A LIKE
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on as well, and until next time, this has been king plays, I hope you guys enjoy the
video, good luck and peace out. OK no guns! I didnt want one anyway! Lets go get our free frag, get this buggy
and get outta here! I could actually take the boat y’know. bang bang bang bang! whif whif whif LOL. Ahh 4x scope dats pretty cool! Level 2 vest thats also quite cool! Holographic… Beautiful, we’re decently set up all things
considered. Where would people have spawned here? I hear somebody Ohh…. Chillllll broooooo chillll broooooo thats
a good shot! I’ll make him think I’m stunned. Gonna get shot in the back here! Bruh chillll… Cmon bishhh ffffing stop bein a little pussy
meow! Right, we’re gonna take the sks this game
here! cool let’s go! No heal challenge! I hipfire so much? Yeah its worth it trust me! You can see for yourself. ……. Nothing happened! Nailled it! oh! Thought I heard someone. Right definitely gonna be going for this next
crate! aww yeah, you want dis? You want this? Im coming to give it to you dont worry! Im comin’ baby. fear not! Any nades? yup! thats a gg right there! nope a lil bit
too short, aww that is so bad timing! right, lets just pop his helmet off really quick!
that timing was the absolute worst! Lets go!!! Dont grenade me, dont grenade me, hes grenading
me! he’s grenading me! ok, now I’m gonna grenade you! Right molotov and he’ll move! then checkmate
🙂 How am I not eliminating this guy lololol put the lightweight grip on the sks? Is it actually better than the vertical? I do think somebody’s still back here. These buildings aren’t even safe for this
guy! he’ll probably try to take that buggy! or try to hill me that works too! I actually caught him in between the trees!
what the??? bruh I like panicked and tried to get behind
the tree then just realised he’s sitting there. lets see what happens here. Yeah as I thought, he’d get distracted, where
the hell is this dude? huh, crate right there. do you reckon somebody got the armour from
it? definitely getting scoped out from behind! I reckon that guy’s waiting for me to stop
still. aww he’s probably got that cliff, noo maybe
not, you got rekd! groza! There’s a guy right here! he’s gonna think
Im down here so, Im gonna do a full loop of the circle here. is that him up there? where the hell is this
guy? lets gooo! GG boys

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